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Saved By The Demon. Chapter 17

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Written by: Authoress Cisca ✍️

“ Nyk… Dreams… ”

☘️ Chapter 17 ☘️

???? Unknown ????

The black limo stopped at the front of the palace. A guard went to the back side of one of the car opening it for the young lady to step out.

The guard closed the door behind her. Her face was already plastered with a smile as she stared at Lucas.

“Hello, son.”

He went forward to her kissing her palm softly, ” Mother, it’s nice to see you again.”

“I couldn’t stay without thinking about you. How have you been? ”

” Great. Especially now I’m looking at you. ” He kissed it again. ” Why don’t we go inside? ”

” Thank you. ”

As they made their way into the palace, Elena met with them. Nyk was overwhelmed to see her once again.

Elena ran into her embrace hugging her tightly. ” Mother. How have you been?” She asked breaking the hug.

” Much better and you? ”

She looked at Lucas, ” I’ve been great. Lucas has been there for me. ”

He smirked,

” Come on mother, we have a ceremony for your return. ”


The hall was crowded. Both the royals and the villagers all assembled in the palace.

There were lots of food and drinks to celebrate Nyk’s return after her long lost.

Lucas excused himself out for awhile. Just at his usual place of being alone, he wondered within himself.

Elena noticed this and decided to follow him.

“You should be happy.” She said walking to where he stood. ” Everyone are happy, you should be happy too and not staying here all alone. ”

He looked at her, then smiled. ” I don’t think the ceremony is meant for me. I wanna be alone for now.”

She held his shoulder, ” What’s bothering you, Lucas. You know you can talk to me about it. ”

He looked at her again. ” Nothing. ”

She sighed. ” If you say so, I’ll let you be. But… try not to overthink. ” She kissed his forehead.

She left…

The ceremony was a long lasting one. After the dinner was over, entertainment took over. For once, everyone seemed to be happy again.

Such occasions like this were rear, only often does it happens.

Nyk felt more entertained than anyone could feel. Her teeths spread open at each showcase.

And for awhile she felt like being alone. She excused herself and went out through the hallway.

Lora on the other side returned back to her chamber as soon as the main occasion was over. She noticed Lucas had left so she decided to leave too.

She asked a guard about his whereabout and she was told that he’d left to his room.

She set off to his room. She wanted to a chance with him, to see reasons why he’d kept his true identity away from her.

She wanted to proof to herself that she didn’t make a mistake falling in love with him .

And by that chance, she was ready to understand whatever excuses he’s got.

As she made it through the hallway, Nyk came from the opposite direction. From afar, their eyes made contact with each other.

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It was like a slow motion as they came closer then passing each other without taking an eye away from one another.

“Excuse me.” Nyk’s voice stopped her. Lora turned back slightly bowing at her. ” What’s your name?”

“I’m Lora Weston.”

“Lora Weston? ” She repeated. ” Have we met before? ”

” Of course not, My lady. If not mistaken, we’ve never come across each other before. ”

She smiled with a nod, ” Forgive my attitude. I was only curious that I’d seen this face before. ”

” It’s nothing serious, My lady. Pardon me too for not noticing you earlier. ” She said, bowing.

” I guess we’re equal in that. ” She offered a smile. ” Good night, Lora. ”

” My pleasure. ” They departed.

Nyk felt a strong omen around Lora that had made her stop her. Not actually because they’d encountered each other somehow. But there was something behind the statement.

Seems like Nyk has seen something no one could see. And that’s why she wasn’t only the highest of all witches… She was the high priestess too.

Lora changed her mind on going further to meet with Lucas, so she decided on returning back to her room instead.

Something might have changed her mind on seeing Lucas. Something so strong about her sudden encounter with the Queen.

She laid flat on her bed, why doesn’t the face look so familiar to her? How can she not remember seeing such face before?

Where have they met each other?

And there was no one to give an answer those questions.

She closed her eyes to sleep even though she could hear the noise from the hall.


It came again in that same manner.

Then everywhere was quite, the ceremony was fully over leaving everyone to return to their various homes.

Lora began making a sarcastic movement on her bed. Her body was greatly shivering and sweats stained her body with the pillow and the blanket she laid on.

Each time she sees herself in such dream, the samething keeps repeating itself over and over again. And she was the only one left to witness them all.

Her head moved to and fro on her pillow, her body was shaking at the same timeshivering the more.

The curtains torn into halves, everything shaking and falling at the same time. Who knows what level she might be in the dream.

As she opened her eyes, her chocolate brown eyes turned golden, causing the whole candles to lighten up.

At that, she was still held captive to her dreams. The candle lights began growing wide. Slowly, it made it’s way in contact with the curtains.

Each seconds, the curtains burnt down. What the hell is happening?!

She fully wake up to reality to find herself in the middle of burning room. She covered her nose with her cloth to prevent the smokes from entering her nostrils.

“Someone help! Someone please get me out of here! ”

Soon, someone banged the door open. He pulled Lora into his arms and out of the room.

Last night it was broken windows and shattered objects on the ground. And today,… It’s a burning room.

What’s really going on?

He buried her face in his palms. ” Are you alright?” He asked, concerned.

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She nodded. ” Yes. Yes, I’m fine.”

He pulled her into a hug, kissing her forehead softly. ” You’re safe now. You’re safe.”

Elena ran towards them and Lucas gave Lora to her. ” Lora? ” She hugged her too.

“Take her out of her.” He ordered.

Then Nyk was already coming as the fire had caused a great scene in the palace. Her eyes met with Lora, and for some minute didn’t leave hers.

Lora took her eyes off her resting her head on Elena’s chest.

“What happened?” Nyk asked.

“I think someone is trying to kill Lora. ” Lucas replied.

” How long have that been? ” She asked again.

“Last night.”

Elena tapped her back like a child, assuring her that everything was gonna be alright as soon as they find who’s behind the plot.

“What really happened, Lora? Did you see who did this?”

She shooked. ” No. Even if someone did this, it was impossible for me to see who it was. The whole room was already on fire when I woke up. ”

” It’s okay. ”

” Elena… ” She called.

” Mm-hmm. ”

” I wanna tell you something. When I told you that my dreams were about Acacia, I lied. They weren’t because of it. ”

Elena was surprised. Why would she hid it from her.

” What then is it about?” She asked.

“It’s about the demons and the hunters.”

“I don’t understand, Lora. What happened between the hunters and us? ”

” There was a war, and no one survived it. Not even you or Lucas, none of you did. The whole demons were taken by the hunters. The demons lost in the war. ”

There was a brief moment of silence.

” I’m sorry I didn’t tell you earlier. I thought it was only a dream but as it kept coming, I don’t think it’s just a dream. ”

” How,,, long have this been? ”

” A week, I didn’t lie in the part I told you it was only twice I’d had this strange dream. ”

” Lora, why? Why didn’t you tell me about this? Why didn’t you tell anyone about what you saw? ”

” Like I told you, I thought it was only a dream. I didn’t mean to keep it from you or from Lucas either. I don’t want you guys to think I’m crazy or,,, or insane, okay? I’m sorry. ”

” I don’t know what to say, Lora. This isn’t just an ordinary dream. ”

” What are you talking about? ” She asked confused.

” You just saw the future.” Nyk concluded as she walked in.

She haven’t overheard their discussion, have she? ”

” What?! ” She exclaimed. ” What does that even mean? ”

” It means the future revealed itself to you. ”

Lora looked at the both of them, shooking. ” This is insane, okay? I only had a dream and not some kind of future happings. I don’t know what you’re talking about and I don’t care. All I know is that it was only a dream. ”

” That made you tear down and totally burn your room? ” Nyk asked.

She was quite.

” Have you ever asked yourself why you are the only survival of Acacia?”

She nodded.

” Have you asked yourself why your little sister had to die in the explosion? ”

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She nodded again.

” And have you ever asked yourself why you ended up being here? ”

She nodded again.

” Did you find the answers to those questions?”

She shooked.

“It’s because you were never ready for the answers. You survived the attack is because you’re destined to be alive for a reason. Tina, your little sister had to die not just because she wanted to, but because it was supposed to be that way. ”

“Lastly, you’re here for the same reason as you’re alive. And all this were programmed by fate itself. ”

She sat on one of the chairs beside the bed. ” You keep blaming yourself for being responsible for the death of your people. Why? ”

She made no comment.

” Because you think you’re a demon?” She chuckled.

“Why then did the hunters attack my village?”

Nyk moved her first finger at both sides. ” No. The question is, what really are you?”

“What am I?” She asked back.

Nyk smiled for she knew it was the right time. After all, there stood to be a single survival of her kind.

“You’re a witch, Lora, just like I am.”

“I-I’m a w… witch? How can that be possible? ” She asked in disagreement. “My mother was never a witch and neither was my father. You’re mistaken, there’s no how I can be a witch. No, it can’t be possible. ”

” Lora… ” Elena whispered.

” No! I’m not a witch. Tell her I’m not a witch, Elena. Tell her that I’m that human you always see me as. ”

” Lora.. remember when you asked me what if you were the Demon within,”

” No. I was only trying to believe I’m the reason for their death. Not that I really am a demon!”

” You also asked what if you were the kind of demon I couldn’t find out.” Lora shooked as the tears of disbelief ran out of her eyes. ” I couldn’t find what you are all this while. You need to accept what you really are, Lora. You have to embrace it.” She held her hands.

Nyk stood up, ” If you’re scared of what you are being exposed, I say we keep this to ourselves. ”

She calmed down.

” What kind of witch am I?” She asked.

“We’re yet to find out. But for now, act like we never had this conversation.”

” Why?” She asked again. ” I thought witches and demons are in peace.

” Only ordained ones are expected to be with the demons. ” She replied.

” And if you aren’t ordained?”

” You’ll be executed. So, promise me you will say nothing about this. ”

” This is for my life. My lips are sealed. ”

” Good. ” She left.

Elena and Lora kept staring at each other.

“Everything is gonna be alright, okay?” Elena assured.

” I know, ” she sat beside her. ” I’m only scared of how all this will end.”

“I have this feeling that it will end well. Trust me when I say that. ”

She nodded.


Second secret is revealed…Lora is a witch…

But the question is,,, what will happen Next???

No continuation if I don’t get my expected likes comments and shares.