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Heart Of A Beast. Chapter 12

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(Love is the word)


Kayla’s POV

The fact that I woke up in an uncomfortable and super hard bed that definitely wasn’t mine didn’t scare me the hell out but that I found myself embedded in a strange looking room and a completely strange environment with a strange feeling was enough to freak the hell out of me out.
I sat up at once on the bed that I was pretty sure was made out of woods and rocks, my gaze moved around in confusion as questions spelt and rang out in my mind.. I tried to decipher how I got here, what happened that could’ve led me here and like a snap to my head; I began remembering every single thing that had happened.
My hand flew to my stomach, expecting to feel the fresh wound or wince at the contact but I felt nothing.
I vividly remember how that sharp edged object had pierced itself into my stomach and dug out of it. I pressed my stomach, opened my blouse to check but found nothing, not even a dry scar.. I felt pain nowhere even after the huge accident I had.
How come?!
It was as if nothing had happened yesterday or was it all in my imagination?
Have I been hallucinating all along or was all that just a curdling nightmare?
But how come I’m here?
It could’ve been that I probably got saved and was brought here and treated by my savior but again I’m pretty sure I couldn’t have healed up that fast with all those injuries that I had, at least not enough to leave any trace. I had been badly wounded and had felt life closing up on me and my soul struggling out of my body so how come I’m totally fine now without any pain.
Or wait.. Am I dead already?!
No.. I can’t be.. No way!
As I made to get up I felt something dangle on my neck and chest at the gesture. I looked down and found an odd looking necklace around my neck. Since I’m not a fan of jewelries, I don’t remember putting this on and even though I decide to wear a necklace like a geek that I am, I definitely wouldn’t go for this.
I started taking it off..
“I don’t think you’d want to do that” I got startled at the voice and I looked up at once to see a slightly ageing lady, walking up to me with a ceramic cup. Her hair was white, not grey but very white and it touched the floor as she walked, she had a red dress on too, a long red dress. She reached me and dropped the cup on the bed beside me. I looked at it and found steaming tea in it.
She looked at me and I gave her a questioning look “it’s part of you now” she added.
“What’re you talking about, and who are you?” I asked narrowing my brows at me, looking her over and pulling back.
“You should take some tea. You were unconscious for hours” she said, ignoring my question.
“What happened to me?” I asked again.
“You got saved from dying” her look was calm and yielding. She nudged to the cup, urging me to have a sip and I picked the cup up but without drinking from it.
“But- how come I feel no pain. I remember I was badly injured but I feel nothing at all” I told her.
“That’s because all your pains have been tied to that necklace. You can’t feel pain” she said and I cocked an eyebrow at her.
“I-I don’t think I understand any of what you just said. My pain is tied to this?” I pointed to the necklace “this thing?”
“Yes. That’s what it is”
“So..if I take this off I-
“Die.” She cut me off “yes, you die” she added and I got fully alarmed.
“What?! You’re kidding right. Who did this? Why did you put this on me and who the heck are you?!” I shrieked at her but she smiled softly.
“It wasn’t me dear. Your chi-mate did it to save you”
“C-c-chi what?!”
“Chi-mate. You don’t have to freak out. You’re alive because of it” she said.
“Who’s that? This chi whatever?”
“It’s me. Hi Kay” I looked up to see Melvin walking in. He had the clothes from yesterday on.

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I sighed in relief, finally seeing someone that I’m familiar with.
“Melvin I don’t un-” I paused when the voice rang into my head.
**I won’t hurt you..**
My gaze flew up to him as I shake my head. It can’t be? It definitely cannot be him. I could see the mark I had found on the beast’s right back palm on his and I remember he always had it. A single small horizontal line.
“I-It’s you” I said, my heartbeat rising up and my butt moving backwards on the bed.
“Stay away from me!” My voice was filled with fear, lots of fear. “You’re the beast. It’s you, isn’t it?” I asked and for a response he nod. My eyes popped wider.
“I can explain-
“What did you do to me?” My words were caught in my throat. I felt like choking, like just vanishing from here but I couldn’t..
“I saved you. You were dying. If you calm down, I can tell you all about it”
“I don’t want to hear it. I’m taking this off and getting out of here and don’t try stopping me” I said and starting taking the necklace off again.


“You can’t do that Kay! You’ll die” he said and I gave him a glare.
“You can bluff all you want but I’m taking this off!” I said bluntly and finally cut the rope off, I pull the necklace off and threw it down before standing up. I had only taken a step when I fell to the ground with a sharp pain slicing through all the organs in my body. I felt the pain, renewing and excruciating.

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Just like before, life began going out of me again and I yelped in severe pain. Almost immediately, I heard quick footsteps and immediately my head was raised up and something was wrapped back on my neck.

I passed out just before it and when I woke up, I was back to the bed and Melvin was sitting beside me. I noticed the strange lady was nowhere around.
Seeing him I quickly sat up and shifted back until my back hit the wall. I gave him a scared look..


My name sounded more like a curse emanating from his mouth and every pronunciation gave me creeps.
“I understand that you’re scared, no terrified but I won’t harm you. I promise, I’m still the same guy you know” he said, trying to sound convincing but I bought none of it.
“If that’s true then can you take this creepy thing off my neck and let me go?” I asked.
He was quiet for a moment. “I can’t. You can only do that when it’s time. I’m sorry” he apologized with his head bowed. “If I take that off then you’ll die”


“Then why did you save me? Why do you care if I die or not?”
“Because I’m not a killer like you think-
“Are you saying that the people who’s corpse are lying in the woods weren’t killed by you?”
He gave a sullen quietness first. “They were but-
“That makes you a killer! And I don’t want to have anything to do with you. Please take this curse off!” I said, my voice rising.
“I can’t Kay-
“My name sounds horrible coming from your mouth. Can you stop saying it?!” I asked, trying to sound courageous even though my fear was trying to get the better part of me.
He nodded solemnly.

“I need your help-”

“I’m not giving it!” I answered.
“Please, it’s for both our sake. You’ll be saving both our lives if you help. Please” he said.
“I’ll only agree if you take this stupid thing off me and let me go” I said.
“I can’t. Try to understand me. It’s not the time yet, You just started healing up” he said.

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“So.. When can I take this off?”
“I..don’t know but I know you’re safe with it. It’s not harmless” he said.
Oh geez..I can’t believe I’m interacting with a beast! I’ve been talking to a beast all along.
And does this mean I’m stuck with this odd chain for a while, an unknown long while?!
“I want to go home” I said. “Find someone else to help you”
“I can’t! We’re destined to help each other. It’s you or no one else”
“Then I can’t help you. I don’t want to know about whatever it is but there’s no way I’m helping a beast that kills people and trapped me in a goddamn necklace!” I said and stood up. “I will never help you. You can go ahead and kill me if you want but be rest assured that you’ll be found and killed as well”


I began walking out while he stared at me with a sullen face.
I walked out of the cave, fearing that he might kill me before I do but I surprisingly found myself alive and out. Almost immediately I began running. Instead of pain, I felt more energy. I just kept running and running.. I have to leave here!
After running for hours with a surprisingly refilling energy under the scorching sun..I finally found my way out of the woods and hopped onto my bike which was still parked exactly where I had left it and rode home.
Getting into the living room, I made sure to lock the door before resting my body on it and sighing..


I didn’t feel any tiredness at all.. Could it part of what that strange woman had said. That my pains were tied to the necklace?! I scoffed. I looked around the house but nothing was strange except for the unusual beating of my heart and well, this damn thing surrounding my neck.


I really wish mom was home.. We’ll finally get to leave this town after I show her where to find the beast, it’s the only thing holding us here. This town keeps getting more creepier and shitty and I’m glad that very soon.. My dream of leaving here will be fulfilled.
I just can’t wait for her to get home but first I need to get off this clothes.. They feel creepy on me. Ah! I sighed.. I’ll finally be away from my problems, especially this one very soon, sooner than I had expected.