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V Bride. Chapter 67

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V Bride

Written by Feathers.

Chapter 67

Fred’s POV

-Court day+

Anita was with me at court, the lawyers were seated, the judge sat in her position too.

She reviewed the case of Sonia and I and said; “This is my judgement….” She looked around and asked; “Where is the ‘Sonia’?”

I was wondering why she had not showed up too.

“She had an accident while coming, she won’t be able to come.”Those were the message I recieved from Albert.

I told the lawyers the situation on ground and I replied Albert; ” Where is she? Is it critical?”

“Come to my place, I’ll take you to the hospital.” His message came again.

I wanted to tell him to just describe the hospital to me but he has his reasons.

Has anything beyond control happened to Sonia?

I was really nervous and ran out of the court, I drove to Albert’s house.

I walked in and saw Sonia sitting.

“What’s going on? thought you said she had an accident?” I asked Albert and he walked out without saying a word.

I noticed the door behind me was locked.

Sonia stood and walked to me.

“Come and make love with me , now.”

“Is this another game? I’m not interested in your gimmics again, is this even you or you made someone else look like you?” I asked furiously.

“Why didn’t you show up in court?” I asked and she began to pull ø-ff her cløthês, she be-cæmë n-ãkëd bëf-œrē me.

“Sonia!” I called. I can’t even remember the last time I saw her n-ãkëdnē-S

She held me by my wrist and dragged me into a røom.

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She began to help me unbø-ttõn my clōt-h.

In no time, I was also n-ãkëd.

“Make love with me, please?”She requested and I looked away then at her.

I pushed her down, even though I was believing it was a gimmick.

I centered my d—-!k on her p—–Y and slide it in but it was very tight.

She møa-ned like she was in pain.

I knew she’s a væg-in so I slowly but hardly pull and push, blood spilled a little and my d—-!k could now slide in and out.

I started slowly but increased the pace while she møa-ned.

” Is this real?” I paused and asked no one in particular.

“It is.”She answered and her head fell.

I checked and saw that she was no longer breathing.