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My V Bride. Chapter 71

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My V Bride.

Written by Feathers.

Chapter 71

Fred’s POV

Sonia and I returned to our house, I was glad she’s now fine.

“Sonia!” I called her as soon as we enter.

“You are now deflowered.” I said and she nodded.

“Are you happy?”I asked.

” With the love making? yes!” She answered and I kept smiling.

“Are we going to do it just once? Can we do it often in the future?” I asked her.

She smiled and placed her two hands on the bù-ttœn øn my shì–Rt.

She began to lϿsen it gently.

She soon removed my shirt.

“Come!”She said and started walking to the bë-Dr-øm.

I followed her gently and she jumped on the b—-Ēd happily.

She yãnkëd her cløthes off and in few seconds, she was left n@kÊ-d.

” We should be doing this often.” She said and placed her hand on her br—–St.

I walked to her and played with her br—–St, I placed the n—-Pplë in my mø—Uth.

I s—-Kêd it gently while she mø—-@ned loud.

I placed her down and pæ—rted her læ—-Ps, I cĒntered my d—-!k at the center of her p—-!y.

I paused and looked at her face.

She curved her arms around my neck and nodded for me to continue.

“F—-k me!” She barked and chuckled.

I laughed and pù—shed in, it was warm down there and I felt so good.

The feeling I had making love with her is one that I had never had. I felt at peace and it felt so sweet having my d—-!k insï-de her.

I pü—llëd out and pù-shĒd in slowly first then I started f—-k!ng her hard.

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I increased the pace while she mø—æned like she was in pain but then, she kept signalling for me to continue.

“Mœ-re baby!

” Go d—eper!

“f—k me zaddy!

” I need this!

“Āww….ouûuu….yeah…..ōh yeah! ”

She kept chanting rømantically while I was encouraged to f—–k her more.

When I realized I was about to cÙ—–!m, I pù—Ll-ed out not because I can not re—-lêase inside her but because I was not ready.

I then told her to turn to me and she did, she was laying with her ch–ëst to the bë-d.

Her beautiful @-ss was pointed at me and I placed my hard d—!k on her p—-Y again, I began to f—-k her h-ard from behind.