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Saved By The Demon. Chapter 30-31

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???????? SAVED BY THE DEMON ????????

Written by: Authoress Cisca ✍️


☘️ Chapter 30 & 31 ☘️
???? Lora ????

“Lora!” Someone called me.

I wasn’t in the mood for anything. What happened in professor Eva’s class was something baffling.

I just want to be alone and think.

I need to learn. If not for anyone, I need to do it for Lucas.

I’ve loosed him a lot in my dreams, I won’t want that in reality.


“Hi, I’m Matilda.” she waved at me and I only smiled back. ” Remember me? From professor Eva’s class?”

“Yes, I remember you. Hi. ”

” I saw how angry you were about the petal and I understand why you couldn’t open it. I was just like you when I first came here, I couldn’t even do a thing. ”

” Mine is pointless.” I scoffed. ” It’s difficult for me to practice magic. ”

” Don’t say that, it’ll only pull you down instead. Like professor Eva earlier said, magic is not all about rush, it’s time-steady. ”

Maybe she is right, It’s all about time-steady. But how long will I have to wait for time?

Thousands of lives depends on me!

I sighed.

“Follow me.” She said.

Why would she want me to follow her?
What does she wants to show me?

I followed her to a room. The way to this room was so quiet and calm like a cemetery.

She said a word and it opened.

She looked at me, ” come in.” She said after.

“What’s this place?” I asked tracing my gaze around this dimmed environment.

“It’s my secret room.” She replied.

There was nothing like a lamp in this room but another word from her mouth everywhere shone like the moon.

I searched for the source of this light but, I couldn’t find any.

Everything about this castle is all magical.

“I found this place the first day I walked into this castle. Priestess Nyk was introducing the whole environment to the new comers. When we got here, I noticed the door was locked like for years. After the introduction, that night, I came here. I noticed it doesn’t use a key so, I said a word to it like that, it opened. I became the mistress of this room. ”

” How long have you owned this room? ”

” Three years. ” She replied. ” Come, I want to show you something. ”

As I followed her to a corner, I didn’t stop from admiring. I’ll admit, here is a lot beautiful to be alone.

Especially for people like me who’s got a lot of things to wonder about.

“Everyone thought I was never gonna be able to cast a spell. Then, they always see me as the least and that’s what encouraged me to come here every night. No one wants to be the least, right? ”

” It’s all about time, Lora. Time tells a lot of things to us but the question is, are we ready to wait? ”

” It took me weeks to learn how to open a petal but who will believe me when I say I can open a thousand petals at a time. Something no one else can do. ” She smiled softly.

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” Wow! ” I exclaimed whisperly. ” A thousand petals at a time? How is that possible? ”

” Like I said, time. ” She simply said.

” But everyone seems to respect Gloria. Seems like she’s the strongest of all. ”

She chuckled, smiling. ” Yes, I won’t doubt that. Gloria is respected because she’s the first girl to be here after a hundred of years priestess Nyk died. Before anyone else came, she’s already far in her training and that’s why she’s seen as the highest. ”

What about you?” I asked. ” I mean, you said it yourself, you can open a thousand petals at a time and no one else can do that, you should be no difference with her. ”

She chuckled again.
” Being noticed doesn’t mean you’re a lot stronger than anyone. Sometimes, it only gives us the respect we deserve. Right now, I’m not in the position to detect in Gloria and I who is stronger. ”

I noticed her expression, like she wasn’t happy the way I compared Gloria with her.

Maybe, somehow, she was intimidated by her and asking might have only brought back those memories.

“So,” she continued, this time changing the topic. ” I brought you here to let you know that no matter how hard something is, you can still do it. It only needs time. ”

” Can I ask you something? ”

” Sure. ” She said without looking at me.

” Have you ever taught anyone magic?” I asked.

Now, she was looking at me. “No. Why?”

“I was thinking if I can be your first student. ”

I know. I know.

I know how it sounds like telling her to teach me how to practice magic. Although I just got to know her now, but with the few I knew about her, i believe she’s the only one who can help me be the figure in my dreams.

I noticed the surprise look on her face. She was speechless, her eyes finding her lost words but it’s just the truth…

She’s the only one I can trust.

“Please, I need your help. The faith of the demons depends on me. If I’m truly destined to save the demons, then you’re the only one who can help me. ”

“I… I.. ” she stammered.

“Understand. You don’t want anyone to think you’re only doing this to look popular?” I began walking closer to her, “I don’t care what they’ll say, because it doesn’t matter to me.To us. Please, be my teacher, teach me magic. ”

After a brief thought, she agreed.” I will. But our practice will be done in here and it will be only between the both of us. ”

” That’s a deal. ”

” We’ll be meeting tonight. Nine o’clock. ”


★( Tonight )★

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I sat waiting patiently for Matilda to show up.

Although we were meant to be here in the next twenty minute but I decided to come earlier than…

The door gently opened, I turned to see Matilda.

Thank God I came earlier. She too didn’t keep to her time.

“Hi,” I greeted first.

“Hi,” she replied. ” How long have you been here?” She asked.

“Not quite long.” I replied with a shrug. “What do we have now?” I asked with too much anticipation in me.

She brought out a mouse dropping it on the center table.

“I say we start from the known to the unknown. Here, you’ll have to turn this mouse to a cup and vise versa. ”

” But first, you need to know the rules. I have three rules guiding this room. First, try not to damage the objects. Second, no one leaves without learning a spell. Third, the rules must be kept. ”

” Wow! ”

” Yes. It might be only three but they’re strict. ”

” No. I love it especially the second one. ‘No one leaves without learning a spell.’ I love it. ”

She smiled. ” I added that rule because of myself. Remember when I told you earlier that I was just like you, I couldn’t do anything? This rule kept me awake all night until I learnt one or two spell. ”

” You can give it a try, it helps a lot. So, now you’ve known the rules, you need to know your spell. Are you ready? ”

I nodded. ” Yes. ”

” Remember, take a deep breath, clear your mind and focus. All you have to do is to say the words. ” She said the magic words.

Breathes deeply, sighing…

I said the word, the mouse turned to a glass cup and vise versa.

I repeated this spell three times and within me, I knew this magic wasn’t a tough one anymore.

After I was done, she took the mouse away and dropping a petal for me.

Immediately I saw this, I felt weak. I could remember how angry I almost got just because of it. And how many times I effortlessly tried making it open.


I wish she could take it away and say it isn’t necessary trying a spell on it. You know, I’d be happy if she does say it.

Even after it, I still need to try my luck. ‘Start from the known to the unknown.’

That was another word I learnt…

“Remember, just say the words and…” She paused. I stared at her figuring out why she had stopped.

“And…?” I asked.

“Please don’t get angry at it. ” She said like she was scared I’d repeated the same act as earlier.

“I won’t.” I assured her.

“Okay. Are you ready?”

I nodded again.

I took a hundred deep breaths, staying well focused at the petal right at my front.

My first attempt wasn’t good but as I made the second, I saw the petal slowly opening itself. I was astonished, I was surprised.

I did it…!
I f*cking did it!

She brought another one for me. I made sure I didn’t have to make it open at my second try. Opening it must be at my every first attempt.

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And again, it did open…

I looked at Matilda only to see her smiling widely at me and I didn’t notice that I was smiling back.

Even before we could do a thing, the petal closed back.

This just drew our attention. Did it just…

It just closed by itself?

“What… Just happened?” I asked, confused.

“You closed it. ” She said.

I closed it.
But how?

When it took me hours to learn how to open it, it only took a second for me to close it?


“I closed it?” I asked still with doubts. “How is that even possible? I closed it?”

“I don’t know. But you just did it. ” She answered bringing the previous petal I opened. “Let’s just be sure.”

I kept looking at the petal with the doubt that I closed one clouded my mind. I managed to push the thoughts away to prove I did nothing.

But Matilda was right. As soon as I cleared the thoughts out, it closed, and opened. And the rest of the petals in the room did the same.

“What’s happening?” I asked terrified. “Make them stop!” I said in a scream.

They’d open and close. With this they kept repeating itself.

“Mat, make them stop!”

She spoke a word and they all closed. I was gasping loud but she kept staring at me like… Oh! My God.

“That’s impossible.” I doubted. ” I tried a million times at professor Eva’s class to open a single petal and now,,, I just open a hundred of them? ”

” It’s a good thing you opened a hundred of them, Lora. From now on, it won’t be so difficult for you to try it next time. ” She calmly said.

I don’t know how but each time she talks, I felt something strange in me. Like my ego was boasting in believes.

“Okay. We move to the unknown.” She said moving backward, making a stop opposite me. ” I’ll be teaching you our next lesson for tomorrow. You’ll be creating a mist. ”

” A mist?! ”

” Yes, a mist. This is always the first thing a witch must learn especially in cases like war.

Why? It’s because, this makes it impossible for the enemies to see you. And that is why in every Demon war, there’s always a witch beside. ”

I hummed.

” Look as I’ll create my mist.”

I stood, watching as she said a magic word. From the side, smokes appeared and when it had fully circulated the room, she spoke another word and they slowly disappeared.

“That, is how we create a mist. You ready to give it a try?”

“Yes.” I said with a nod.

I created the mist. It wasn’t as difficult as opening a petal.

If she was really that girl who everyone looked down on, who everyone intimidated when she first walked in here, and now, turns out to be a strong witch….

…Then, I’m no difference…