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Saved By The Demon. Chapter 20

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Written by: Authoress Cisca ✍️

“ Truth revealed… ”

☘️ Chapter 20 ☘️

???? Lora ????

My head ached and I slightly rubbed it. I mean it badly ache and I don’t know why.

I entered the bathroom having a quick cold shower. On getting to my room, I saw Elena sitting on my bed while Nyk sat on one of the seats beside the bed.

” How,,, how did you entered my room?” I stammered, surprised.

Elena rose an eye at Nyk signaling that she was the one who had opened the door.

“Oh!” I said. Not that I was actually surprised though, but I think I just forgot we have a witch in the castle.

“Let me guess, something bad happened?” I said and Nyk brought out a paper stretching it out to me.

I took it from her hold staring at the who-knows-what’s-written in it. Like some kind of Greek or Latin language was written on it.

” What’s this?” I asked, confused.

“Do you remember saying this last night?” Nyk asked.

I retorted. ” I’m sorry, I don’t even know what this means? ” I said, giving it back to her. ” What does it mean? ”

Nyk spoke in an ancient language I wish I can understand.

” It means, ‘ Take my life, take my soul, take my spirit. And do as you wish, master. ‘”

” Master? ” I asked.” What master? ”

” The Devil. ” She replied and I gasped in fear.

“Those language are an ancient words used by witches to ordain a soul, practically for a temporal ordination. ”

” Did it worked? ” I asked, concerned and terrified at the same time.

” No, ” I sighed in relief. ” The words aren’t complete so, it’s useless. You were only repeating the same words over and over again. ”

I finally sat on my bed, even though Nyk just said it definitely didn’t worked, I still found myself shaking in fear.

What was I saying? How come I can’t even remember saying all this?

“Nyk, can I talk to you for a minute?” Elena said and they excused themselves.

I didn’t want to look at them so they wouldn’t think I’m trying to eavesdrop at their discussion.

???? Elena ????

“You have to do something really quick about this. She doesn’t remember saying this, don’t you think that’s a bad thing? ” I said with so much concern.

” Your right. I think it’s time I talk with my sisters, I’m pretty sure they’ll help me with this. I have this feeling that if we waist any second, Lora will turn out to be someone we’ll regret her to become. ”

” So, when do you intend to visit your sisters? ”

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” I’ll be leaving tomorrow. ” She answered.

” What about Lucas? What will you tell him? ”

” Leave it to me. ”

???? Lora ????

Why would I of all people try to sell my soul to the devil? Who actually turned out to be Lucas father? Of all people would I think of doing such a thing?

I sat on my bed again, I had planned on going to the garden as usual but I changed my mind.

This isn’t an ordinary thing to over look at. Me speaking some kind of foreign Greek and I can’t remember?

Fuck me!
Fuck!! I cursed under my breath.

Melina, my maid brought in my food this morning and I only dismissed her with it.
Again, she came with what I’d eat this afternoon, and I dismissed her again.

She knocked at my door again, this time with nothing. Guess she’s only trying to be sure and to reduce stressing her self.

I was thankful she didn’t come with any food and I wouldn’t want to embarrass her so, I offered her a weak smile.

She smiled back. ” Do you mind if I bring in your food?”

I shook my head.” No. I’m not hungry. ”

” Alright.” She said with a nod.

“Thanks by the way.” I said, she smiled before leaving.

I laid back down, dancing my left leg at both sides.

I can remember staring up at the ceiling when suddenly, I was driven by sleep.

???? Unknown ????

There was a noise that entered through the window and into her ears.

Not once, not twice. She slightly blinked her eyes, stepping out of the bed and walking motionlessly to no- where.

She made a stop at the front of a tall brown door that looks like it has been locked for a hundred of years.

One could say she’s sleep walking, and you can call it that if you want.

The door mysteriously unlocked itself letting her in. It was some kind of ancient library filled with books and still motionlessly walking, she walked to where a dim light shone.

She stretched out to get the mysterious brown book on the air. Magically, it landed on her hand even without her grabbing it first.

She dropped the book on a table, it flipped to a page and she began reciting the ancient words over and over again until the dim light shone bright.

Her eyes turned golden and she was lost in control. Heavy air blew in the library causing everything flying.

The whole palace was alerted, some guards who had tried stopping her but ended up doing nothing rushed to report to Lucas.

On hearing this, Lucas made no hesitation to get to the library. He tried with all his strength breaking through the spell but to no avail.

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He then called for his mother through his mind. When she felt it, she rushed too to the library.

Her eyes widened in surprise, seeing Lucas staring at Lora as she spoke in those ancient words got her speechless.

He has known what he shouldn’t have known so soon.. And what the heck is she gonna tell he?

Guess she just have to say the truth…

She spoke an ancient word and Lora spell broke free letting the brown book fall to the ground.

Nyk went to pick up the book while Lucas was so fast to have Lora in his arms before she could make it to the ground.

He made it out of the library but had ordered the guards to have it under tight security.

He took her into her room, dropping her at ease on her bed. He turned to his mother who had followed him in.

“What just happened?” He asked.

She glanced away from his gaze.

“Mother!” He called in an authoritative tone and she saw herself replying.

“She was reciting an ancient Greek word used by witches to ordain a new member to Devil. ”

He frowned. ” Father? ”

” Yes. ”

” Did it work? ” He asked again.

” No. As if I knew this would happen, I quickly took out the original book from the library before sunset. This, ” she pointed out the book, ” is just a fake write up.”

“How long do you know about this?”

“What?” She pretended not to have heard him.

“Lora being a witch, how long have you known about this? ”

She hesitated the word, ” Two weeks ”

He hissed in anger, pacing round the room. ” Why didn’t you tell me about this? It’s been two weeks and I’m only finding out now?!”

“I’m sorry… ”

He stopped and walked to her. ” Give me one reason why you kept this away from me.” He said darkly.

“Because… I thought you’d have her dead… ”

It made him more angry and felt like tearing something apart.

” I thought you’d kill her because she isn’t ordained yet! ” She defended.

” Why would you ever think of me doing that, mother?! Why?! ” He asked in anger.

” Because you are strict to the rules. ” She plainly said.

He scoffed. ” The rules? ” He repeated. ” Why will I ever think of following those fucking rules?! I don’t fucking care what it says and I won’t risk any life just for it. ”

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” I’m sorry. I’m so sorry, I never thought it straight about you and Lora. ” She pleaded. ” I was only thinking you two aren’t close. ”

” I… I promised Lora that I will take care of her with my life. And do you think I’ll love to have her dead after such promise? ”

Nyk shook her head.

” I love Lora, I won’t stand to watch her die for some kind of stupid rules father created. I’d rather have my position taken than to lose her. ”

Nyk nodded. ” I understand you’re anger, son and I greatly apologize for taken such discussion ignorantly. I will accept whatever judgement you have for me. ”

He looked at her, ” Mother? ” Surprised.

” No. You can punish me if you want, you’ve gotten the right to.”

He held her, retorting. ” I really appreciate your request but I’m sorry, I can’t grant you that. ”

She looked at him and a tear fell on her face, he wiped it off with his thumb. ” It’s okay. I understand your reasons for doing what you’d done. Anyone would have done the same if they were you. ”

” Thank you. ” She said, leaving him to smile.

” It’s nothing.” He said still with the smile. ” What are you gonna do about this?

” I’ll be visiting the witches castle tomorrow, I’ll have to talk with my sisters about this. Lora needs to undergo trainings so as to control her powers before it will be too late. Right now, I think her powers is only controlling her.”

Lucas turned to look at the sleeping Lora. Gradually, he was getting an answer to his questions.

All the while, this has been the reason why he found it difficult reading through her… Because she’s a witch.

“I’ll leave you with her.” He nodded. ” Good night.”

She left…

He laid beside her watching as she slept gently like a child. Her long eyelashes rested close, her breath escaped with a scent which got the Demon in him groan.

He held himself for he knew if he hadn’t, he’ll only end up doing what he fears to do.

He leaned over to kiss her forehead. She mumbled something and he listened, just the same ancient Greek word.

He leaned back still staring at her beautiful face, he felt the demon in him growl in hunger and wanted nothing but to devour her sweet taste.

He took a thousand breath to pull back the Demon. ” Easy boy. We’ll do that some other time.” He said and his demon calmed down.

Guess it’s fully ready than Lucas is.