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My V Bride. Chapter 33

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V Bride.

Written by Feathers.

Chapter 33

Fred’s POV

It was now 5PM and Sonia had not arrived yet, but why? I had already apologized.

I do not want to believe that she has no plan of coming home today? Cause normally , she should be arrived by 3, other times when she is late at work, she arrives by 4PM.

I was sad and when it was 6PM, I placed a call across to Sonia.

She picked it and I was glad.

“Hello Sonia!” I called but what I heard was a male voice.

I was extremely stunned and sat upright.

I rubbed my face and thought if I’m not dreaming or not.

“Who are you?” I asked.

“Why asking, what do you want?” The male voice sounded.

I checked the screen of my phone and confirmed If I was actually calling Sonia.

“Sonia! Can I speak to her?” I asked.

“She’s right here with me, what did you want?” The voice came through.

Is Sonia cheating on me with another man?

“Erm… Please who are you?” I knew better to ask politely so he wouldn’t hang up on me.

“You are very silly, why would you tell your friend to come and test my sister, what if the man had forcefully slept with her?”

I sighed knowing fully well that it’s her brother.

“I’ve apologized to her, please beg her for me. Is this Ethan?” I asked.

“Hope you have some money to keep yourself up with?” He ignored my question and asked.

“I’m…but why that kind of question? Isn’t she coming home this night?” I asked.

“For the next three days actually and don’t call her for those three days please. It’s how we punish people in our family?” He said

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” But I’ve apologized, what else do you guys want?” I asked but he hung up instead.

What kind of family have I married to exactly?

This people are so frustrating.

I walked out and drove to Sonia’s mom house.

“Good evening.” I greeted as I walked in.

“How are you.” She asked with a cold look.

Has she been informed too?

“Is Sonia here?” I questioned and she grinned.

“Is she lost?” She asked.

“No, but she has refused to come home cause we has a little issue.”

“A little issue you say? tempting my daughter with your friend? What for?” She asked.

“I apologized.”

“What if he had deflowered her? you know how much I’ve been protecting my children from not been deflowered even by their own spouse, my dear lazy man, enjoy your punishment while it last..”

Don’t you think the punishment is too much for Fred ????