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Head Boy. Chapter 20

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Head Boy.

Written by Feathers.

Chapter 20

Leonard’s POV

My eyes sparkled in anger, what did I just see. I had to pinch myself to be sure that I was not dreaming.

My hatred for Alice increased, I felt like carrying her and throwing her inside hot fire.

Why would she let Raymond kiss her, I was so furious.

Rose saw that they kissed, tears poured like rain from her face.

According to the agreement she had made with Alice, she began to pack her belongings.

I felt like crying as I watched Rose phone her driver to come and pick her.

She carried her luggage and walked out without saying a word.

I followed her leaving Raymond and Alice behind.

“Rose!” I called and she paused.

She stared into my face thinly waiting for what I wanted to say.

“I’m so sorry for what Raymond did?” I said.

As she opened her mouth to respond, tears fell heavily from her face.

I stretched my arms wide and she collapsed on my chest, I hugged her warmly and petted her.

“Miss Rose.” We heard a man called.

She disengaged and followed the man outside, it was her driver.

The driver helped carry her luggage inside the car booth and opened the door for her to step in.

“Leonard, come.” Rose called and I walked to her.

I had been standing a distance away from the car.

“Tell Raymond I’ll always love him, if he changes his mind, he should call me.” She said with a teary eye.

“I promise to deliver your message.” I asserted and she nodded.

She hugged me once more and stepped inside her car.

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I took few steps away and watched as the driver drove off.

Alice’s POV

I had not yet recovered from the shock of Raymond kissing me.

After Leonard had escorted Rose out, leaving just Raymond and I in the room, I went to sit on Rose’s bed and touched my lips.

Did he just kiss it?

I went to the mirror and checked my lips, they were as red as always. I just received a kiss from the head boy of Kochi College.

I will never forget this day, I’ll write it in my diary when I get home.

“Don’t think nonsense.” Raymond said, staring at me.

“I know it’s just acting.” I quickly replied.

“Better!” He said and walked away.

I was so happy.

I slapped head boy and he kissed me in return? I jumped up happily and began to dance without a beat.

I will slap him next time so he can kiss me again.

I guess my work is over since Rose had gone.

I went to my room and packed my belonging.

I dragged my box to the living room and I saw Leonard sitting on the sofa, his head was lowered like someone that was sad.

He raised his head as soon as he noticed that someone was in the room.

I didn’t look at his face, I just dragged my box and took steps to the exit.

“I hate you.” I heard him say and I turned to him. I had already got to the door that leads outside.

“I know.” I replied him and walked outside.

I arrived home happily.

“Mom, dad!” I called but got no one’s response.

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I searched their room and couldn’t find anyone.

I quickly picked up my phone and phoned my dad.

“Hello Alice, are you back home?” He asked.

“Yes dad, where are you and how about mom?” I questioned.

“At the hospital, you know we have not been able to acquire drugs for her for a while now so the tumour is getting bigger.”

“Oh! so…erm…how much did the doctor needs to treat her?” I asked.

“$1,5000 for treatment and $1,500 for drugs…”

“Okay, I’m bringing it right away.” I said.

“Where did you get such money?” He asked.

“I find favor with the man has you had hoped and I was paid triple of the money I was suppose to be paid.”

I could hear my dad crying at the other ends of the phone.

They were tears of joy.