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My V Bride. Chapter 69

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My V Bride.

Written by Feathers.

Chapter 69

Fred’s POV

I went back to Anita’s house.

She shot me an angry look on seeing me.

“Did you guys play a game on me? I gave you a money to divorce that your silly wife but you played me, right?” She asked.

“How can I? she seems to have stroke as we speak, check her at the hospital yourself.”I said to her.

” Are you still divorcing her or you have changed your mind?” Anita asked.

I hesitated before speaking.

“Truthfully, I made love with Sonia yesterday and took her v@—gī–Nī-Ty. If she gets well, I would love to go back to her.”I answered Anita

She grinned wickedly.

” Nice play.”She clapped.

“I brought your @ss from Russia to America, gave you an accommodation and allowed you f—!ke me like I’m a slut and to top it all, I gave you enough money to divorce her but you are coming to meet me with stories.”She said and I walked closer to her.

“Anita, try and understand me. Sonia is my wife and I’ve loved her. It was because of her refusal to allow me make love that made me want to stop being with her, now that she had given it all to me and to top it all , she is sick… please, don’t take it too personal. I like you Anita but I love my wife.” I explained and she nodded.

“Where is my $20,000?”She asked.

” I’ll get it from Sonia as soon as she is fine, please be patient with me.” I said.

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“If you did not get me my money by tomorrow, you won’t like yourself…. trust me, return my money tomorrow and stay away from my life…. I hate you.”Anita said and walked away from me painfully.

She was almost crying.

It’s not possible for me to get her $20,000 by tomorrow unless a miracle will happen. I was disturbed about Somia and confused on either to pay her a visit or not.

I do not want to have issues with her mom.

I’ll just do what is right.

I drove to the hospital and saw the doctor that attends to Sonia.

” Is Sonia inside?” I asked for formality sake. I could have just entered and check, anyways.

“Her mom had carried her away.” The doctor answered.

“Why? Is she fine now?” I asked.

“Getting worst but, her mom wants her away, there is nothing we could do.”