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Saved By The Demon. Chapter 15&16

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Written by: Authoress Cisca ✍️

“ Lora… ”

☘️ Chapter 15 and 16 ☘️

???? Unknown ????

The whole palace were alerted at Lora’s scream. Elena made no hesitation as she jumped out of her bed running to Lora’s chamber.

She banged the door open, pulling herself towards Lora’s unconscious body.

“Lora… Lora?” She called, moving her body gently. ” Lora, answer me! ”

When she’d realized the environment, her eyes moved at each corner of the room. She gasped.

What the…?

She looked at Lora’s body again, ” Lora!”

The royal physician made his way into the room, straight at Lora’s body he placed his two first fingers on her neck feeling her pulse.

Elena gave the physician a questioning stare,

“She’s still alive but she has lost a lot of air in her lungs. ”

She sigh in relief.

He made a stop at the door, everyone in the room bowed to him. He saw how scattered the room was and how unconscious Lora’s body laid on the bed.

Elena stared at him as he kept looking at Lora’s body.

He moved in and made a stop beside Elena.

” What happened?” He asked.

“There was a noise only to discover it had come from Lora’s room. And when I got here, I found everywhere like this. ” Elena answered while the physician kept on with what he was doing.

” She’s lost a lot of air in her lungs. It will take a while before she recovers.” Said the physician.

“How long? ” He asked him.

“A day or two if only she doesn’t try talking.” He replied. ” If you will excuse me,, sire, I need to get the drugs prepared.”

He left..

” Take her to my room. ” Elena ordered.

Lucas took her into his arms, her wet hair resting against his chest. Her chest rose and fell in uniform to her slow breathing.

They made their way to Elena’s chamber. Gently he laid her on her bed. He shifted the hair strand of her hair to the side.

And for awhile, he never let go off her face. She was beautiful, and he was beginning to see that part of her.

“She’s gonna be alright.” Elena assured him.

“I know. But when? ” He asked. “Something is troubling her, I can feel it.”

” What do you think it might be? ”

” I don’t know.” He said, ” I just have the feeling.”

” Something to do with Acacia? ”

” Or maybe something worst. ” He added.


She woke up staring around the room. She looked at Elena whose eyebrow was raised in confusion.

“Don’t try talking, the physician said you’ve lost a lot of air in your lungs. ” She said as if she knew what Lora was about to do.

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” Where is Lucas? ” She asked, ignoring her. ” Is he okay?”

Elena was left more confused. ” Yes, he is okay. The question is, are you okay? ”

Lora frowned.” What do you mean by I’m I okay? ” She recognized the room she was staying wasn’t hers, ” what I’m I doing in your chamber?”

“Can you walk?” Elena asked.

“Of course I can walk, Elena.”

They got to her room. Her eyes widened seeing everywhere in a mess. The windows shattered on the ground, the doors of her wardrobe torn into two.

What the heck…?

“What happened to my room? Who did this?”

” We heard a scream from your room and when we got here, we found it this way. ” She leaned against the door, ” So in answer to your second question, I guess you did this.”

Lora looked at her, ” That’s impossible. I can’t do this to my own room.”

“Same as I thought. But you were the only one in you room last night, who do you think might have done something like this without you noticing? ”

Lora kept quiet.

” I need to talk to you about something.” She shut the door behind her.

They sat on the bed opposite each other. “Lora, something is bothering you. I need you to tell me the truth. ”

Lora nodded.

” Have you been having dreams? Like, strange dreams? ”

” Yes. ” She nodded again.

Elena signed… ” How long have you been having this dreams?”

“A week, I guess. Not like I’ve had it a thousand times, no, it’s just only twice. ”

” What’s this dream about? ”

She hesitated. ” Acacia. ” She lied.

Elena sighed again. Lora, it’s time you need to let go of Acacia. Thinking about it won’t bring them back, it’ll only hurt you instead. ”

” It’s easy to say that. ” She said, ” I’ve tried,,, a lot of time to get ride of them, ” she shook her head, ” it’s difficult. I wish you can understand how it feels when you lose a hundred of the people you love. ”

” I understand. ”

She glanced away, them back to her. ” Sometimes I wonder why I hadn’t die with the others, I keep thinking why I’m alive in this world. But then I discovered that it has a reason why the hunters keep attacking. ”

” You know, ever since Acacia was created, it never hid a demon but the hunters never stop coming. What if, somehow there was a demon within? What if, that demon was a camouflage all this years? And what if, I am that demon? ”

” You’re not that demon. ” Elena simply said. ” If you were, we could have noticed. ”

” What if you can’t notice the kind of demon I am? ”

” Then I say it’s impossible.

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Lora, I understand what you’re trying to say but I can’t accept the fact that you’re a Demon. You’re the sane human I know since you first came here. Believe it or not, Lora, you’re not a Demon”

” I hope so. ”

” It’s not about hoping, it’s just the truth.” She smiled, ” Come here. ”

She hugged Lora for so long, offering a kiss on her cheek.

“Guess you need a moment with yourself.” Lora smiled, ” I think the garden can offer you that.”

“I think so too.”.


She took a deep breath, exhaling heavily. The sun wasn’t so bright today and the same tree she sat alone.

If she was really the one who had done those things to her room, who then is she? She thought.

If this somehow has a connection with her dreams, what could it mean then?

She knew she has the full time to think, a moment with herself alone. One by one e she went through her thoughts and fears.

She spent hours of her time at the garden, when she knew darkness had surfaced fully, she made her way back to the palace.

On her way, she heard two servants talk to each other. So desperate and eager to know what they were talking, she hid herself from being seen, listening as the two spoke.

“I heard the commander’s mother is coming.” One of them said.

” Really? ” Asked the other.

” I’m sure. She’ll be coming by tomorrow morning.” The first one said before another footstep approached.

There was a brief silence as the footstep approach more closer.

“Oh! It’s Jack. Said the first voice.

” Hold on, ” the second voice Continued, ” isn’t it the Queen mother you speak of?”


Lora gasped, covering her mouth from making any single noise. So…

Lucas isn’t an orphan? She asked herself.

” I thought she was dead?”

“Sh-shh.” The third voice shushed. ” Don’t say what you do not know, Kale. ”

Kale frowned. ” I know what I’m saying, Jake. My mother told me she disappeared after the war with the hunters. And since then, no one ever saw her even Lucifer couldn’t find her. ”

” Then that means, she back. ” The first voice concluded.

Lora couldn’t hold herself from gasping loud.

Jake shushed again. ” Did you heard that? Someone is here with us.”

She heard it and luckily made her way out of there to the hallway. She was confused, weak to think straight.

All this while she had thought he was an orphan. She had thought of him being just Lucifer’s favourite. Only to find out he’s not just Lucifer’s favourite, but he’s son.

Not from his lips, but someone else’s mouth. How can she…?

How could she fall in love to her enemy’s son? How could she so easily fall in love with someone she doesn’t know?

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He isn’t just the vice commander… His the Devil’s son!!!

The shock of what she’d heard stroked her, she found it difficult to breath. The effect of her scream prevented her from forcing the air in.

She shooked…

Her eyes gradually closed against each other. Slowly, her body fell helpless to the ground.

She fainted…


She was quite since she woke up. Elena wondered why she didn’t want to talk or make a sign that she wants to.


She cuts in. ” I don’t wanna talk about it.” She said looking out if the window.

” Lora please talk to me, what happened?” Elena pleaded

“Don’t act like you don’t know.”

“Of course, I don’t. That’s why I’m asking you. ”

She chuckled. ” You wanna know? Is that you’ve been all this while hiding the truth from me! ”

” Lora … What are you talking about? ”

” What I’m talking about is that I’ve been kept in the dark since I came here. ”

” I-I… I don’t understand what you’re saying. ” She sighed. ” No one ever kept you in the dark, Lora. No one is ever hiding anything from you.” She defended.

” Oh! Guess I’m… ” She rolled her first finger in the air. ” I’m losing it, right? Of course I’m losing my mind that I don’t know what I’m talking about! Huh?! ”

” You can go ahead and yell at me. I’ll accept whatever thing you say but the truth is, I’m never hiding anything from you. ”

This made Lora stand from her bed laughing. She turned to Elena. ” I’m gonna ask you this questions and in return, I need a sincere answer. ”

She kept looking at Elena who later gave a nod.

” Who is Lucas Deluca? And who are you?”

She sighed softly. ” Lucas… He is Lucifer’s son and I’m his cousin sister. Lora I’m sorry I kept this away from you. I thought… ”

“You think I’m gonna be scared?”


“You think I’ll hate you? ”

” No. ”

” Then what? What were you thinking?! ”

” I thought if I’d told you, I thought you’d leave. ”

” Leave? ” She repeated. ” I’ve got no home, no family, no relatives, where would I go to?”

“I’m so sorry. I’m sorry sorry, Lora. ”

” I want you to promise me this. ”

” Anything, Lora, anything. ” She said immediately.

” Don’t you ever, ever keep me in the dark.”

“I won’t, I promise.” She promised.

“Good. ”

” Does that mean you’ve forgiven me? ” Elena asked to be sure.

She nodded with a reply, ” Yes, I have. ”


Someone once asked… Who is Lora?

Find it out in the next chapter…