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Heart Of A Beast. Chapter 15

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(Love is the word )



Melvin’s POV

“Ahh!” I stifled a low groan before shutting my eyes and gulping the pain.
Why does this fvcking hurt so much?! I glance at Kay’s necklace and it was already glowing red, she noticed it too and flashed me a questioning look but kept mute.
I could hear the footsteps drawing closer and the fierce barking of dogs. They must’ve sensed our presence. I looked at Kay, her cheeks were w€t with tears. Mustering up all my dexterity, I took her by the shoulders and with my back, we rolled down a slope and landed into a big porthole, the leaves, thankfully served as covers.
From the little hole in the leaves, I caught sight of a boot, detective Kincaid’s.. One thing that had always been among her outfits and that I won’t forget about. As if she sensed us, she stopped very close to where we were. Kay was visible shaken when I gave her a look her and I signaled for her to keep quiet while I try not to groan from the sharp pain that came from my bleeding leg.

Oh no.. Could it be that my blood might stained the floor or probably left a trail.
Her gaze was gradually drawing to us and with each movement, my heartbeat sped up. Suddenly the dogs stopped barking then started again and began heading forward, she quickly averted her gaze and ran toward it.
Kayla sighed loudly in relief as the footsteps, barking and driving cars sounds starts to falter and get distant until it turned to silence.
She sighed again, her palm clenching her chest this time and looked up at me.
“Why’s this glowing red? What does it mean?” She asked.
“It glows that to show that I’m either in pain or In trouble. It’s like a sign” I told her and she sigh before nodding. I push my hair back and glance at my leg, the spot where the bullet wound was on.
“I gave them something to distract them” a different and cold voice made my head snap up to see an old woman, leaning on a walking stick and standing few steps away from us.
“That looks pretty deep” she pointed to my wound.
“Who are you?” Kayla asks her and gave me a questioning look, I shook my head to signify that I had no idea too.
“That doesn’t matter. Let’s see what I can do about that first” she said and began walking towards me.
I looked around.. Why isn’t Belle here yet?
Kay pulled away from her while me in my helpless state watched her bend over my wound..


“Does it hurt a lot?” She asks and I nodded, my gaze on her face.
“Let’s leave here first, they might return and see us” Kay said.
“They won’t. I caused a big distraction and besides I have other things to attend to so there’s no time for that” she told Kay who still gave her a skeptical look. She began examining the wound once more. She mumbled a word and objects that looked like fireflies but were crystal blue in color, began dancing on her head and slowly they poured into my wound and bought a bright light to the area. After a moment, it began dimming and when it was completely out, I glance at my leg and found nothing on it, the pain I felt few minutes ago was no longer there. It was like I didn’t get shot few minutes ago.
“All done” she smiled toothily at me and I gave her a thankful look. It was pretty surprising that at her age she has a clean set of white teeth.
“Okay, I sense a presence and it doesn’t go well with me. I’ll leave you both be now” she said..
“Wait who-” she had vanished before I could complete my sentence..
“Okay with how I’ve been living lately, that doesn’t scare me” Kayla said with a sigh and her gaze landed on me.
“I’m getting weak” I told her “That’s why I was hurting that much and it means that I’m drawing closer to death because I gave you half of my already limited life” I informed her.
“Um okay. So you want it back or what?” She rolled her eyes.
“No. I only want your help,” I said and she started to frown and look away. “Look I very much understand your fear but if you’ll give me a chance to explain you’ll get to understand me too. Please. If we don’t do this then we might end up in bigger problems and I-I’ll die without getting out of it, please Kayla, just hear me out first” I pleaded.
Kayla’s POV
I gave him a look, his eyes held fear and uncertainty. It touched me but I couldn’t help but think of a hundred things that could go wrong if I agree.

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“He’s right” someone else said and I looked up to see the aged lady that gave me a cup of tea when I woke up few days back. She gave me a warm smile.
“Belle” Melvin called and she gave him a look before bringing her gaze back to me.
“W-well in as much as I don’t understand most of what you’re talking about and want your explanation. I’m scared,” I shrugged at him. “Maybe if I want to help then I think we should talk more about this whole thing in a secure and safe place” I said.
“Secure?” Melvin asked “Can you be more specific?”

“I mean in a crowded place. You know, with people and where I can be assured of my safety” I said and Belle wore a disapproving look at first but later smiled.
Well, what do you expect. I’m still a little scared of you guys.
“Fine. I understand” he said and I nodded.
“I have to leave now. I need to get home before my mom does, she detects any little thing” I said standing up.
“Is it safe for her?” Melvin asked the Belle and she nodded. I carefully climbed out and without sparing a second glance backwards, I head home.
Getting up the next morning proved to be hectic, it was probably because I didn’t have the usual nightmare or last night proved to be a good one. I got myself ready for school after checking for mom but she wasn’t home yet and after a light breakfast, I hit the road to school. I got to school and then to class without experiencing the usual stuff from bullies and I was glad. I reached my seat and Clara was already on hers.
“Hey” she greeted me with a warm smile “Good morning”
¶Melvin’s POV¶
I was outside, sitting on a pile of fresh leaves and staring at the moonlight, awaiting my transformation and at the same time thinking about Kayla’s words.
**A secure place** it’s obvious she’s still scared of me but that really isn’t my problem. She had indirectly agreed to help me. I’m sure once I get to explain this whole thing to her understanding, she’ll be more scared for herself instead.
But a crowded place?
Probably on the street or something.. Is that a place to talk about issues like this one?
What if she freaks out at some point and-
I shook the thought off and w€t my lips.
The street didn’t sound like a nice idea and–.

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Wait.. That’s it. It might not be the perfect place but it’s at least better than the street.. We can talk anytime.

“What’s on your mind?” Belle joined me outside, sitting close to me. “It’s Kayla isn’t it?” She asked with uncertainty and I nodded thrice at her.
“So what do you think about the ‘secure place’ she talked about?” She asked me.
“I already got an idea” I told her, glancing at her and she had a questioning look on.
“Do you think there’s anyway I can get into high school without going through the registration process?” I asked her.. She cocked her brows at me.
“I can make that happen but- hold on, you’re not planning on-
“Going to high school? I am and besides, it’s an advantage to me too considering that I didn’t get into one before I became a beast. I’ll see what it finally feels like while getting Kay to help me” I said with a smile and Belle gave me a small unsure frown. “Kayla and I will become schoolmate”

~••Kayla’s POV~••
Lunch break began almost as soon as the teacher walked out of the class. I piled my books up and stood up to go to my locker.
“Let’s use the cafe together Kayla” Clara said, getting up from her seat.
“Actually I’m-” I was about telling her that I wasn’t going to the cafeteria but to my locker when she suddenly jumped in front of me.
“Okay. Let’s go” she said with a smile.
Looks like I’ll have to go after all.. I just hope nothing goes wrong. I gave her a small smile and we walked out of class to the staircase.
We both climbed down together, side by side and second after we were say away from the school building.

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We reached the cafeteria and went to get our foods, while Clara ordered a big lunch, I settled for snacks and we found our way to an empty table and took seats.
“That’s like an appetizer to me” she pointed to my snack.
“Oh.. Well okay. I’m not much of a foodie” I told her and she nodded.
“When you get opportunities like this one to eat new foods as much as you want. You grab them” she smiled at me and took a big spoonful out of her food. She began chewing and looked up to me then suddenly stopped munching her food. I notice her gaze keenly fixed on something below my face.

“What’s that?” She asked, a frown crossing to her face. It’s something I was seeing for the first time. I looked down and saw that she was referring to my necklace.

Wait.. How did this get out? I always make sure to hide it in my cloths.
It must’ve jumped out when I was climbing the stairs down.

“This?” I pointed to my necklace.
“Yes. It looks weird and beautiful” her countenance suddenly changed to a smile.
Weird.. She’s totally right but beautiful?? No way. How can she describe this as beautiful?

Apart from the normal smile on her face, something else laid on her expression but I couldn’t decipher what it was..
“Well thanks” I said with a shrug and hid the necklace back and carefully into my shirt.
“Where’d you get that?” She asked, her gaze snapping up at me again and the smile going away.

“Um well-
“Can I touch it?” she cut me off sharply.
“Sorry but-

Before I could refuse she was already reaching for the necklace around my neck and seeing that, I immediately pulled back and caught her palm halfway and just as our skin made contact I felt a spark.. Exactly the same spark I feel when I touch Melvin but this one continued and she noticed it too and gave me a wide eyed look, her eye color changed from the brown color that it was to blue.