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Saved By The Demon. Chapter 28&29

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???????? SAVED BY THE DEMON ????????

Written by: Cisca ✍️


☘️ Chapter 28 & 29 ☘️

???? Lora ????

I walked to the main castle with Nyk. As we walked, we discussed a lot concerning my powers.

So all those while, I had been the one on red?

I didn’t only appear to be that frightened girl at the middle of the war?

So, I after all ended fighting the hunters along side with Lucas?

That sounds f*ucking great! I’m gonna use this medium to revenge for my families.

I won’t let any single sympathy stain my heart towards them.

I’ll let them see the devil in my other side that had waited for so long to have their corpse buried underneath the ground.

And if truly I was the figure on red…

“Gloria?” I heard mother’s voice called. “Would you mind showing Lora around?”

I turned to meet who she was talking to. Smiles plastered her face as she walked towards us.

Her long brown hair rested on her shoulder and a strand of it tied to the back. Her lips were in a smirking form with her pointed nose which gave her a nice look.

“Lora, this is Gloria. Gloria meet Lora.” Nyk introduced.

” Hi,” she waved, ” I heard you’re the new girl. Welcome to the castle, Lora.”

I chuckled. ” Thanks. ”

” Now you two have gotten to know each other, I’ll leave you two to walk. ”

I nodded slightly at her and Gloria did the same before she left.

“So,” she began, ” how do you see the castle?”

” It’s beautiful in here. It’s not really as I thought. ”

She chuckled. ” What were you thinking? Like some kinda cold disgusting castle? ”

” I won’t argue about that. ”

” Where are you from, Lora.” She asked.

I paused. I didn’t want to remember Acacia right now. I only wanna do that when the war begins.

But right now, it only hurts thinking about it.

“Nevermind I asked if you don’t wanna talk about it.”

“Acacia.” I replied.

She looked at me like she was surprised or somehow.

” The village that was destroyed by the hunters?”

I nodded.

“Oh! Lora, I’m so sorry for your lost. I didn’t mean to bring those sad memories back.”

” It’s nothing anymore. They had died for a reason and I trust I whatever reason it is. ”

” They’re a lot of things about the castle you’re yet to see. I bet you’ll love them. ” She said and I understood why she had changed the topic.

“I hope so. Where are you from?” I asked back.

“Well, I’m from a small town called Avalon. It’s a witch hometown actually not really far away from here. ”

” A witch hometown? ” I asked again.

Was there really a place like that on Earth?

Somewhere like that existed?

“Yeah. Although it’s a small hometown, it’s much for a home sweet home. For years now we haven’t experienced the threats of the hunters. I don’t know if it’s because of the high priestess and her sisters or… Whatever. ”

” Hunters? ” I asked.” Like the Demon hunters? ”

But she laughed.

I don’t know why. I didn’t asked something stupid, did I?

“No. When I say hunters I meant witch hunters. You know, there are categories of hunters for other species of supernaturals. Everyone has an enemy. ”

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” So, how did you discovered your gift? ”

” I was born a witch. ” She answered. ” My mother said it was passed down to me from my grandmother. ”

” And your mother, was she a witch too? ”

She shook her head. ” No. She escaped it. ” She looked at me, ” what about you? ”

” Dreams, broken rooms and windows, burning my own room. The screams, sleep walking and speaking some kind of ancient Greek words every night. That was three months ago. ” I said.

She hummed. ” That’s strange. Do you know when all this happens? ”

” No. ”

” Lucky you’ve got the priestess. You’ll get to control all this during your training. ”

We walked further around the castle. I discovered some places with a similar resemblance with that of the fortress. With this it made me felt much like home in here.

We returned back to the main castle, Gloria looked at the cloud then at me.

“It’s few minutes to nine o’clock and lesson starts by nine. See you in class.” She said and left.

I returned back to my room changing my dress to a long white gown which gave a perfect match with my long blonde hair.

From my room I heard the bell ring and from afar I could see girls of different height and age walk to their various classes.

I took my long brown book into my hands, heading out for my first training class.

I won’t say it’s a room, because this room was so large and wide.

It resembles a hall, a class hall I’d say.

I sat on an empty seat, tracing my eyes around this gigantic hall. I could see different girls just like me with those I guess were my mates.

Then, a young black haired lady walked in. I stared at her face and I could remember seeing that face before.

Yes, she’s one of mother’s sisters.

Professor Gwen…

“Good morning girls. ” She greeted as she made her way to the front.

“Good morning ma’am.” They all chorused.

“Welcome to a new week. We’ll be practicing on something new today but first, Why don’t we repeat our previous lesson in case any of us might have forgotten it.” She looked around, stopping her gaze at Gloria. ” Gloria, please come forward.”

Gloria stood up and walked to the front then turning to face everyone.

There was a mouse on the table which she was going to turn into a cup. She took a deep breath before uttering an ancient word.

The mouse turned into a glass cup. I was surprised and shocked at the same time.


Did she just…?
Turned a mouse into a glass cup?

“Bravo!” Mrs Gwen exclaimed and there was a loud applaud caughting me in my thoughts.

I joined in the applaud but not really as noisy as the others gave.

All she did as she walked back to her seat was to smile.

“That’s it! Take a deep breath, free your mind and focus. So, any question? ”

I rose my hand not minding the eyes staring at me.

” Yes, Miss Weston.”

” I uhmm… I’m a little confused about this training. I mean… what Gloria just did, I’m a little lost. ”

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” Okay. Come forward please. ”

* Forward…?*

I stood up and walked to face everyone. My heart was beating against my chest, fear almost pulling me down.

What am I gonna fucking do?
What if she ends up asking me to cast a spell?

I haven’t casted one before. Maybe I’ve done that before, but that wasn’t done consciously.

“You’re going to cast a spell on that mouse. All you have to do is to say the words.” She spoke the ancient word instructing I do the same.

At my first try, it didn’t work.

” Take a deep breath, clear your mind and focus.” She repeated and I guess that might be her lesson rules.

Just as she said, I took a deep breath, sighing. I wasn’t thinking of anything else so my mind was already cleared.

Talking about focus, I tried my best playing that part.

I repeated the words and the once wiping mouse was quite.

I did it!
I just turned the mouse into a cup?!

I was surprised and happy at the same time. Did I just casted a spell?

“Nice one, Lora. Any more questions?” She asked me and I shook.

I left to my sit feeling what felt like happiness in me. She proceeded into the new lesson for the week, I found myself loving been a witch.

But you know what they always say, first try doesn’t tell you are perfect.

I knew I still need some little practicing.

I learnt classes were held twice a day. Next class will be with professor Eva.



I sat under a tree waiting for the next bell to be rung.

It’s been months I made use of a book and an ink. Back then, mother always forces me to learn how to write.


Those we’re all stressful moments I can never forget. But now, I’m only trying to remember how to hold an ink.

“Lora!” I heard a voice call my name. I turned to look at who it was.

A brown skin coloured girl of age eighteen to nineteen years if I may guess approached me. I haven’t committed a crime, have I ?

“What’s the matter?” I asked, curious.

“Mrs Gwen wants to see you.”

I sighed with a smile hiding how relieved I was over the sudden call.

“Okay. Thanks by the way.”

“You’re welcome.” She left.

I picked my books from the chair heading to Mrs Gwen’s room.

I took a deep breath before offering a knock at her door.

“Come in.” I could hear her voice from the inside.

I opened it gently making my way in, then shutting it close.

“You called me.”

“Of course I did. Please have a sit. ”

I slowly sat on the chair opposite hers.
Is there any problem?
Was I called for a crime committed?

“ Lora…! ”

Not my fault!
I can’t f*cking concerntrate!

“You don’t have to be scared, I only called you to congratulate you on your first try in casting a spell. You did excellent for starters.”

” Thank you. ”

” Uhm… I want to apologise for not referring you as Mrs earlier. Nyk should have told you this, we take everyone as our daughters likewise we see them as our little future. So, for the main time and for the few months of your training here you’ll be referred to as Miss. Okay? ” She broadly smiled at me.

” Yes, ma’am.”

“You can always come to me for questions, I’ll be willing to help. ”

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” Thank you. I really appreciate your concern. ”

“You’re welcome. You may leave. ”

I stood up, making my way to the door and out of the room.


Not bad…

The bell rang, we all went to another hall-like room. This time it was held by Mrs Eva and she was already in before any of us.

I was lucky to sit beside Gloria. At least, she would be of help to me.

Through out the lesson, she made use of a different language. I couldn’t understand what she was saying so I decided on asking Gloria.

“What is she saying?”

“Oh! My God. You don’t understand a thing?”

I shook.

“It’s a Latin language. Actually, an ancient Latin witch words. ”

” Oh. ”

” Ma’am? ” She called for Mrs Eva’s attention.

” Yes, Gloria. How can I help you? ” She asked.

” Can you speak English please, Lora doesn’t understands Latin.”

She flew her gaze at me in an apologytic manner. ” I’m so sorry, Miss Weston, I totally forgot. Well, I can start all over again. ”

I was thankful for that. Gloria just saved my day. I could have ended up dismissing the lesson with nothing if not she hadn’t spoken on behalf of me.

After she was done explaining her lesson, she said it was time we put it to practice.

Guess that’s basically witche’s styles.
* Practice…*

This class was meant for opening a petal with our mind. Like they say, it’s one of the magical creatures on Earth.

I watched as everyone did theirs perfectly then to see mine still closed like it was brought to me just now.

I always feel scared to cast a spell but when I end up doing great, I feel like I’m already the figure in my dreams.

I spoke the Latin word but the petal refused to open. I tried again and again yet it insisted on making no move.

I could feel the anger burning inside of me and I was ready to tear it into half if it insists on not making a sign.

I repeated the words again but still the same. I almost grabbed it when Mrs Eva’s voice stopped me.

Like she had noticed it, she came forward to me. ” You can’t let the petal open if you keep yelling at it.” She told me.

“I’ve tried but it doesn’t wanna open! ” I said almost in a yell. ” I’m sorry I can’t do this. I really can’t. ”

” Yes, you can. ”

” I can’t. ” I insisted, shooking my head. ” It’s not working for me. I’ve tried focusing more harder but yet… It’s still the same. Maybe I’m just not ready for this, any of it! ”

” It only takes time before we can understand who and what we are. Magic is not all about rush, it’s all about concerntration, focus and a free mind. It’s time-steady. So, you don’t let the power control you, you control it. ”

She looked at the rest of the girls. ” Okay girls, lesson is over!” She said with a clap.


Lesson’s over and yet Lora didn’t learn a thing.

Don’t you think the longer she takes, there’s every chances for the Demons to loose the war…?