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Saved By The Demon. Chapter 23

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Written by: Authoress Cisca ✍️

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☘️ Chapter 23 ☘️

???? Unknown ????

They had been together for hours and had decided on leaving to their rooms.

Lora went to the bathroom for a cold shower and for the wind to blow perfectly to her skin.

She laid on her bed thinking about nothing but her moments with him, especially, the night she had her first kiss with him.

She smiled at the thoughts before turning off the light then, shutting her eyes close.

Not quite long and not fully given to sleep, she had a sound from the back. Her heart pounded in fear, her eyes racing in the dark as her hands stretched to reach for the light.

Slowly, she made it not attempting to make a sound in the process, she turned the light on. Not waisting a second, she sat on the bed staring at the direction the sound was heard only to find Lucas standing and watching as she slept.

She sigh in relief. ” Lucas! You scared the heaven out of me. What are you doing here?”

” Thought I should say a good night before leaving. ”

She chuckled, scoffing. ” You just did. ”

” Did I? ”

She rolled her eyes, ” Look, Lucas, it doesn’t matter if you say a good night or not. Besides, you just said that few seconds ago.”

He nodded. ” Okay. I’ll leave then. ”

She didn’t stop from smiling at his drama. But as he got to the door, he made a stop leaving her to wonder what might be the reason.

He shook his head, turning to look at her. ” No, I can’t.”

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He rushed to her, getting hold of her waist and making no hesitation to devour her lips into his. At first, she made no response, it just came as a surprise.

He broke loose from her lips, staring into her already widened eyes.

He had no choice… He only played a perfect role, a role she found enticing and wanting.

And for the seconds they had broke free, they stared deep into each other’s eyes, taking each other in.

He held her cheek, caressing it softly and she made more effort on moving her cheek on his palm.

She kissed it but their eyes didn’t let go.

Slowly, they face leaned to each other, not even an inch gap could make a distance. Their nose rested against each other, their lips meeting perfectly.

The world seemed dreamlike as she pulled back from him, the firelight setting her face aglow.

Without speaking, she started to undo the button on his shirt. He watched her as she made her way downward.

With each button he could feel her fingers brushing against his skin, and she smiled softly at him when she finally finished […]

She felt short of breath as he lowered his head and kissed between her breasts and slowly ran his tongue up her neck.

His hands gently caressed her back, her arms, her shoulders, and she felt their heated bodies press together, skin to skin.

But one more thing….

Lucas leaned forward, resting his hands on either side of her on the bed, then dipped his head lower. Ginger’s mind reeled as he ran his tongue upward in one long lick of her neck.

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“The longer it takes me to get between your thighs, the rougher I’m going to be when I finally get there. Understand?”

“Yes, Lucas.”

Making out with him in bed was even better than it had been at anyother place.

Now he knew what she liked, the moves that made her moan and gasp and sink her fingers into her shoulders.

He sat up and smiled down at her, his eyes on her bright red panties. She mentally thanked Elena for ordering her to wear a matching bra and panty set.

Then all thoughts of Acacia and anyone else left her mind. He moved like a flash down her body, pulling those panties off as he went and throwing them across the room.

And then he set about doing things to her with his fingers and his mouth that almost made her black out.

But this time with his mouth, kissing and sucking and worshiping every inch of her body. He tease each of her nipples until they are glistening with his saliva and standing at attention. . . .

His tongue trails down to her belly, around her navel, loving her. Tasting her. Venerating her. Moving down, through her pubic hair to her sweet, exposed clitoris that’s begging for the touch of his tongue.

Around and around he swirl, drinking in her scent, drinking in her reaction, until he could feel her tremble beneath him.

His fingers still moving rhythmically inside her, his thumb circling and pressing.

His other hand scoops her hair off her head and holds her head in place. His tongue mirrors the actions of his fingers, claiming her.

Her legs begin to stiffen as he push against his hand. He gentles his hand, so she’s brought back from the brink …

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She come instantly again and again, falling apart beneath him … then she’s building again … she climax anew, calling out his name.

He drove his tongue inside her, setting off another shattering moan that was music to his ears.

She was quite an instrument to play, so finely tuned, and if he touched her right, she made the most glorious sounds — raw, intense, absolutely delicious noises of pleasure as he plundered her with his tongue.

She grabbed his hair, yanked and pulled him closer as he’d told her to do. He thrust one finger inside her, crooking it and hitting her in the spot that turned her moans into one long, high-pitched orgasm.

She shuddered against him, her legs quaking, and when he finally slowed to look up at her, he saw her hair was a wild tumble, and her face was glowing.

” Oh!…” She moaned softly as Lucas fell over beside her.

The once hot atmosphere was getting cold again as she breathed deeply finding her breath.

She could feel the wetness of her arousal burning in-between her as her legs kept quaking. She knew in such condition she has to go in for another shower but the steady vibration of her legs won’t let her make it out of the bed.

He was still catching his breath, their eyes were fixed at each other, and he whispers in her ear, ‘I never knew you were such a dirty girl, Lora Weston. ‘”


Things are getting hot…

To Be Continued…


Authoress Cisca Writes ????