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Saved By The Demon. Chapter 24

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Written by: Authoress Cisca ✍️

“ Decisions… ”


☘️ Chapter 24 ☘️

???? Unknown ????

As she woke up the next morning, she tried stepping out of the bed but something prevented her.

She looked down, Lucas arm held her waist. She turned her head to look at his face, he was still fast asleep.

Her mind flashed back to the previous night, recalling all that had happened right on her bed.

She smiled.

She wanted to pull his hand off and make it out successfully without waking him up but his voice stopped her.

” Are you scared?” He asked sleepily.

She scoffed, ” Why would I ever be scared?”

He smirked dully releasing his arm from her waist.

She went in for a shower, spending thirty minutes of her time in the bathroom.

The previous night happings never left her mind. For the first time in her life, she let a man touch her, for the first time in her life she made intercourse with a man, and for the first time she slept with a man.

And all this, instead of bothering her, made her more happy that she had all this done with the right person.

And when she walked out of the bathroom, she saw him still asleep. His deep breath filling the room.

She walked close to him kissing his forehead softly before leaving the room.


That afternoon, Nyk’s return was known. It’s been three days she left to the witches castle to meet with her sisters concerning Lora’s powers.

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At Lucas meeting room, she went to meet him. It’s time they have to do something about it.

She walked in and he suspended all he was doing, giving her all of his attention. She apologized for coming at the wrong time but he took it as nothing.

After all, She was his mother …

“I have met with my sisters,” she began, ” they’ve accepted to take Lora in. She’ll undergo a one year training at the castle. ”

He nodded.

” But, I was thinking… ” She paused for awhile, then Continued. ” Don’t you think it’s time you claim Lora as your own?”

He made no comment.

” Lora is just an orphan, she has no home, no family, no relatives. We all are these to her, and it’s time we start seeing her as one of us.” She sighed. ” So, I am suggesting you decide if in case you haven’t decided on getting married to her. ”

It was all like a motionless moment for Lucas. Not actually that he has never thought of this before but, he was scared if Lora was really ready to be claimed.

Like she knew what he was thinking, she decided to let him be alone.

“We’ll be leaving to the castle in four days time. I’ll let you think about this.” She said before leaving.

He always wanted to be with Lora, he wants her by his side every seconds and minutes. He wanted her not only as the girl she is, but more of it.

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He stared out of the window to look at her as she played with Elena, Diana and Melina her maid.

She seemed happy, a lot happy playing with them at the river bank.

Elena and Diana were throwing stones at the water and it made this drop moves before sinking in.

And when they had done enough, they told Lora to do hers. At first she refused to do it but after much persist from the girls, she decided on giving it a try.

Diana taught her on how to grab the stone before throwing it. She was quick to learn and at her first throw, she had the shot perfectly.

Nyk was right, she sees everyone as her family and it’s time to see her as one too.

On the other side, her powers was getting a lot stronger and worst and the dreams didn’t stop from appearing to her.

But one thing kept her curious and anxious at the same time…



And all this kept ringing in her mind to find out but only time seems to have the answer. And she’ll have to get it with patience.

But the question is… Is she ready to wait?

How long will it take for her to find the answers to her questions?


Too many unanswered questions to find out… But only time has the answers to them.

But the real question is… How long will it take for us to find out?

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Talking about Nyk’s question, if you were Lucas, what will be your decision?

I asked a question, I only need it’s answer. Any word from ‘YES OR NO’ will be deleted.