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My V Bride. Chapter 20

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My V. Bride.

Chapter 20

Fred’s POV

I now looked like a fool before the doctor. I just sat while Rose sat beside me.

How in the world did he confirm that Sonia is now pregnant for him?

“Mr Fred, the fact that your wife has an HIV does’t mean you should treat her bad, there are ways around it.” The doctor said.

“I’m not treating her bad and I know that there is a way around it, that was why we came.” I spake frankly to the doctor.

“Alright. For now, you can’t make love with your wife, either with a co–ndom or whatever, just stay away from making love with her.” The doctor said.

“Couples who have HIV use to give birth, how do we have a baby then?” I asked.

“I would have suggested IVF but in one way or the other, the children could contact it…I’d advise you stay away from it.” The doctor said.

“In short , you are saying that in this marriage, we are never going to have a baby and we are never going to make love?” I asked.

“For the time being.” The doctor replied.

“I do not know what you meant by that, doctor. What is the meaning of ‘for the time being’? Will she stop being HIV positive at some point?” I asked.

“Just be patient with her, God can do anything.” The doctor answered.

“I see…” I stood up angrily.

“Don’t tell me you are planning on divorcing your wife?” The doctor asked.

“Seems you can read what I’m thinking, you could say that again, I’m filing for a divorce. Tell me, what’s the essence of this marriage? Wait doctor, if you were the one, won’t you leave the marriage?” I asked.

“No, I won’t. Sincerely, marriage is mostly about companionship and not having babies. Have fun, watch movies together, play together and have a nice years with each other. ”

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“Oh! If it were that, I wouldn’t have married. That’s not the type of marriage I want…Our preference is difference.” I said and as I try to walk out, Sonia held my wrist.

“Please don’t leave me.” Sonia pleaded

I looked into her eye and smirked angrily.

I yanked my hand angrily from her grip and walked away.