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My V Bride. Chapter 18

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My V Bride.

Written by Oyebamiji Samuel Okiku

Chapter 18

Fred’s POV

Sonia and I had decided to see a doctor today. We were scheduled for an appointment and we had been waiting.

We are to pay $1,200 for an hour with him, it covers the test and the advice.

“I wonder why this man is keeping us late!” I said and turned to Sonia.

She was not speaking, she was just staring pathetically into the air

“Rose! Common! HIV isn’t the end of life.” She nodded in response to my words.

It was finally our turn and we both walked in.

“Welcome please.” The doctor who had a beautiful smile on his lips signalled for us to sit.

“Thank you! ” I said and we both sat.

“Okay, may I know what you have come for?” The doctor asked nicely.

“Well, my wife is HIV positive.” I said as I watched the reaction of the doctor.

“Okay…can I see the result of the test first?” The doctor asked and I look at Sonia for response.

“I didn’t have it with me.” Sonia replied.

“You mean you were not given the result after you had the test?” The man asked.

“I was…I think I misplaced it.” She replied.

“Okay, pay your session fee so you can go for the test after which you should come back with the result.” The doctor said and I turned to Sonia.

“My husband, pay.” Sonia said to my surprise.

What! Am I working? Or she just want to embarrass me?

“Sonia! Common! Aren’t you with the money? ” I asked. “If you are not, give me the credit card , let’s pay with it.”

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“Fred, don’t do this to me.” Sonia started to cry.

Ha ha! What’s going on?

“Don’t do this to me baby, you barely give me stuffs, that’s even one of the reasons why I had to cheat on you and contact HIV…when you won’t take care of me.” She cried. “So you can not even pay for this session, it’s not fair.” Sonia lamented.

Somebody wake me up, I think I’m dreaming.

We had already agreed that she will work while I do house chores and cook.

What’s all these?

She told me she contacted the HIV from her mom now she’s saying she cheated on me and had it.

“Mr. Fred, you are the man of your family, just pay this for your wife. $1,200 won’t hurt, man” the doctor said.

“What’s all this? You have no idea how we live in our marriage.” I said to the doctor.

“Oh! You should explain to me then? Explain why you want your wife to foot the bill?”

How do I explain to this doctor how the structure of our family is?