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Head Boy. Chapter 18

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Head Boy.

Written by Oyebamiji Samuel Feathers.

Chapter 18

Alice’s PO

I stood and walked to where Raymond stood, he was at the edge of the small fence at the backyard staring at the streets.

“I thought I’m acting as your girlfriend? can’t we talk.” I asked but he didn’t flinch.

I went to the other side of him and clapped, maybe he would hear and sight me.

I felt like tapping him and telling him that I’ve been speaking to him, he might be deaf at a time like this, who knows?

“Your disturbance is irritating.” He said and walked away from me.

He walked to the left side of the yard with his two hands on his pocket.

I felt embarrassed and leaned on the little fence that he had just walked away from.

I didn’t say any word again, I went to the right side of the yard to sit.

We were now facing each other but in a distance.

Why isn’t he speaking to me?

“Raymond!” I heard the voice of Leonard and I flinched from where I was.

Well, I’m not Raymond, if the Raymond he’s calling unto can not respond, it’s their problem

Leonard appeared at the backyard and was surprised to see Raymond and I sitting opposite each other.

He coughed briefly and went to Raymond.

He spoke some soft words to Raymond and Raymond stood in reaction to those words.

I have no idea what he had told Raymond.

“Wait here.” Raymond said to me.

He walked away with Leonard.

See how he’s ordering me? Has he forgotten that I’m his acting girlfriend?

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I’m not staying there, though.

I followed them.

Leonard’s POV

I had informed Raymond that Rose had a gift to present to him and he seems ready to receive it.

Rose would be glad if Raymond accepts her gifts.

Raymond and I got to Rose’s room and I planted a gentle knock on the door.

It opened and Rose welcomed us with a smile.

Raymond entered while I stood still at the entrance. I knew better to leave the two adults alone but Raymond had ordered me never to excuse him whenever he’s with Rose.

“Erm..Raymond!” Rose stuttered and went to her luggae.

She brought out a beautiful flower and presented it to Raymond.

“It’s very expensive, you’ll like it.” Rose said, carrying the present.

Raymond received it from her and perceived it.

“The smell is beautiful.” Raymond uttered and Rose blushed.

I find myself smiling too.

“Anything else?” Raymond asked and Rose nodded.

“Since I came around, you haven’t given me a hug.” Rose said with a smile on her lips.

Raymond sneered and stared around her room like he’s seeing it for the first time.

“Hugging someone I do not like will leave me bored and silly.” Raymond said and Rose’s face turned sour.

“You should rest and go back to your place as soon as possible, your flowers are as ugly as you are, they smell nice just like you but I wouldn’t be able to take them away with me same way, I won’t be able to accept you into my life.” Raymond said and threw her flowers to the floor.

“I already have a girlfriend and you saw her, right? stop referring to me as your boyfriend and get a life of your own.” Raymond was hard in his speech.

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Rose broke down and began to cry.

Someone ran beside me and went to meet Rose.

“Stop crying, it hurts to see a beautiful lady like you crying. I know how you feel, I’d felt the same.” Alice said to Rose.

Rose raised up her teary face and bite her lips painfully.

This time, Raymond had expressed so much shock and he’s now nervous that Alice was about spoiling the game he’s playing on Rose.

“Are you his girlfriend for real?” Rose asked Alice weakly.

Raymond pressed his face on Alice, my face was on Alice and Rose too.

I was nervous and hoped that Alice would not tell the truth.