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Head Boy. Chapter 19

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Head Boy.

Written by Feathers.

Chapter 19

Alice’s POV

“Yes, I’m his girlfriend.” I answered Rose.

Why would I ever tell her that I was only acting as Raymond’s girlfriend, he would definitely collect the money he has given me back.

I could see Raymond looking away, he had fixed his eyes on me when Rose had asked if I was his girlfriend.

Rose pushed me away and stood.

“I don’t believe it…Leonard, Is this true? Why do I feel like she’s not a girlfriend to Raymond?” She yelled almost crying.

No one replied, Rose lowered her head sadly and suddenly raised it up, she said; “Kiss Raymond if you are truly lovers.”

Raymond’s face lightened and I smiled.

As an acting girlfriend, I should be able to do what his girlfriend could do.

“You still don’t believe me, Rose? I’ll kiss him.” I was peeking at Raymond with a side of my eye.

His face had turned red and couldn’t predict what I could do.

“But….I can’t just do what you want just because you wanted it, If I kiss him and you confirmed that we are lovers, you will leave to your house today.” I said.

Rose was stunned at my request, she shot me an annoying look and bite her lips painfully.

“And if you refuse to kiss him or he didn’t let you, you will strip yourself náked before all of us. Rose said


I turned to Raymond

This one that he doesn’t talk, what if he push me away while trying to kiss him?

It means I’ll strïp myself nãked before everyone here. My days!

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” I knew It , you are not lovers.” Rose said.

“Oh no! Don’t be too quick to assume.” I said calmly to Rose.

I faced Raymond and walked to him, his face was now calm and collected.

His expression of shock had disappeared, he was indifferent and was only staring at me.

Since I was facing him, I was backing Rose.

Only Leonard could see my face from where he stood.

“Should I kiss you?” I didn’t utter a word so Rose would not hear but if Raymond had read my lips, he would know what I meant exactly.

“Should I?” I asked without making a sound again.

Raymond was only staring at me, I couldn’t read any expression on his face, I did not know if he will knock me to the floor if I dare it.

I was so nervous.

Should I?
Should I not?

I was confused.

“Why is it taking time?” Rose asked from where she stood.

I raised my two hands and buried Raymond’s cheek in it.

His cheeks were as soft as hot bread, they had turned red and he was still indifferent.

Like a statue that had no idea what was going on, so was Raymond.

He was staring deeply inside my eyes that I felt like he probably saw something inside my eye.

Since I was holding his cheek and he wasn’t reacting, I should plant my lips on his and he shouldn’t react, right?

As I reached my head to kiss him, I suddenly remembered that I’ve never kissed before.

D@mn it!

How can I give my first kiss to this arrogant boy, he even worked my suspension.

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No! He doesn’t deserve it.

“I will count 1,2,3 and if by the time I had counted, you haven’t kissed him, you will be stripped nãked.” Rose said.

“1” Rose began to count.

“Will you expel me….if I kiss you?” I asked nervously, almost silently but audible enough for Raymond to hear but Raymond wasn’t saying a word.

Am I really going to strip myself n@ked before him and others.

My heart beats increases, I should have stayed where he told me to stay.

“2” Rose continued counting.

No! I do not think I can kiss him, he’s dangerous.

Just as I was about giving up, he held my two hands that was on his cheek and brought them down gently.

He placed his lips on mine and gave me a gentle kiss.

Someone wake me up!

It’s a dream right?