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Head Boy. Chapter 17

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Head Boy.

Written by Oyebamiji Samuel Feathers.

Chapter 17

Leonard’s POV

It’s been many hours that mama Any had led Rose to her room. Rose must be expecting me cause we have both being friends for many years.

My feelings for her is sincere and honest, there were no strings attached and she knew it. Same with her too.

I got to know Rose cause she visits Raymond twice a month and sometimes comes to spend the holiday with him.

I already knew that Raymond do not love her as much as she loves him, I feel pity for her sometimes, people can be pathetic when they love someone that does not love them back.

I was on the sofa in my dormitory with Donald, Raymond was probably somewhere in the house with Alice.

Raymond must have clearly staged Alice as his girlfriend and that really hurts Rose, I knew it. I could see it on her look.

I got up and took a glass of water, I then sauntered ordinarily to Rose’s room.

“Welcome, Rose.” I was on a bright smile like I had no idea what happened few hours ago.

Alice looked away snubbishly but her face was pitiful. It was down and sad and I feel so sorry for her.

“Alice!” I called and went to sit on a stool that was before her.

“Don’t call me.” She said. I could discern that she was angry.

“I’m sorry.” I didn’t even know what I was apologizing for.

“You should have simply told me that Raymond has a girlfriend already.” She finally expressed what was on her mind.

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Cat got my tongue and I didn’t know what excuse to give, I can’t tell her that Alice is just a commoner who is probably paid by Raymond to act as his girlfriend, that would be snïtching on Raymond, I can’t do that.

“I’m really sorry.” My apology was friendly and sincere.

“What do I do now? He wouldn’t even talk to me. I brought gifts for him and didn’t even know how to present it to him. I feel rejected and inferior.” Rose lamented.

“I can help you deliver the gift to him.”

“If it were, I could have sent the gift. I want to deliver the gift to Raymond personally.” She said with tears almost potruding from her eyes.

I felt pathetic for her and said; “I will tell him your motive.” I walked away and began to search for Raymond.

I wanted to tell him to please, personally accept the special gifts that Alice has brought for him.

Two Hours Ago!

Alice’s POV

After Raymond and I had walked from Rose, he took me upstairs, I followed him into a room that leads to the backyard.

He sat on the sofa while I sat on a small chair.

He was sitting and staring down, his dark hair fell and covered his face. He looked glamorous in stature.

I didn’t know how to start a conversation, I didn’t want to be insulted in return.

It’s boring up here, are we going to remain like this forever?

“I’m sorry for slapping you, I was angry that you slapped my brother… If you were the one whose brother was been bullied, I’m very sure , you would act.” I said.

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He was quiet for about thirty seconds, he raised his head up and stare to the backyard.

The backyard could be easily seen from the room that we were, it was large and beautiful. It was designed with all sorts of elegant exteriors.

“You said you won’t forgive me for slapping you, I’m sorry.” I said and he stood.

He didn’t look at me, he walked to the backyard and I felt so foolish.

Is he dumb sometimes?

He didn’t even react like someone was talking, maybe he’s got ear problems.