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Heart Of A Beast. Chapter 29

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(Love is the word)



Kayla’s POV
My eyes flung open as a cold substance press against my forehead. They landed on the towel on my forehead which was being kept at balance by mom’s hand.. Seeing me, she quickly put it away.

“Kayla” she called, her voice filled with relief. I sat up gradually, looking around.
“How do you feel now?”

“I’m.. fine” I said, recollecting the event of the last few hours.

“That’s good” she said, setting the towel on the drawer, she pulled close to me. “You suddenly passed out after-

“I’m hungry!” I cut her off in a haste before she could complete her sentence that could most likely go back to the necklace.. I held my stomach to make it more believable.

“Oh.. Um the food should be ready by now, I think” she said “I’ll go set the table” she said, placed a light kiss on my forehead and walked out.
I sighed loudly.. I remember passing out suddenly after I saw the necklace glowing red and-

Wait.. Red?
My eyes quickly shot down at it and I realized that it wasn’t glowing red any longer.. It was just blue, the normal way. I sighed again, this time in relief.

What could have happened and why did I pass out? Is Melvin alright right now?

Jeez.. I can’t believe I have to worry about someone else’s life to retain mine. It’s like I’m a two- live person now.
I quickly stood up from bed, wore my flops and head to the living room..
Mom finished setting the table and all through dinner-minutes I tried effortlessly to avoid any topic that’ll lead to her asking about the necklace. I ate my food quickly and notice her watch me as she ate silently.. My stomach hurt and at a time I almost choked on the food but she was quick to pass me the water.. Well, I didn’t actually really care about that but I was more than relieved that I went to bed without having to discuss that issue with mom.
D. Kincaid’s POV
I stood up from my bed, it was few hours past midnight and the day was still a little gloomy.. I looked around strangely, feeling energetic and full of life.

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I can’t remember the last time I felt this way, it was like a new life came to me. Ever since I took up the beast’s case, having a good sleep has been something that vanished out of my life. I was always thinking and thinking, even in my sleep I still think about how I can just finish up with this case and put it to a close..

Honestly, Ever since I signed up for this job, this had been the only task I’d describe as very hard.. Though it wasn’t assigned to me but I had taken it up when it was brought up to me for assistance; and had kicked off the idea of rejecting it after my daughter got involved..
One thing I promised her on her gravestone was to get justice and it’s not just for her, it’s for everyone that had fallen victim like herself.

I packed my hair up and walked to my reading table, I took a pen and began doing what I always do in times like this, thinking and trying to create theories.

I opened my idea pad and held the tip of the pen on a blank page, not writing anything but just leaving it there..

I sighed and w€t my lips. I shut my eyes, took in deep rapid breaths and as they flung open, I felt an idea swing in..

I revised on it and nodded, it seemed perfect and the only thing that could pop in.. I quickly penned it down, closed the pad and stood up.. I walked to the kitchen, brushed my teeth and washed my face.. I walked out to the kitchen to start breakfast preparation..

As I made coffee, I thought about my idea and somehow it seemed perfect and made me wonder why I hadn’t thought about it all this while.

Once I get to work, we’re putting it into immediate action.. It could risk my life a bit but that was the least of my worries, I’d get rid of it before it’d get to me.. I feel really certain that this’d come out pretty well.

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“Mom?” I tossed to reality and saw Kayla leaning on the door frame and staring at me with tired eyes..
How long gave I been standing here, thinking?

“Good morning” she walked inside, going for the refrigerator.

“Morning baby” I said, pouring coffee into a teacup. I took a light sip and left it.. I glance out of the window and realised that the day had brightened up.
“Honey, I need to get to work now. I already made breakfast, have some before you leave. Love you” I quickly pecked her forehead, ignoring her confused look, I rushed to my room and wore my boots, I took my pad and my phone before I grabbed my jacket from the hanger then dashed out to the garage..

I hopped into my car and pulled out to the road.. I drove to the office and climbed down as soon as I parked..
The morning was fully out now..

“Good morn-”

“I’ll be having a meeting with everyone in five minute, inform them. It’s very urgent and I want everyone present and punctual and get the conference room ready” I cut her off and head in, to my office..
I took a seat among the others and saw the surprised look on their faces cos I didn’t use the podium and the reason for this impromptu meeting.. I noticed the sleepy look on their faces and knew Jane must’ve called them in their beds since I was very clear with my instruction.
“Anyone need to use the bathroom or w€t their faces?” I asked, standing up and walking around but no one stirred.
“Good, cos there’s no time for that,” I paused and gave them a stern look. “I thought of an idea that might be helpful enough to catch the beast” I said and immediately their eyes lit up in obvious question.

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“And that way is to make it angry, we trigger it to furiousness and capture it when it least expects” I said and a confused expression stayed on their faces.

Just what I want..

“How do you mean?” Bob asked.
“I’ll tell you but first, I’ll ask a question.. What makes you angry?” I asked. “Aries?” I called.

“Um..when I miss an early morning bath” she said and I shrugged.

“When I have a flat tyre and I’m running late for work” Terry added and I shrugged.

“When I forget something important that I should’ve taken” Lilian added. I twitched my face.

“Roberts?” I called.

“Um..” He shrugged. “When I get accused or framed wrongly” he said with a twitched face and I snap my finger.

“Framed. That’s it” I said, taking a step back. I could still see the confused look they wore.

“Okay, so you’re saying that we frame the beast?” Robert asked, confused.

“Exactly. For all we know it could be some sort of cursed or manipulated being, like vampire or a werewolf. We frame it and get it really furious and so sad for being lied on and then we catch it” I said.

“Isn’t that a little..dangerous?” Lilian asked.

“It might be but we’ll capture it before it causes any harm or anyone have a better idea than mine?” I asked and no one made a move.
“Good, so we go with this” I said.

“Jacob, what’s the latest death case in the list?” I asked.

“A hit and run.. Happened few minutes ago” he said.

“Perfect. Anybody on the scene?”

“I’m not sure but we got the call from a school girl” he said, adjusting his glasses.

“That’s better, hurry up to the scene.. Jane and Bob, go with him.. I want all evidences covered. And Robert, prepare them to be used against the beast… I need a very clean job from all of you.
“Jane, get me the most viewed TV station and social networks, I’ll be doing a live interview with them” I said, grabbing my pen and immediately everyone starts to walk out..
I sighed.. I should prepare too.