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Head Boy. Chapter 23

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Head Boy.

Written by Feathers.

Chapter 23

Leonard’s POV

We had returned from school and now at home.

Raymond, Donald I were seated in the living room with mama Any.

“I can’t believe you kissed that lady.” Mama Any rebuked Raymond.

We respect mama Any so much cause she had been our nanny for a very long time especially for Raymond.

She’s old and should be around her sixties but she’s smart in look and awesome.

“Mama…It was a game, I have nothing in common with the poor girl.” Raymond answered politely.

“I do not believe that, Leonard also told me she attends the same school as you, and that you saved her from bullies today. Is that true?” Mama Any asked.

“Yes mama, I did that cause…. I don’t know but trust me mama, she’s only a poor girl.” Raymond said.

“It hurts me that you made Rose leave, you know how much Rose love you, I particularly love Rose and you should love her too. Your dad and your brothers also love Rose, why are you being so mean to her?” Mama Any asked.

“I did not like her, mama…I don’t like it when people force me to do stuffs.” Raymond answered.

Mama Any was quiet for a while; “You promise to always make mama Any happy when you were young but now….you are making me sad.” Mama Any said and stood.

As she walked out, Raymond stood and went to meet her, he hugged her and said; “Mama Any , you know how much I have cherished you since I was young…. please give me time.”

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Mama Any disengaged the hug with Raymond and walked away without saying a word.

Raymond loves mama Any with passion and wouldn’t want to do anything that will hurt her.

Raymond walked back to sit and rested well on the chair.

“You should listen to mama Any.” I told Raymond.

“I do not like the poor girl.” Raymond said.

“Then stop caring for her.” My voice was loud, I feel really jealous that he likes someone else.

I calmed my voice and said; “Sorry…but stay away from the girl.”

Raymond sat right and turned his face to me; “Do you get hurt when you see the girl and I together or…you simply loathe the girl?”

I swallowed and looked away.

Yea , yeah , yes, I get hurt, really hurt when I see both of them together.

I couldn’t answer Raymond, I simply looked away guiltily.

“Donald, prepare the dormitory for reading…We must lead the upcoming quiz.” Raymond ordered.

Donald nodded and walked to our dormitory.

Raymond stood and walked outside.

“D@mn it!” I cursed underneath my breath.

I have to do something that will make Raymond not have anything to do with Alice.


Tuesday Morning!

I was seated at the high perfects base that was built for for the leading female perfects, it was created behind the school.

I was seated amidst the head girl and two other perfects that walks with her.

“The quiz is taking place on Friday and if Raymond wins, he would be asked to pick a female student to hug him. He doesn’t pick female students in the past but since seems to be caring for Alice recently, he might just pick Alice.” The head girl said.

“Yes, he might. ” I affirmed.

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“That will really hurt me, it had been my dream that I would be called out by him someday.”

“Well, that’s why I’m here, I’ll make sure that Alice is not around that day, if he tries to call her , no one will answer.” I said.

“Are you going to kidnap her or what?” The head girl asked.

“I do not like that girl, I might do something worst but rest assured that she won’t be around.” I assured and she nodded.