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Saved By The Demon. Chapter 19

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Written by: Authoress Cisca ✍️

“ My home is in-between those thighs… ”

☘️ Chapter 19 ☘️

???? Lucas ????

I couldn’t stop from thinking about what had happened yesterday.

What was she thinking? Why would she want herself dead?

For the first time in my life I was this concerned and disturbed because of a human.

Whatever it is, I just don’t know what she’s done to me. Even when I try pushing her face away, it came again.

And I just can’t help but to think about her the more.

But not as yesterday, what if I hadn’t get to her so fast? What if I was so late to catch her?

What… was she thinking?!

I sighed, rubbing my forehead with my palms hoping I would just get an answer. But I couldn’t…

Would she be thinking about her family’s? Or about the hunters?

I keep having this feeling that she’s keeping something to herself, something strong and so difficult for me to read through.

She was different from the others. I read into minds like books but it was difficult when it comes to her.

Or,,, was she something different from being only a human.

Strong forces keep pulling me back as I try dipping in. This is so strange.

I had my books packed beside my reading desk, standing up to have a walk outside.

Before I could make further steps to the door, I heard a sound like that of footsteps in my outer room.

I leaned against the door as I watched her admire everything in the room.

I would admit and I’d do that again and again, she was bloody magnificent. Her blonde hair resting on her left shoulder.

She kept pinching her fingers, one step after the other she glanced at everything yet, she seemed not to have noticed my presence.

I stood and I couldn’t stop myself from staring eagerly at her. Smiles had already plastered on my face, I didn’t notice I was smiling until she stopped watching at anything but me.

I hide the smile off, but I still leaned against the door.

“Uhm… I was about leaving.” She stammered.

???? Lora ????

I turned making my way out of the door when his voice pulled me to a sudden stop.

“Lora!” His said and I saw myself obeying but I didn’t turn around.

From the back I could hear his footstep approach to me, my heart beating against my chest and I wanted a way to escape.

But what can I do? Standing at the middle of the room with the master, was there really a chance of running?

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When I could hear his footsteps no more, I guessed he was just right behind me. I felt my body shivering in fear of what was about to do.

Who knows?…
If he was gonna punish me for entering his chamber without a knock? Or if he was trying to tell me something else, maybe about his true identity.

That will be better if it was for that reason cause I was ready to hear it from his…

A soft moan escaped my mind as his hand landed on my hips interrupting my thoughts.

Guess it’s something very much different from what I was thinking.

I felt those hands journey from my hips up to my waist. I stiffened, my teeths tightly held together.

Inside me I was scared but outside, I just wanted more of it. After the brief stop at my waist, he made it further to my breast moving those fingers around the curves of my breast.

My breath shortened, my body stiffened more tighter, my heart beating heavily and I couldn’t help but moan at every soft touches he made on me.

I felt his lips on my neck, making a mesmerizing move on it. I moved my head to the right in response to those perfect moves he made on my neck then offering a soft kiss on my bare skin.

I gasped at the touch of his lips, or I would say, a silent gasp it was.

“Don’t you think it’s time we learn if you’re a virgin or not? ” He said with a long sniff, exhaling out heavily.

I could feel the hot air from his nostrils as it made me shiver to the bones. But still, his fingers never stop making it’s way on my breast.

I was scared and I don’t know why.

I wasn’t sure if it was because of his questions or if it was because of his full control on my body that made my body trembling.

But why?…

Why would he want to know? I thought this case has been forgotten?

Yes, I said I was broken and I once had a boyfriend who was going to get married to me and which turns out to be only but a long lie.

Fine, how does it matters now?

“Are you scared?” His soft but deep voice brought me back.

I said nothing but my body kept vibrating giving him a clue that I was of course scared.

“Come on, Lora, it’s just a one soft night. You don’t have to be scared.” He said in my ears. I shivered as his voice diluted in.

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What kind of power does he possess that I can’t even think straight now? That at this moment I was no longer in control of myself?

My mind, my soul, my body, all of me are like they’re gone and helpless at my command.

I got out of his hold, or would I say, I just made it out by luck staring into his eyes and pouring out as much as I can to let him know I had lied to him.

“I lied. I lied to you.” I confessed, my head seriously moving at both sides, ” I never for once had a boyfriend, neither was I getting married. I… I’ve never let any man touch me. I… I’ve… never done anything and my parents wouldn’t want me to have one either. I’m sorry I lied to you.” I closed my eyes ready to spit the last sentence out. ” I’m still a virgin! ” I finally said in a whisper burying my head to the ground.

As soon as I said all this, I felt loosed, weightless in my inside. Like I was somehow freed from a heavy burden and sanctified from my present and past sins.

He held my chin making me look into those devouring eyes he possessed and I could feel the power in it. It was great and mighty.

I praise the ones who can withstand such gaze to it’s fullest because I definitely can’t.

He bent his head towards mine, leaning closer like he was about to do a different version but suddenly, he made a stop halfway.

My freezing heart finally melted in what took like seconds and I could find an atom of my once lost breath.

He didn’t pull away neither did he leaned forward, just halfway his lips made the stop. Our eyes never leaving each other, my ears attentive to whatever he was about to say.

“Remember what I told you when I brought you here?” He asked calmly.

I didn’t forget. I wasn’t meant to forget it, right?

I nodded a yes. “I remember.”

“I’m gonna keep you safe, Lora. I’m gonna protect you and I’ll make no harm get to you. I’ll make your enemies my enemies. I’ll kill anyone who lays a finger on you and I’ll die risking my life even if it has to do with the hunters. I promise you. ”

Tears clouded my eyes, making it’s way out of it and down staining my cheeks.

He does? He will?? He promised???

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And I believe him…

???? Lucas ????

I couldn’t count my happiness cause they we’re beyond bonds.

Hearing she was still a virgin melted my heart for her. I couldn’t imagine how I’d felt the night she told me she wasn’t a virgin. Deep in me I was torn apart.

Someone had to touch her before me? Someone had to get into those chamber before I did?

All this made me so restless that I haven’t been myself until now… Now she just admitted she was still a virgin.

I won’t stand seeing anyone having her in my place because I’m always jealous.

And I’ll have my fingers crossed against his neck if that will be just how to have her with me.

I’ll make my home in between those thighs, I’ll make her moan and scream my name, I’ll have her plead and plead for more and I won’t let go until I feel her arousal burning in between her legs and I’ll have my lips stained with it.

Even eternity will have no speak in it.

???? Lora ????

I believe him. Everything he told me, I believe them all.

I laid on my bed imagining how everything went in there and it was like they kept making it’s way till now. As if he’s just here beside me, still making those mesmerizing moves on my body and I couldn’t help but think of it all happening again and again.

He said he was gonna learn if I was a still virgin or not. What if after my confession he still decides to have it checked?

Oh! God!

How is he even gonna do that? Will he have me take off my clothes for that?

I squeezed my dress to myself like it was going to happen now!

“Get it off with, Lora…”

I know I should be happy. I know I should be happy that if I was gonna be broken, It will have to be with him. And if anyone was gonna see me naked, it’ll be him…

My body shivered in both want and need for him, his strong arms around my waist, his bare chest on my damp breast, his lips against mine and devouring me into himself.

I want to feel him on me, not minding the weight he possess, my thighs burning for his presence in-between, my body willing to give in to his commands.

Yes, I wanted it… more of it, but, I don’t think I’m ready to have it done.