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Saved By The Demon. Chapter 32

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???????? SAVED BY THE DEMON ????????

Written by: Authoress Cisca ✍️


☘️ Chapter 32 ☘️

???? Lora ????

“I have been noticing your closeness with Matilda lately. It’s been two weeks and it all looks like a year. Seems she’s more special to you than anyone else. ” Mother asked me.

I smiled. I know where she’s heading to.

” You’re over thinking, mother.”

“Oh! I guess. So tell me, what’s so special about her to you? ”

” She’s a good friend. When I thought I couldn’t do anything, when I stopped believing in myself, she made me to keep believing that I can still do it. ”

” I can cast a spell is all because of her, mother. Professor Eva once said, magic isn’t all about rush, it’s time-steady, Matilda made me understand those words. And more of them I’m yet to find out. ”

She hummed, smiling.
” I don’t want it to look like I’m being so inquisitive over your closeness with her but, I was expecting such closeness would be with Gloria.”

And that is where she’s heading to. Matilda was right about one thing…

Being popular doesn’t mean you’re so strong, it only gives you the respect you deserve.

I can see that’s the respect Gloria is earning.

Seems like mother finds much interest in her than anyone. Apart from the fact that I am her daughter-in-law, she still has that part of love for her.

As usual, I only smiled.

“Gloria has been nice to me from the start. And yes, she’s been there for me a lot of times but… She’s not to be compared with Matilda. I just prefer Mat and I don’t know why. ”

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” But why do you ask? ” I inquired.

” Nothing. I was only thinking. ” She shrugged.

I don’t wanna believe my thoughts but… I think mother doesn’t buy the idea of me being with Matilda.

I don’t know why everyone still thinks she’s that same girl who walked to the castle three years ago.

Maybe they’re just not seeing what I see in her or vise versa.

I could see Matilda from afar as she stood waiting for me. I looked at mother and I knew she too had noticed.

“My sisters keeps telling me how you improve with your powers. Keep up the good work, Lora. I’m proud of you. ” She said and I only blushed.

I wish mother could understand why I so much trust Matilda. I couldn’t have been in this position if not of her.

And trust me, I won’t blame her if she still isn’t comfortable with me being with Matilda. Maybe, a prove can only change her mind.

“Thank you. I promise mother that I won’t let her down.”

She nodded. ” Okay. Let’s not keep your friend waiting. ”

She said while I turned to look at Matilda who offered me a wide smile and a wave.

I smiled, waving back at her.

“See you around then.” She left.

“Hi,” she greeted, coming forward to me.

“Hi,” I greeted back.

“Hope I didn’t …interrupted?”

“No, not at all. Are you ready for the next class? “I asked.

” Yes! ”

We laughed.

The next class… Is one of my favorite class. Especially when it has to be with Professor Shakes.

“Come on, let’s go.”

No spell today. It was just a magical mirror at our front.

We all stood in a queie, one by one we’d walk close to this mirror and it’d read through our minds.

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It’s funny because nothing is hidden from this mirror. I mean, whatever you’re thinking will be opened!

We couldn’t stop from laughing at what others were thinking. Some could even think they were still little, they had this childish thoughts still in their minds.

It got to Gloria’s turn. I stood behind her and Matilda stood behind me.

She stared hard at the mirror to let it read through her mind. Whatever she was thinking played on the mirror.

I was surprised.

Why would she be thinking of that?

But right now, it doesn’t matter to think about it.

Now, it’s my turn.

I walked forward, staring right at the mirror. I can recall not thinking about anything. But as I stood right there, something I wasn’t thinking played on that mirror.

Something terrifying, something I wish not to see anymore. My darkest nightmare, right at my front, I watched it happening.

The once cheering hall grew quiet. As in, like a cemetery. My heartbeat rose, beating faster against my chest that it was impossible for me to breath.

No … No… Not now!!


That’s the echo of my name sounding and I don’t know who in particular it was coming from.

I couldn’t think anything straight. What was going on in that mirror… Is all my darkest nightmares.

Professor Shakes said something and it all disappeared. I gasped. Tears had already made it’s way down to my cheeks.

Not again…

I don’t think I’m ready for it ..

Matilda took me by my arms and out of the hall. We made a stop at the entrance door, looking at me with so much curiosity like… What just happened…?

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Honestly, I really don’t know. I can’t even explain it. Whatever happened in there, was all a mistake.

“What happened? What was that?” She turned her curiosity to words.

“I wasn’t thinking about that. I didn’t have it in my mind, it just showed up. I swear. ”

I sniffed, blinking.

“No, you weren’t thinking about it, it’s always in your mind that’s why the mirror was able to see it. ” She sighed softly. ” What happened, what does it mean?”

“It’s my dreams, my nightmares. The future. ”

Her eyes widened in surprise and shock, and I understand.

Yes, my nightmares that will end up being the future. But… I’m I ready?


I laid on my bed thinking about earlier. Nothing good seems to be happening about my dreams.

I waited for evening to approach before I left for Matilda’s secret room. Luckily, she was there in time getting things ready for the night practice.

As soon as she saw me, she stopped what she was doing.

“Still thinking about professor Shakes class?” She asked.

I nodded.

She came to hold my hands, ” Don’t let it get to you. You’ll only end up believing in that. And that… Is nonsense, okay? I don’t believe the war will end up with the hunters winning, I believe in the future you’ll change. So, get those thoughts off with.”

I blinked hard, pushing the tears back.

” We’ve got practice to perform.” She said before leaving for what she was doing.


“ I don’t believe the war will end up with the hunters winning, I believe in the future you’ll change. ” _Matilda. P.

Who’s with Matilda..?