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My V Bride. Chapter 68

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My V Bride.

Written by Feathers.

Chapter 68

Fred’s POV

“Sonia! Sonia!” I called but got no response from her.

Fear gripped my heart.

“Alber! Albert!’ I shouted repeatedly and the door was opened after many seconds.

Albert walked in, not knowing what happened.

” She has fainted.” I said and he furrowed his brow.

He ran out and came back.

“I’ve called the ambulance.” He said and in few minutes, the ambulance arrived.

I had already dressed up for Sonia, she was carried and driven to the hospital.

Three hours later?

I was seated beside Sonia who was not opening her eyes and moving any part of her body.

“Fred, are you thinking what I’m thinking?” Albert asked.

“That?” I asked weakly with an heavy heart.

“She told us that she would have strø-ke on the day she made love, don’t you think it’s happening?” Albert asked and it dawned on me too.

“I didn’t believe it when she told me, but now it’s happening. I’m scared, her mom is a beast and would definitely come for me as soon as she knows what state her daughter is.” I said.

“She should have just come to court.” I lamented.

“She loves you and no one else, she knew the consequence but still allowed you to make love with her, or didn’t you make love with her?”He asked.

” Of course I did, I made love with her and took her v—–Gïnï-ty. I never knew her reasons behind being a v@–gīn in marriage was genuine.” I said painfully.

I turned to Sonia who just lay like a log of wood but now breathing.

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“Sonia, please be fine. You know much I love you.” I told her and the door opened.

Sonia’s mom appeared with two cops behind her.

“That’s the boy.”She pointed to me and the cops arrested me.

On getting to the station, I wrote my statement, I was kept there for few hours until Albert came to bail me at night.

I felt uneasy to go back to the hospital to check up on Sonia cause of her mom.

Sonia’s POV

I did not understand what is happening to me, I just knew I’m alive, I could not move any part of my body anymore.

I heard what Fred was saying to me but I couldn’t even respond cause I just cant.

Mom should have just let him stay with me, God help me from this dilemma.