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My V Bride. Chapter 70

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My V Bride.

Written by Feathers.

Chapter 70

Fred’s POV

I was left with no choice but to visit Sonia’s mom, Sonia is still my wife and I love her with passion.

The fact that she allowed me make love with her will not let me just forget about her coupled with the fact that I still love her dearly.

I arrived at Sonia’s mom house and pressed the visitor’s bell.

The door was opened and I met with Sonia’s mom.

“I came to see my wife.”I said and she opened the door wide for me to enter without saying a word.

As I walked in, I stared around and backed the woman.

” Where is she?”I questioned.

“Follow me” She said and I followed. We arrived at a room and I saw a doctor treating her.

The room was more like an hospital bedroom.

“Is she responding to treatment?”I asked the doctor.

” To be sincere , no!” The doctor replied and I lowered my head sadly.

“What you said is true after all, I never believed spiritual stuffs are real.”I said to Sonia’s mom.

” Well, what I told my children wasn’t real at all, I just wanted them to hate romance, that’s all.” She said.

“Huh! you said they will have stroke once they made love, we made love few days ago and now, she already has stroke? ” I said.

“It was caused by something else, I only did that to test the faithfulness of their partners in marriage.”The woman said and walked out.

The doctor was done with what he was doing on her.

” I’ll come and check up on her tomorrow.” The doctor said, packed his instrument and walked away.

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I sighed and went to sit beside Sonia.

“Sonia! I’m happy you allowed us make love but what is this? please be fine.” I said and held her hands into mine.

I lowered my head sadly.

“Fred!” I heard her call and I raised my head at her.

Her eyes were now opened.

“Sonia!”I screamed and she smiled.

” How?… I mean, are you healed?”I asked and as she try to stand up, I helped her.

“What happened? your mom said the stroke thing is not real, so?” I asked.

“I believed strongly I would have it once I make love and that was why It looked like I had it. I stopped believing I had stroke when I heard mom telling you that there was nothing spiritual in it.” She said and I smiled.

We hugged.