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V Bride. Chapter 66

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My V Bride.

Written by Feathers.

Chapter 66

Fred’s POV

Anita and I had just finished a hot round of s—–!x. She seems to want more but I was tired.

This is what Sonia keeps depriving me of.

“Baby, have you thought about my offer?” She asked.

“Hum…yes, I have…” I answered and looked into her eye lovingly.

“And what would your response be?” She asked.

“Well, give me the money and I’ll divorce her.” I said.

“And….marry me right?”She asked.

” Sure.”I smiled and kissed her.

She was glad.


I drove Anita’s car to the court, I entered the firm that was handling the case of Sonia and I.

“Good morning, Mr Fred?” One of the female lawyer, seated greeted me.

“Morning, here is the money my wife is requesting.” I said and placed the money on the table.

“Oh! You have really made up your mind , Mr Fred.”The female lawyer said with a smile.

” When is the next court case, please?” I asked.

“We would meet with Mrs Sonia and fix a proper date.” She answered.

“Apart from the money, is there anything else needed to divorce her?” I asked.

“No, once the court day is fixed between the both of you, the judge will legally call it off in the marriage and you can live your life.” The lawyer answered.

“Please make the court day come quickly.” I said and walked away.

Sonia’s POV

I slë-pt with Albert in the same rœom yesterday night but he didn’t make any move.

Prior, I haven’t trusted him enough but now, I’m beginning to have some level of trust in him.

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He didn’t even make any attempt to touch me in any place.

I was alone at home around 2PM in the afternoon when I received a message from the court that Fred had come to foot the money I was requesting.

Sadness swallowed me and I let my head fall to the head of the chair for a while.

They had said in the message that I should visit them between today and tomorrow.

Since I was not really busy, I stepped out and went to the court.

“Welcome Mrs Sonia, it’s the 18th of December good for your court day? ” The lawyer asked.

I checked my calender and nodded.

“Alright, show up in court that day, your husband will be present. The judge will be legally calling off the marriage.” The lawyer said and I nodded in understanding.

I stood and walked away.