December 4, 2022

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My V Bride. Chapter 47

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My V Bride.

Written by Feathers.

Chapter 47

Fred’s POV

It’s my second day of being at my friend’s house. Albert had travelled leaving Kyle, Daniel and Kelvin in the house.

It should be fun with them but I felt so lonely, I felt like I’m not complete without Sonia.

I loathed myself for missing her, I shouldn’t miss her considering what her mother did to me.

But to be frank with myself, I love her. I’m really love her.

I hugged my pillow and tears began to fall from my eyes. I did not even have the $20,000 in the first place and working to get it will frustrate me cause I really hate working and getting such money will take months.

Sonia probably knew that it was impossible for me to get such money but I will, I have to do all that is within my capacity to get that money and divorce her

I love her but I need to let her go.

I got off the bed after thinking for few hours, I walked out and went to Kelvin’s room.

“What’s up man.” He greeted cheerfully as he pressed some keys on his laptop.

He seems to be busy doing something there.

“You look sad.” He said as he took a quick glance at me.

“I need the $20,000 man.” I said.

“We know , but 20 box is not easy, you have to work for it.” He said and closed his laptop.

He then concentrated on me.

“What Job is on ground?” I asked willing to work, even though I loathe to work with passion but I have no choice at this junction.

“You know how we roll man. Deliver drügs few times to our clients and your $20,000 will be completed in few days. .” Kelvin said and I furrowed my brow.

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“You guys still do this shît? Like seriously? ….I thought you guys agreed you had stop then?” I asked.

“Well, man’s got no option.” He said and I shook my head in disagreement.

“I do not think I can do such, Is there any other work I could do?” I asked.

Kelvin smirked and said; “Well, there are workers being recruited at a construction site, $500 per day. you would work from 8AM in the morning till 8PM at night. just 30 minutes break. You’d carry sands from one place to another and do all brick laying stuffs…you can decide which work you will choose now.”