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Heart Of A Beast. Chapter 24

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(Love is the word)



Kayla’s POV

So she’s Jake’s ex.. Well, if they were together then I don’t want to be the one in the middle.
I mean why will Jake suddenly want to come back to me after I fought and beat up his ex?

Is he trying to use me as a bait or what? Is this some kind of mischievous plan by him?
Anyway it is, I just don’t want to be third party and right now, being in a relationship with all my current problems isn’t something I want and definitely not with my rival’s ex. As much as it still seem strange and cunning to me, I don’t think Jake is that kind of person but duh! He once broke up shabbily with me and it’s been a while since I saw him last after that and people change right?
He’s human too so..

I felt like going to tell him straightaway but the bell stopped me and I had to adjust the time.
School closed for the day and unfortunately, I didn’t get to see Jake in his class or anywhere else so I just walked out of the school building with Clara..

We were out and I walked with her to the parking lot where her ride was..

“So I’ll see you tomor..” She was saying but the rest of her words died down when I sight Jake resting at the back of a black car. I noticed his dressing was intact but his hairstyle had been changed. Clara touched my shoulder and I gave her a quick look.. She giggled after tracing my gaze to him.
“Just a second” I excused myself and took out the card from my bag as I walked towards him.

“Jake?” I called when I reached him and when he turned, I noticed the effect of his hairstyle on his face. It suited his looks.
I wonder how he got to make that so quick and during school hours?
I ignored his smooching hot face.. Recapturing myself from getting affected.

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“Hi” he smiled at me, adding to his looks. I returned it slightly and looked away.

“Hi.. Well I’ve been looking for you and it’s great that I found you cos I need to return this,” I stretched the card to him and he gave me a confused look..

Okay is it strange that even his confused face looks hot?

“Why?” He asked. His voice a little more manlier than usual and emanating with a sort of familiar aura. Could it be that the hurt changed it?

“Well cos I can’t attend it. I just can’t, there’s no reason but I just can’t. I’m sorry” I said and he looked from the card to my face.

“Why exactly do you hate me so much, Kayla?” He asked, unresting from the car.
I pushed the accent he pronounced my name with aside and gave him a blank stare.

“I don’t hate you J-

“Look, I know you do. The way you look at me and talk to me.. It’s different and I know when a person hates me but I just don’t know why you’re being so extra about it” he said and my brows furrowed..

Extra? Really.. Did he just say extra?!

“Are you being serious right now? You broke up with me in the most shaming way ever, insulted and mocked me and now you think you can just zoom in back like nothing happened. Isn’t it suspicious that you start to get closer just after I fought with your girlfriend?!” I exhilarated and he gave me a blank look.. A hypocritical one.

He probably wasn’t expecting me to have gotten his aim so quick..

“Look Jake, I’ll be honest, regardless of your sincerity or not.. I’m not up for a relationship and even though I am I’m definitely not settling for a guy like you” I said, surprised that I didn’t breakdown or falter in my words. I dropped the card on his hand and he took it from me, I made to turn.

“But you’re still in love with me, aren’t you?” His voice stopped my movement. “I know it Kay.. Behind those hate looks, I also see the passion.. We both know it Kay, you can’t deny it” he said and I was suddenly speechless. I gulped in slowly.

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His lips had a lopsided smile.

“T-that doesn’t matter Jake and you’re totally wrong. I’m done here” I said and made to go but he pulled me back by my wrist, I felt a strange spark, probably triggered by the sensation but it wiped immediately when I realised that I was so close to him and our faces were just few metres apart.. My breathing hitched unannounced and I saw the stupid guy still wearing his lopsided smile.

“What if I kiss you right now?” He said, his grin on.

He’s enjoying this, huh?

“W-w-what?” I stuttered, gulping and taking a mouthful of air and he grinned even more, w€tting his lips in a strange yet familiar way. My heart was racing and I hoped he didn’t hear it.

What kind of effect is he having on me right now?
His eyes stayed on me..

I almost jumped out of my skin when I saw him lean in first and then again..

My eyes grew wide..

“Okay you both aren’t about to do that right here, are you?” Clara suddenly chipped in, her voice filled with so much humor..
I immediately pulled away from Jake’s grip and moved away.
I gave him a last look and turned to Clara, she was laughing as she led me away.

“Okay I know I lost control back there but is it that funny?” I asked with raised brows.

“No.. Sorry” she laughed, trying to enclose it “That’s not why, it’s just that.. Well, you don’t know it so let’s just drop this. I’m going home now, bye” she said and walked away. I looked back and realised Jake was no longer there. I sighed and walked home.
I walked to the entrance and saw that the door wasn’t locked and the TV was on.. I dragged my body to it, opened the door and walked in.

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Mom was doing some arrangement at the fireplace when I walked in.

“Good afternoon, mom” I greeted sullenly.

“Afternoon honey, how was school?”

“Good, I guess” I said. “I’ll just go to my room and leave you to do..whatever you’re doing there” I said and she nodded, m0aning an okay. I walked to my room and ran a hand through my hair..
Standing up with a sigh, I walked to my table and began undressing.. Left in only my underwear, I walk to my bedside hanger to pick up my sweatpants and shirt..

I pulled the pants on and was on the shirt when my door burst open and mom stepped in, halfway through it, I turned to give her a look..
She giggled.

“Oh.. Sorry honey. I just needed to take-” her voice suddenly faltered and she gave me a gob smacked look
“What the heck happened to you!?” She immediately rushed up to me and grabbed me gently before I could talk.
“When did this happen, I mean how?!” Her eyes held horror and fear.

“U-uhm what?” I asked, confused and she pointed to my back. I moved from her to the mirror and checked it out and a slow gasp escaped from my lips when I saw how battered, cracked and wounded my back was.

Wait.. Why am I just seeing this?! It’s obviously from the fall back then but I thought the wound had cleared up.. It looked pretty painful but I felt nothing and gradually everything slowly registered in my head..

The necklace took the pain! But why not the scars?

“Mom its nothing-” I said, putting my cloth on. “You shouldn’t worry about it cos-”

“What? We’re going to Doc Hamilton’s immediately!” She said and began walking out.

“But mom-”

“Don’t mom me and get to the car!” She said seriously and with an air of finality before walking out..

Oh geez..
Who else noticed something funny here .. If you didn’t, it’ll be revealed in the next chapter but I’m sure some of you do..