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Heart Of A Beast. Chapter 18

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(Love is the word)



Kayla’s POV

Okay.. What the hell just happened? My heartbeat thumped at a fast rate and I tried effortlessly to calm myself.
They can’t know it’s me if they don’t have proof right? But why do I feel so uneasy..
Mom..what if she figures it Iut? It might not be that easy but..what if? I mean she’s a detective right, there are chances that I could get caught..

Oh geez!! This isn’t good.
I’ve gotta do something.. But wait, what? What can I do?

I can’t possibly just steal the hair strands or stop mom from continuing the journey.. But..there have to be something, anything at all to stop this..

Melvin? Right.. I should tell him about this? There should be something him or..that other lady can do.. Something to terminate myself from getting discovered.

I stood up and with feeble legs ran to my room to fetch my phone and get my jacket. I quickly tuck in my phone as I journeyed back to the living room..

“Why are you in a hurry?” I jerked and nearly tripped on the table.. Getting my balance I immediately checked the direction the voice came from and found Melvin sitting on the couch.. I took in a deep breath in relief..
“Sorry, I didn’t mean to startle you” he apologised and I gave him a look..
Really?? With a scare like that..

“Well you did and what are you doing here, I mean how did you even get in here?” I asked, standing akimbo.

“Uh I saw the danger signal so I hurried and I came in through the door cos it was-
“Okay that doesn’t matter.. Something just came up and I’m really freaked out.. Well the cops, they uh found some hair strands in the woods alongside some blood, your blood and I know it’s mine but she can’t know that.. It’s dangerous right? You told me that!” I panicked.

“Well yes, it is. But I don’t think your mom will have you in her list of suspects” he said.
“You don’t know my mom Melvin, what if she figures it out somehow?? I’ve done tests in the past you know and my mom’s one really smart woman” I said.
“Oh.. Um. Well you can just deny it” he said..
“Deny it?” I repeated “Are you dumb or what.. How can I deny something that a top notch machine clarified? Just how?!” I yelled, not knowing why.
“Okay calm down” he said. I sighed out..
“Looks like you have no problem with being found out but I do have a problem with dying so please until I’m able to get this thing off my neck.. Can you think about me too !” I yanked.
“Okay.. Sorry. Well I’m sure Belle can do something about it.. I’ll just go tell her about it” he stood up.
“And what if she can’t?”
“She will. It’ll be more like the hair strands was never found or she’ll give them something else. You’ll feel at ease when it happens so just calm down” he said and turned to leave.
“Melvin,” I called and he turned to look at me “No bloodshed” I told him. “Please” I added.
He gave me a sullen look and was about to say something but he shut his lips and opened them again..
“It’s normal for you to think that way but we’re not vampires nor killers Kayla. You don’t have to worry about that” he said with an emotion that I can’t explain before walking out..
Phew..! I sighed, collapsing on a nearby couch..

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The next day, I woke up feeling great.. No nightmares and the my once heavy heart that was filled with fear was finally free and light. I knew mom wouldn’t be home cos she called last night so I just busied myself with getting ready for school, I had only an apple for breakfast before leaving for school. I got to my locker without stress and then made my way to class and to my seat. Clara was already on seat, she’s a pretty good early bird.
“Hi” I was the first to greet her.
“Hi. Good morning” she replied me with a smile and I saw some chocolate in between her teeth, my gaze moved to her hand and there was q chocolate bar in her palm.
“Morning,” I left my books and moved to my chair “you’ve got chocolate in your teeth” I tell her.
“Oh,” she frowns slightly and began rubbing her upper set of teeth with her index finger repeated.

She finished rubbing and licked her nails that had caught the chocolate.. I looked away and pull my books closer. I looked up and my gaze unexpectedly landed on Becky, her gaze was on me too and she gave me a glare.. I rolled my eyes and looked away.
After series of lectures, it was finally lunch time..
“Finally!” Clara breathed out, standing up..
“Let’s go” she told me and I wanted to refuse but my hungry self felt different, so I just packed up my books instead and stood up. We both headed out of class and got to the passage hall..
**Miss Kincaid Kayla; report to the principal’s office now** a voice spoke through the intercom in the passage..
Wait.. Me?
“That’s you” Clara said and I nodded, giving her a surprised look. “Okay, just do your thing. I’ll save a seat for you” Clara gave me a pat and walked away.
Okay.. Principal’s office? I questioned my mind, trying to think of possible things that could’ve gone wrong but I couldn’t think of anything that I could’ve done..
Well, getting a call from the principal isn’t always bad, is it?
I took the stairs to where her floor was located and walked down the hall to her office. I placed a light knock on the hard wooden door.
“Come in Kincaid” I heard her voice and I slowly twisted the knob and moved in.. I noticed someone else on seat but I didn’t bother checking who it was..

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“Yes ma’am” I answered her.

“I’ll make this brief so you both can go have your lunches. Well Kayla, this is Mr Schmidt, a new student and it seems you both are familiar with each other cos he picked you as his tour guide-
I didn’t hear the rest of her words but I turned to see the Mr Schmidt she was talking about and I realize his gaze was on me too and-
Oh my.. He looks just damn handsome with his spiky ebony black hair and fitted outfit.. Drop dead gorgeous.. Wait he picked me? This cutie picked me! He flashed me a smile and that was when I saw the familiarity..
“Miss Kincaid?” She sent my gaze flying back to her but this time I wore a confused look..
“You do know Melvin, don’t you?” She asked and I looked back at him, my brows struck and that was when I noticed the full Melvin face on his..
But how? Why did he suddenly look different.. Is it because of how nice he was dressed or the fact that he had a change of hairstyle.. Anyway it was, it looked good on him..

“Y-yes” I stuttered to her.

“Good then. Here,” I collected the small handout from her. “Since you’re both in the same department and you know each other, it’ll be more better if you lead him on some of the topics you’ve treated and make him feel among” she said..

Feel among?! With this look boy, you’re so among, especially with the ladies.

“Um okay” I said, giving a glance to the tour guide.

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“Okay Melvin. You can leave with her, I’ll send a teacher to do the introduction after break” she said and I began walking away.. Many questions itching my throat and dragging to spill out..

Okay first.. Why’s he here??