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Heart Of A Beast. Chapter 27

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(Love is the word)



Kayla’s POV
I stepped out of the restroom feeling more at ease and less nervous. I still couldn’t help but think about who she was and why she’d help the school most hated girl but whoever she was, I’d really want to appreciate her for this. She’s like a life saver, my life saver.

I walked back to the class and noticed a loquacious atmosphere and a bit of bustles here and there. I walked to my seat..

“Did something happen in here?” I asked Clara, who was chewing on a gum and flipping through the pages of a comic book.

She gave me a look, put her gum in a napkin and disposed it. “You took so long,” she said “well when you were away, that thin dude that teaches history, says we’ll be having a verbal test, he gave us five minutes to prepare” she said.

“What?” I asked, bewildered. Well history isn’t a subject I like. It always seem as a bit of a hassle to me no matter how hard I try , I do find that strange but I for the record I still do very well and get good grades in it and that happens with vigorous preparation but unprepared… I don’t know.

“Yeah and he’s here” she said and my gaze moved to the door to see our history teacher walking in..

“Okay everyone, do away with your books and bags. Your test’s starts now” he said and I sighed frustrated and pull my bag under my locker.
“Like I said earlier, this is one of your semester test and it’ll also help in your grade at the end of the semester so I hope you all are ready for it” he said.. “The good thing is, I’ll only be asking a question and that’s it.. You’ll be graded according to how clarifying and satisfied your answer is to me. I’ll call you according to your names in the register and you stand up and answer my question” he said.

Just a question.. Phew!

He began calling names and asking and just as you must’ve guessed, they were pretty difficult and complicating questions and I could see the frown on the faces of most of the people that answered his question.. In fact, with the way it went, I didn’t think anyone would get a satisfying mark from him..

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“Kincaid Kayla” he called and I pulled myself off my seat, my heart thumping as the thought of not getting a good mark hit me.. It’s how nerds feel. It might not be all that important to anyone else but to us, every mark is important.
He asked my question, a question I had no single idea about.. Something he hasn’t even told us anything about.

I began racking in for an idea and just as I stayed in my confused state, a voice suddenly started speaking in my head.. It was strange yet familiar, loud and fluent.. It went on for minutes and just as I shook my head to shake it off, I heard a huge noise of applause.. The voice stopped immediately and I got myself back to see so many awed look on me and a few desperate sneer..

“Wow, That’s was so very impressive Kayla. I’m truly amazed with your ability to think differently and completely out of the box.. Jeez!” Mr Steve, the history teacher was saying with a huge smile.. He walked up to me and gave me a light impressive squeeze on my shoulder, making me stare in confusion at him..

WTF just happened!

“I’m so awed, I feel like awarding you all the marks you can ever get but since I can’t do that, I’m giving you an all round A for the whole semester” he said, giving me a smile..

Okay.. He’s talking to me..

“Um.. Thank you, sir” I said unsure and he nodded before walking back.. I gently sat down back..

Wait.. I got the question right? I didn’t even say a word so-
Ugh please.. Can it really be him, or it’s the necklace?
What the hell just happened?!

“Knight Jessica, you’re up next” he called out to the next person, jerking me back from my thoughts.

During lunch break, I made Clara go alone while I stayed in the parking lot’s bench, trying to get today’s happening to a more authentic source..
Melvin.. I really need to talk to him. I made to stand up when someone joined me on the bench.. I turned and saw Melvin.

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“I heard the news, you did really great” he said, sounding totally unusual.

“I didn’t do it. It was you, wasn’t it?” I asked.

“Yeah but still, you already got good grades for the semester.. It’s great news. Congrats”

“Great news?” I repeated “true, I was given good grades but I didn’t work for them Melvin. Why would you do that?”

“I knew you were clueless and helpless so I helped. I could hear your thoughts, I had to help”

“You shouldn’t have. I feel really guilty that I’m being awarded for something I didn’t do. I know I was a bit helpless but still you shouldn’t have done that. You have no idea how bad I feel now, those grades weren’t supposed to be mine” I said..

“Okay really, I didn’t think you’d react this way.. I mean who doesn’t like good grades. I thought I was doing you a favor” he said and I sighed.

“You weren’t. And I don’t know how you did it but I’d appreciate if you don’t do that again” I said. “Please don’t put me in anymore mess, I’m trying to reshape my life as it is and you-

“Your menses” he said and I gave him a look. “It was me who helped you”


“I would’ve been more upright to to you but you keep pushing me away, you won’t even let me come close. Look, I know I put you in this mess and that you’re scared but it isn’t my fault, I mean it is but at the same time not,” he paused “This life, I didn’t sign up for it. I wasn’t born this way and if you’d just give me a chance to talk about it then maybe you’ll understand me too” he said, a sober look on his face.
“I didn’t just pop out of the blues and start killing.. I was made that way and just like you, I don’t like the fact that I had you in my mess too and even more that I can’t change it ..” He said.

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“I’m not saying you should accept me, I totally understand how you feel but please stop making me feel like the worst being on earth cos I told you my secret, please help me cos I know you used to like me and I’m sure you still would have if you didn’t know I was the beast and I’m sorry!” He said with a long sigh and I saw his eyes start to grow dim and water..

I was speechless, he sighed and laughed awkwardly.
“It’s sad that I can’t make myself unseen to you, ugh!.. Don’t look at me” he said and immediately walked away.. Obviously not wanting me to see him.. Cry?
Wait, was he about to cry?

Geez.. Have I been that much of a bad person to someone..to him?
Wow! I never thought a day would come that I’ll bully someone or make them feel bad.. Am I a bully now?
I looked at the direction he went to but he was no longer there..

Okay.. I feel really bad.. I should find him. I stood up and was walking away when I bumped into someone..

“Hey babe-” Jake said, holding me by my shoulder to keep me from falling..

“Um hi” I said, breathlessly.

“You seem to be in a hurry, going somewhere?”

“Um yes..” I said.

“Well, it can wait right? I was already at your class but I didn’t find you so I was heading to the café to search for you.. I have something to show you first” he said and I gave him an impatient look..
“I bought movie tickets for us,” he waved two movie ticket to my face and I faked a small smile. “And about the question of you being my girlfriend-”

“Yes?” I cut in impatiently urging him to be quick.

“Yes?” He repeated, his brows narrowed.

“Yes” I shrugged and he suddenly smiled and pulled me into a hug.. I frowned as he squeezed me to himself, I was befuddled..

Okay..why’d he suddenly do that unaware..

“Thank you Kay. I knew you’d accept me, thanks” he said and released me then hugged me back..