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Head Boy. Chapter 16

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Head Boy.

Written by Feathers.

Chapter 16

Nancy’s POV

-On Saturday-

After receiving the money from Raymond, I felt elated and happy. I agreed to stay flawlessly.

I walked away from him that night; which was yesterday and went to keep the money somewhere safe in the room given to him.

Now, to what he had told me that I will be doing for these two days, I hope I do it well.

Few hours later, I heard sounds of car outside, I wanted to run out of my room to attend to whoever was at the entrance but I realized that that I was not a maid anymore.

I’m an acting girlfriend of Raymond for now.

I heard a knock on my door and my heart skipped, I was extremely nervous. Is the work about to begin already?

I had already dressed my best. I coughed briefly and stood from the bed that I had sat.

I walked to the door and opened it, I met Raymond standing.

His beautiful scent covered my nostrils and I smiled on seeing him.

He didn’t smile, he was absolutely indifferent which makes me feel embarrassed.

“Act well.” He said and we both began to walk.

We arrived at the living room and I saw two big muscular bouncers dressed in black carrying luggage.

A slim female figure who was dressed in a very exorbitant dressed walked in elegantly.

As soon as she saw Raymond, she walked to him and smiled. “I’ve missed you.” She said.

“You are welcome.” Raymond replied standing side by side with me.

The lady’s face darted on me and I almost closed my eye but I controlled myself.

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I’m Raymond’s girlfriend for now so I just had to act like one rich girl.

“And…who is this?” She asked Raymond as she shot me a look of disdain.

“My girlfriend.” Raymond replied and she stood still, shocked.

She took a step back and said; “Is this a prank?”

“You should rest now Rose, you must have been tired.” Raymond said and turned away from her.

I did the same and the lady quickly ran to double cross us.

“I can’t believe this, are you cheating on me in my presence?”

“I don’t cheat.” Raymond replied.

“I’m your girlfriend and we have been together for many years, why are you like this?” The lady yelled.

I could feel her spit on the edge of my nose.

“Rose, you are getting yourself worked up, you should now rest.” I said to Rose.

Her face turned green and she sent a sudden slap to my face.

My eyes flamed anger at once, I felt like moving close to her and beating the hell out of her but I controlled myself.

I do not think rich people gets angry easily, I think anger is for poor people. So, I’m just going to pretend.

“Are you breaking up with me?” Rose asked Raymond.
Before Raymond could answer, she said; “This hurts, why are you torturing me ,you know how much I love you.”

Leonard began to walk towards us.

“Welcome Rose.” Leonard said with a cheerful smile.

“Leonard, you didn’t inform me that Raymond has a girlfriend.” Rose said and the face of Leonard expressed shock.

He turned to Raymond but Raymond wasn’t looking at him.

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Leonard knew who I was and could probably guess the game Raymond was playing.

Leonard coughed briefly and said; “Erm…yeah…I’m sorry.” He was facing Rose.

Raymond and I walked away from the scene.

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