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Heart Of A Beast. Chapter 17

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(Love is the word)



Melvin’s POV

I found nothing to do in the late hours of the afternoon so I just sat on a thick fallen tree branch and stare into space.. Reminiscing on my problem.
Belle was yet to get a proper get-in into Melville high without any suspicion for me and I guess that’s when a step to being free will be taken. I really can’t wait to end all this.. I don’t think anyone have an idea about how it is, doing things that you don’t actually do or do I say you’re spiritually unconscious about.

Being a beast made me that person.. Causing havocs, killing people and inflicting injuries on some without me even knowing well, until I become human but then again, it’ll be too late.. The harm would’ve been done.
I wonder how many lives I’d have taken if Belle hadn’t introduced me to animals blood.. Of course, It wasn’t as tasty and relishing as humans but it was a good cover up.
I’m used to being guilty of everything!
Everyone seem to blame every certain bad happening in this town at me, the beast and even though I’m oblivious or innocent I just take the blame; not that I have a choice though. I just hope I don’t end up this way..
I sighed and suddenly turned when I felt something light touch my cheek and popped, splashing water on that part of my cheek.. I saw them, lots of them; bubbles.. Jumping in the air and surrounding me, bursting and giving birth.

A smile crossed my lips as I began poking them, the more I poked the more they increased and I just kept poking them. It had become a hobby I took in after becoming that hairy mean being and I knew Belle was doing it to brighten up my mood. I poked and poked with laughter until gradually they stopped coming.
I sighed tiredly and felt a palm on my shoulder, I turned to see Belle.. She had a half smile on.
“Son, I wish to see you smile like this or even more once all this is over. I know this one is just a physical phase but the next one hopefully will come directly from the heart and will stay with no atom of doubt” she said and my smile slowly lessened.
“You really think that next smile will happen?” I asked, not knowing why I was suddenly being doubtful.

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“Turning to negative town again?” She gave me a stern look.
“No but sometimes I just feel like I’m hoping on nothing. I feel like everything won’t go as smoothly as we think or plan” I said, a full frown on my face now.
“Of course son, every ride has it’s own bumpy path. What matters is staying alive to witness it and trust me, you’ll both witness that destination” she encouraged and I smiled.
“Thanks Belle” I said and hug her, her arm wound up around me and we pull away and suddenly I was starting to feel much better and my faith grew stronger.
“You should get set, you’ll be starting school tomorrow” she told me and walked away.
¶¶Kayla’s POV¶¶
I got home that afternoon and found mom in the living room, dressed in her night wears, watching TV and drinking wine.
Okay, when was the last time this happened- definitely years ago when she and dad had a fight. And for her to still be on her nighties means she didn’t get out of it all day.
She glanced at me once I stepped inside.
“Oh hey honey” she smiled toothily at me.
“Hi” I said and immediately she stood up and engulfed me in a tight hug.. With a twitched face I took in the tightness and frowned when the odor of alcohol hit me..
Mom took alcohol!!
I was able to carefully push her off and she smiled.

“I was waiting all day for you” she said, her voice a little slurry.
“Um okay. Why?” She sat and signaled for me to sit beside her and I did.
“You took alcohol?” I asked.
“Yes” she nodded rapidly “I couldn’t help it. I know I’m not laying a good example to you right now but after last night… I just couldn’t help it” she said, shaking her head with a sad frown.

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“Mom.. I’m sorry that you guys didn’t catch the beast and you..well feel like a failure about it but this isn’t the way to solve it. You’ll always remain the best detective that I know.. Someone brave enough to take a case as tough as this one obviously isn’t ordinary” I said and she smiled at me.
“Thanks honey,” she sighed. “But how did you know that we failed, I didn’t tell you about it and I know you’re not really a news person” she said and my face went blank.
“Oh.. Yeah, you see um.. Well my schoolmates,” I shrugged “they were talking about it” I said with a slight gulp.
“Oh.. Right. Well I made dinner, we’ll have it together.. I’ll just take a shower first, okay?” She asked and I nodded. She smiled at me and stood up before walking to her room.
I breathed out heavily and stood, taking the cup on the table I drew it to my nose and sniff.. My face twitch at the terrific alcoholic odor and I disposed it in the kitchen before going to my room to freshen up.
While I brought in the plates and cutleries, mom was busy getting the food. After a while, we were both seated in the dinning, our food on the table.

I had barely take two spoons out from my food when mom’s phone began ringing.
She stood up, fetched it from the coffee table and swiped to the receiver..
She must’ve put the call on speaker cos I was hearing their discussion from where I sat.
“Yes Roberto” she answered.
“We have something vital from all we found at the woods and I think you might really want to see this” he said and mom immediately got interested, I strained me ears to listen too.

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“We found hair strands and some blood, definitely from the beast cos it matched with the ones in the file but the hair strands doesn’t. From what I observed it belongs to a female, a teenage female”
A teenage female?! Me!!
The spoon carelessly dropped from my hand and the food in my mouth suddenly turned sour.

Mom gave me a look and I gulped nervously and pushed my gaze from her.
“A female. Probably his helper and the only one that can lead us to him” mom said and my feet suddenly turned to jelly..
A bile rose up to my throat, too hard to gulp..
“Yes” I heard a voice from the other end respond.

“Have you done the test? You know what, I’m coming right away.. Start the test at once, we need immediate result, tell Raphael to begin with the database.. Everyone of you must be busy! I need everything over with today!” Mom said with every iota of seriousness.

“Yes detective Kincaid”

She hung up and grabbed her jacket and car keys.

“Something really big came up and I have to leave now. Take care” she gave me a rough peck and hurried out.

Oh geez!! What the heck just happened?!