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Saved By The Demon. Chapter 21

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Written by: Authoress Cisca ✍️

“ Believe me Lora, I meant the words… ”

☘️ Chapter 21 ☘️

???? Lora ????

Melina helped me with the dressing and everything. I can’t even imagine, I have forgotten how to make my own hair.

Don’t blame me, it’s not my fault.

Elena won’t let me do things myself. She even had to call a maid for me.

She’s already making me look like a princess even when I’m not one yet.

I can’t stop staring at myself.
Who will believe I stood to be Acacia’s only survival.

Who will believe I’m just an ordinary human from a poor village?
And here I am…

Looking like a princess I ain’t yet..

Not to talk about begin only a princess, I’m the girl who’s about having a dinner with the vice commander in the next few minutes.

I sighed softly…

” Have anyone told you that your an angel, my lady? ”

Did she just called me, ‘My lady? ‘
Ouch… I thought that was only meant for Queens and princesses.

I looked at her smiling face from the mirror and smiled too.

“Even if anyone has told me that,” I said, ” yours is special.”

I noticed her blush. ” Thank you. ”

” Melina? ” I called.

“Yes, my lady.”

“How does it feels falling in love with a Demon? ” I asked openly.

All the while, our eyes made contact through the mirror.

” It’s just the same as asking, how does it feels falling in love with a human?” She slightly smiled, then Continued. ” I always wish I can go out there and find true love. Not actually that falling in love with your fellow Demon isn’t good but, there’s a lot difference when you stay with someone different from your own nature. You have the chance to learn new things about him or her, you see difference and,,, and a lot of things. A lot of people too and vise versa.”

“The commander,” she continues, ” he’s a very nice person and everything perfect nature has on him. I’ll say this again and again, you’re lucky, my lady. ”

I am?
Of course, I am…

She said it all, there’s a lot difference in it.

I sniffed, pushing back the hot tears that had already made it’s way out of my eyes.

“My lady?”

“I uhmm… It’s nothing.” I lied wiping the tears. ” I’m just… I’m happy I have you.” I sniffed again,this time I let the tears pour out.

She was confused and I understand. I wish she can understand the gap she has filled in my life.

I wish someone can understand how painful I felt whenever I remember Acacia.
Not just Acacia, but my little sister.


Can I ever have a sister like that ever again?

Now, I was seeing Tina’s face in Melina. After all, they still have this similar thing at their names.

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“You have a meeting with the vice commander,” her voice spoke, ” You wouldn’t want to meet him with this, will you?”

She asked and I shook my head.

“Why don’t we talk about this some other time?”

I nodded…

“Now, let’s get this done with. ”

She started over again with the make-up work on my face, I managed using the few minutes to walk on my eyes. Turning those red eyes white.

Finally, we were done and she lead the way to the dinner hall. Just the same hall I had dinner with Lucas the second night I was here.

I didn’t want to ask how long but I guess he has waited a little long for me to show up.

We began eating, the dinner was a quiet one. A quiet and an uncomfortable one.

He won’t stop staring at me, and my body won’t stop embarrassing me. I would take in a slice of the pancakes into my mouth and have it crunched for ten minutes.

I was getting damn uncomfortable with that!!

“Don’t you think the dinner will be so bored if you keep staring at me that way? ” I asked breaking the silence.

He said nothing but smirked.

I think I felt that…

“We’ll be having a guest soon ” he finally said.

” A guest?” I asked, holding the fork halfway. ” You never told me we’d be having a guest for this dinner.”

“I wanted to make it a surprise. ”

I smiled. ” A surprise? ” I repeated. ” That’s a wow. So, when are we having this guest?

” Why don’t we just keep it as a surprise?”

“O.. kay.” I said, stressing the word.

I kept wondering who this guest would be that he just wanted to keep his entrance a surprise one.

I don’t wanna think further but, is it a he or a she?

Oh! God!
I pray it isn’t a she.

But you know, sometimes, not all prayers do work out the way we want.

A guard ran in, whispering something into his ear and he ordered him to let who soever was out there in.

With anticipation, I wished I can tear the door apart to see who it was. To know who this so-called guest is.

And she walked in. Her skin were glittering silks just like his. Her green eyes were like piercing swords, to talk of those lips, they were beyond description.

Some would say, she’s a goddess.

Her nice figure exposed from the red gown she wore which had a long split that travelled up to her thighs at the left side.

Her eyes made contact with Luca’s and they were like that till she got to him offering a kiss on his both cheeks.

I gulped, trying to see it as an ordinary thing.
Nothing really happened…

“Wow!” Then her eyes caught with mine, she was still smiling. ” What do we have here?”

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“Diana, meet Lora and Lora, meet Diana.” Lucas introduced us to each other, so, it isn’t necessary doing that again.

I forced a smile while she came towards me , we exchanged kisses on each other’s cheek before she made her way to sit beside Lucas.

Inside me, that happiness I had used coming to dine with Lucas automatically left in a second. My heart pounding in anger as I kept watching them laugh and talk to each other.

He stopped noticing me giving all of his attention to the dark black haired girl, with the sexy facial appearance.

What am I?
After all, I am no match to the goddess in front.

Tears weren’t falling out but deep within me, it was like an ocean pouring out in form of rain.

I have lost appetite eating and wanted nothing but to run away, back into my room. Seeing this gives me heartbreak.

They can keep having time with each other but I just want to leave!
Maybe, I’m not so special… Ever!

“It’s been a long time I looked at your face. I can’t even believe I’m staring at it now. How have you been? ” She asked him

If there is any chance I can close my ears from listening, I’d gladly do that because now, I was irritated with what they were doing.

She… She even had the guts to… touch him?
Right in front of….

I can’t… I just can’t sit and watch this anymore.

“ Leave, Lora… And let them be… ”

Maybe for once, I just have to listen to my mind.

I stood up, guess I just interrupted their sweet staring…

Diana turned to me, ” Are you leaving?” She asked.

“Yes. I think I’m full and … I need some rest. ”

” Isn’t it too soon? We haven’t even gotten the chance to know each other. ”

She said and I weak smiled.
Was it still necessary knowing each other while all the whole time, she spent it on him?

“The world isn’t coming to an end tonight, is it? We still have tomorrow to know each other. ”

She nodded. ” Okay. Good night. ”

” Good night. ”

From the side, I noticed Lucas looking at me. I didn’t bother to look back cause I felt I wasn’t worth being noticed.

I vanished out of their sight and into my room. I threw myself unto my bed, staining my pillow with my tears. I hated life!

It isn’t meaningful to me again!
I wish death came take me to where Mom, Dad and Tina is…

Oh! Death!
Where are you?!

I heard a knock on my door. It came again and at the third time, I yelled at whosoever it was.

“Get out! I want to be left alone!”

“Lora, it’s me.” I heard his voice instead and it made me cry the more.

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Why does he care now? Besides, I’m not so special or… or beautiful like she is…

“Just leave me alone!” I yelled. ” Go! I don’t wanna talk to you!”

“Lora?” I shivered.

He was just next to my bed.

H-how…? How… did he get in…?

I scoffed…
Does it even matter?
Nothing matters now!!

I sat upright that I could look him in the eyes. ” I don’t wanna see your face again. I hate you! ” Hot tears rolled out. ” I hate you so much.” I pointed at the door, ” Get out! Get out of my room!”

“I’m not leaving you, Lora.”

“Fine. Then I’ll leave instead. ” I got down from my bed, making my way to the door when his hand grabbed mine causing me to stop.

“What do you want from me?” I asked, angrily not thinking of looking at him.

” I want you, Lora. ”

I chuckled, scoffing. ” Really?” I said, ” I think I seem not to have noticed that, because from the way I noticed, it’s Diana you want and not me. ”

He said nothing.

” Yes. Now let me ask,” I said turning to him, ” isn’t she so precious than I am? So, special and glorious?.. ”

” Lora.. ”

” Isn’t she this beautiful and magnificent? ”

” Lora… ”

” And has this nice and wonderful figure? With the best… best… ”

” Lora! ”

” What? ” I yelled back. ” I’m I wrong?!”

“Lora, you don’t understand. Diana isn’t what you think about. ”

” Then what is she? Who is she? ”

” Diana… She’s my sister. ”

I scoffed, hidding the fact that I was surprised. ” Why should I believe you? ”

” I’m not asking you to believe me, I want you to know the truth. ”

I was embarrassed and ashamed of myself at the same time. Why was I so fast at thinking?

I just judge a case without finding out why it had happened?!

“I promised you that I’ll take care. I promised you that no one will ever take your place in my heart. And believe me Lora, I meant the words… ”

He did promised me thousand times, yet, I ended up betraying those promises!

What was I thinking! What’s wrong with me!

He said nothing else but left, leaving me to face my own consequences.

I felt like destroying everything I see and I did it, not minding how messy my room will end up being.

I stared at myself at the mirror, my hair was already messy too and my eyes as red as blood.
I deserve it…

“I hate you, Lora…”

And I’m ready to hate myself for the rest of my life…

He promised me, yet I betrayed those innocent promises…


What is really wrong with you?