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Head Boy. Chapter 27

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Head Boy.

Written by Feathers.

Chapter 27

Alice’s POV

Pearl and I were suppose to be chatting as we seated waiting for the the 2PM flight but I wasn’t in the mood. She tried to bring up conversations severally but I was not active in replying.

I was wondering what position my mom would be, for her not to be treated in an hospital here, then it must be very critical.

My phone rang and I didn’t even notice, it was Pearl that alerted me. I had been lost in thought.

I wish that it was my dad, I had dialed his number severally but it was not going through.

I picked it up and his voice came!

“Did you come home, Alice?” He asked.

“Sure dad, are you at California already?” I asked.

He paused for few seconds and later said; “California?”

“Yes….Aren’t you there?” I asked.

The way he pronounced ‘California’ was as if he had no idea what I was talking about.

“I can’t remember telling you I was leaving for California, what did you come to do at home?” He asked.

“Dad!” I called in amazement. “Dad, are you not suppose to be with mom? I know you love her so much, why aren’t you with her or are you not aware?” I lamented frustratingly, almost crying.

I do not like the nonchallant attitude that my dad is displaying to my mom this time around, I knew him to be a loving father who loved his wife and daughter dearly.

“Alice, your mom is here, Someone came few hours ago and offered us some money, he said I should go out with your mom to have some fun, he said we have lived dark days and that we should just go to a relaxing center and have fun. And we actually had fun, it was because of the drug that your mom was to take by 2PM that made us come back. Please, are you alright?” He asked with so much concern.

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I was quiet for a while, I turned my head to Pearl who wasn’t listening to the conversation of my dad and I but was only staring emptily at me.

I was dumbfounded for many more seconds, I only swallowed and closed my eye.

“Alice, are you alright?” He asked again.

I wanted to explain how someone called me and how I landed at the airport to him but I felt like telling him on phone may not be appropriate.

“Dad, you and mom are fine, right?” I asked.

“We are at home.”He replied and I hung up.

I understood what he meant by that.

I turned to Pearl and stood

” Flight cancelled, dad and mom are fine.” I said, though not fully certain.

“They are at home too.” I added and held her wrist as we walked swiftly to where we could chatter a cab.

“Is someone playing us or something?” She asked as we waited for a cab.

“I sincerely don’t know.” My reply was brief. I want to set my eyes on my mom and dad first to be sure.

We finally got a cab, we entered and it drove us to my house, after paying the cab driver, I walked swiftly inside and I saw my mom and dad seated well on the chair.

“Alice, we have less than fifteen minutes to 2PM, we can still make it to the debate” She said and ran inside my room to change into her school uniform.

The quiz is not one thing I pray to miss too, I ran inside and began to change into my school uniform.

“What if they are done before we get there?” I asked Pearl as I wore my uniform.

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“We have nothing to loose?” Pearl answered and ran out.

I was dressed already too, I ran after her and waited impatiently for a cab that will transport us to school.

“What’s the time now?” I asked Pearl.

“11 minutes to 2PM, and the quiz ends by 2.” She lamented bitterly.