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Head Boy. Chapter 26

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Head Boy.

Written by Feathers.

Chapter 26

Alice’s POV

Pearl and I arrived at my house, the door were locked and a sealed carbon paper was on the ground.

I picked it and saw a substantial amount of money on it.

“But who could this person be?” Pearl asked.

“An helper, I guess.” I replied.

I opened the door and walked inside, I changed into a different drëss. Pearl also changed into one of my drêss.

We’ve got same stature so my clothes fits her well.

We walked away swiftly and chattered a car to the airport, we went to the emergency department and told them how important where we were going was.

After examining our words, they told us to wait for another one hour, we would be following the 2PM flight to California.

Sonia and I went to sit on the chairs, waiting for one hour to reach so we can fly to California.


Leonard’s POV


A loud bell rang signalling that it is time for the quiz, the students started tropping in numbers to the assembly hall.

The assembly hall is where all sort of school activities that involves virtually all students, takes place.

The assembly had been well arranged, the coordinators were already present.

Raymond, Donald and I walked to where the seats of the perfect were.

About ten minutes later, the quiz commenced.

Raymond, Donald and I were representing Grade 7, Science department.

Donald and I were invited to the seat reserved for the representative of our class, three boys were also called to represent the art department, one of which was Albert Willie, the assistant head boy of Kochi college.

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He’s brilliant too but not as us, but then, he’s our closest competitor.

The quiz began properly, it was supposed to be 3 rounds.

Our department won the first round and there were cheers from our class members and other students who were in our support.

The second round began, this time Albert and his guys won.

That leave us on a tough spot.

We were on a ten minutes break before the third round began.

“Raymond, are you nervous?” I asked him silently.

“No, I’m only disturbed.” He said.

“Disturbed? cause of the quiz?” I asked.

“No, while I was coming, I was eye searching to see if I will see that poor girl that slapped but I didn’t see her.” Raymond said.

“Why are you searching for her?” I asked.

“Marie said I should choose her if we win as the lady that will hug me.” He said.

“What! ” I was angry. I hate to see him care about Alice

“You are listening to what Marie is saying? Marie that can not think like a human being? I dislike Marie now that he wants you to pick the poor girl.”

Raymond’s eye became teary.

“It hurts me that you confessed that you loathe Marie, you know how much I’ve loved him. I just want to make Marie happy, today is his borthday and I promise that I will bring him a picture of the poor girl and I hugging. Marie likes her and he will be happy if he sees it.” Raymond said.

“I’m sorry, just that… You know I like Marie too…But…he shouldn’t have liked Alice…No.” I stuttered.

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Raymond faced Donald and said; “Stand and order someone to search for Alice , if she’s around let me know.” Donald nodded and stood.

He walked away to deliver Raymond’s message.

Oh! So not like Raymond cares for Alice, it’s Marie that does.

And since Marie likes her, Raymond wants to make Marie happy by caring for Alice.

That’s nonsense.

Marie is a dog, how can he like a dog more than me.

Raymond cares more about his dog; Marie than I and it really hurts me.

Donald walked back and sat.

“Did you find Alice?” Raymond asked Donald.

Donald shook his head in response.

Raymond’s eye became pale, his expression was sad and his cheek became red.

Now, I feel like crying, I hate to see Raymond get hurt….but what can I do?