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Saved By The Demon. Chapter 18

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Written by: Authoress Cisca ✍️

“ Come get me… ”

☘️ Chapter 18 ☘️

???? Unknown ????

Suddenly, Lucas walked over her, holding his hand out for her to grasp.

“ Walk with me.” He said and she blushed. He must have noticed her ogling for a walk with him, why couldn’t she?

He took her to his secret place, a beautiful lake located in the woods.

Lora looked happy walking on the green grass with her bare feet, then dipping her foot in the water and flicking the cool liquid with her toes.

Lucas just stood there staring at her from afar. She was beautiful with her long blonde hair and her chocolate brown eyes.

Her dress clung to her body in all the right places, showing of her beautiful figure.

He still couldn’t believe that he saved such an angel from her enemies. Where would she be if he hadn’t saved her on time?

Suddenly, he heard a shrill yell of pain as he was lost in his thoughts.

“ Lora!! ”

She wasn’t in the water anymore. She immediately stood up from the ground dusting herself from the little dirt on her skin.

He rushed to her side.

“ What happened? ”

“ Nothing much, I just fell. ”

Her dress was torn but there weren’t much bleeding.

“ It’s nothing serious, you don’t have to bother about me. ”

She gave him an assuring smile and he let her walk on her own. She never knew there was somewhere in the fortress that was a lot beautiful than the garden.

This one was extraordinarily beautiful, you can call it that. As she played with the butterflies, her hair flew backwards. Her cloth clung to her skin the more.

She picked up one colourful butterfly, and she was talking to it like she was talking to someone. She was in love with nature.

She believes she was getting what she hadn’t got years ago. It’s only two months with the demons and everything seems like a year.

She returned to where he stood, “Its beautiful here, everything looks amazingly great. ”

Her eyes caught at a beautiful tower. ” There, ” She said pointing at it’s direction, “ What’s that tower over there? ”

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“ Do you wanna find out? ” He asked.

“ Yes. ” she replied with a nod.

As they kept walking, her weight shifted onto her leg, her knee started to ache. Not wanting to draw his attention, she didn’t say anything.

But Lucas must have known, he put his strong arms behind her knees and back, lifting her with ease.

“ What are you doing? ” She asked embarrassed.

“ Carrying you. ” He stated simply.

“ I know, please put me down, I can walk. ” She said, her face and neck flushing red.

” Lora, if I was to let you walk, we wouldn’t reach the tower even after sunrise. ”

Did he just called my name? I loved the sound of it. She mumbled within herself

As they moved through the woods to the tower, there was no one around and she was thankful for that.

Closer and closer they got to where the tower was built. This particular place was unique above any other place in the fortress.

Her eyes wouldn’t stop from glancing it’s fullness. Don’t blame her, she hasn’t been in a place like this.

Everywhere, everything stood to be ever new to her.

He gently dropped her to her feet. She managed to limp a few distance away from him.

“ This,,, this is so beautiful. ” her smile got to her eyes. “ What’s this place called? ” She asked.

“ It’s the tower of the great kings. ” he answered. “ The great kings always hold a meeting here. ”

“ Wow! ” it came as a whisper. “ Why isn’t anyone here? ”

“ It’s restricted from ordinary Demons. Only those with higher ranks can enter the tower. ”

He looked at her, ” Do you? ”

She shook her head. “ Not at all. ”

He took her again in his arms as they headed back to his secret place.

She had noticed something like a cliff with little water rolling down from it. It wasn’t that much high though but it still resembled one.

Her knee ached again, and a small yell escaped her lips. “ Are you alright? ” he asked.

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“ I’m fine. ” She said, moving very close to the cliff.

She wanted to know his feelings…

She wanted to prove to herself that she hadn’t made a mistake falling in love with him…

And that her burning desire for him was true…

And if he feels the same for her…

Then he should come catch her…

She smirked, “ Come catch me, Lucas. ” she muttered before letting herself fall freely.

He noticed she was no more with him.

“ Lora!! ”

He ran so fast to the cliff looking down to see her body freely and making it’s way to the dead end of the cliff.

Her blonde hair fell, her arms spread open for his catch. And if he doesn’t get to her, she was ready to die for that.

She shut her eyes close as she slowly got to the ground. A hand held her waist pulling her to still.

She slowly open her eyes staring at the figure. His dark wings spread wide, his ocean blue eyes fixed into those chocolate brown eyes.

For a moment she thought it was a dream. But when his strong arms never left her elegant waist, it wasn’t just a dream.

It was damn reality!!!…

He didn’t stop from staring at her beautiful face, his eyes taking her in. The world seemed to have stood still as everything happened in a slow motion.

And her eyes made no effort to leave his.

They were like this until they were back on the cliff. He didn’t try dropping her, she was in his arms till they got back to the palace.

As they moved through the halls, the maids and servants looked down quickly as soon as they caught sight of them and she was grateful for that.

He stopped for awhile and told a made to bring something to clean up the wounds before walking again.

Upon arrival at her chamber, he laid her gently on her bed as the maid came in with things to clean the wound. He took the kit from her and dismissed her shortly.

Taking a seat beside her on the bed, he lifted her dress above her knees.

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“ Uh… It’s fine, I can clean it myself.” she stuttered nervously.

” Just sit still. ” He ordered.

He put one hand at the back of her knee, his hands cold yet his touch hot. She wondered how a tall and strong man could touch so gently.

Strangely, his touch made her yearn for more and she found herself imagining how it would feel if he ran his hands down her legs or if he…

Her thoughts were interrupted by a burning pain.

She hissed…

“It will burn a little.” He said and Continued cleaning her wounds.

She bit her lower lips as to hold the great pain she felt. As if he noticed, he leaned towards her leg blowing air to her wound.

When his hot breath touched her skin, it made her shiver and curl her toes.

Good God, he was doing something on her body, and almost doing nothing.

“Feel better?” He asked.

“Yes,” She whispered. ” Thank you.”

After he was done, he pulled her dress down.

“You need to get changed.” He said standing up. ” Do you mind if I call a maid?”

“No, I can manage. ” She said.

Walking with an aching leg, she went to the dressing room flipping into her night dress then returning back to her chamber.

By the time she’d returned, Lucas had left. She felt a little worried.

He could have said a good night before leaving.

Seems like she was the only one who was affected by the early happings.

The room was with few candle lights. She laid down on her bed, her eyes facing the ceiling.

Everything reflecting itself in her mind. Feeling his hand around her waist, his gaze piercing into hers. And everything was like a stand still.

She felt something familiar between them. Like he was having those urge for her, those similar feelings she has for him.

And she wished for one thing, his lips against hers and to devour those sweet taste it possess to it’s fullest.

Each second as she thought, she wanted him the more. She wanted him just right beside her. This time, the feeling was pure and real.