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Heart Of A Beast. Chapter 31

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(Love is the word)


Kayla’s POV
“Um..” Jake itched his nape, giving Clara and I a bemused look. He walked up to me “I just wanted to give you the movie ticket I talked about..” I took it from him. “I’ll come pick you up” he said, gave Clara one last look and head out.
I walked to my seat, tucking the ticket into my pant pocket.

“Phew!” I sighed.

“He’s a nice guy,” Clara suddenly said “I think his intentions are pure, you should give him a chance if you want to” she added and I gave her a frown..

“Are you a psychic now or what?” I scoffed and she laughed.

“It’s just a feeling” she said and I shook my head..

“Isn’t it supposed to be first period already, why’s everywhere so calm and why hasn’t the bell been rung yet?” I asked Clara.

“I think there’s been an accident cos that girl over there won’t stop crying and talking about it” she said and almost immediately, I heard the bell sound and we were all called to the auditorium..

Okay.. What’s happening?
Clara grumbled and stood up, we walked to the auditorium and the principal was already on the podium; ready to address us.. I noticed the calm and sober look around, the principal and staffs had it too and it left me even more confused..

“Good morning everyone,” he started. “This is indeed a sad morning for us if not day,” as he talked, sobs followed. “It’s even more heartbreaking that the beast decides to take out one of us in such a disheartening way-” he said and gradually I understood.. I looked around, searching for Melvin but I couldn’t find him..

Did he really.. Do it?
Jeez! My skin was starting to get goosebumps.

“Ryan McCoy, he was snatched this morning!” the principal called out the name, sulking on a sob.. I heard sniffs beside me and I turned to see a girl, staring into her phone with tears dropping continuously from her eyes, she held the phone to her chest, sob and took it off.. I glanced at her phone screen and caught sight of a guy with brown straight hair and immediately it rang a bell..

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This guy.. He’s the same person from earlier this morning. He had been hit by a car.. I remember seeing him often in the school library and cafeteria.. But why did the principal mention the beast.. I had seen him being knocked out by a car..
Or did I not hear well?!

“The beast-
The principal repeated again and the rest of his word died down.. He mentioned it again. What’s happening?
I immediately began finding my way out of the auditorium, passing through the large sorrowful crowd.

I walked out of the auditorium unnoticed, I got to the interior of the school building.. It was empty. I hurried to the lot, my feet leading me there and just behind the fleet of cars was a long brick bench with Melvin on it.. His eyes were heavy with tears and the brightness from it shone under the sunlight.. He suddenly looked up and saw me..
He gave me a long blank stare, w€t his lips and looked away..

He must’ve heard the news..

I walked up to him and contemplated deeply on joining him on the chair or not.. I finally decided to stand..

“I didn’t do it” he said, his voice breathless and stiff.

I sighed.. “Everyone’s talking about it, everyone believes it but it’s not true. I didn’t do it, I swear it wasn’t me” he said, tears clouding his voice making it almost inaudible.

“I know” I said, “I believe you” I said and he suddenly look at him, his gaze sent a shiver down my spine.. He looked really pained.
I saw the question in his look..

“I was there when it happened, Ryan was hit by a car” I said, placing my palms on my knees as his gaze hovered on me.

“But why will they do this?” He asked, his face growing stiff. “Why will they want to accuse me of something I didn’t do. I mean I know I haven’t done less than that but it’s not like I’m doing them on my own or that I like what I’m being made to do.. Why trying to frame me for something I didn’t even do?” He asked and the tear dropped from his eye.
I was shocked by it.. It must’ve hit him pretty hard.

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“I-I don’t know but they must’ve done it with a purpose.. Probably To make you feel sad and careless and then get you where they want. From your look, I can see that it’s working but you can’t give in to them. I’m the only one who knows about your secret and I believe you, so you have to be strong. A simple error can cost us both” I said and he gave me a look..

“No Kayla.. She did this before and she’s doing it again, she’s manipulating me, she knows exactly what she’s doing and she won’t stop, but I’m not keeping quiet about it!.. She can do whatever she wants, it’s all over for me!” He said, a pang of anger surging through his voice.

He stood up and began walking out..
“Melvin?” I called but he didn’t spare me even a glance as he walked to the entrance.. I sighed.

What exactly is he talking about? Who is manipulating him and what does he mean by it’s all over.. I sighed and held my palm on my chin.. So many mess.
Melvin’s POV
To say I was angry, should be an understatement.. I was livid and furious. How long does she plan to keep punishing me this way?
How long is she going to keep up with this?
Until I give up?
Well I’m about to.. Maybe this is my destiny after all, to end up not fixing all this back.. To become the loser and have Lucinda win.

Maybe I was fated to suffer and have my whole life go down the drain in pain and nothingness.
She did it before, only I could explain how I felt.. I remember how tough it had been for me, first with the police constant attacks and then the depression I had felt that had almost made me take my own life and ended it all and I’m pretty sure I’d have closed all this up if Belle wasn’t there with me..

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And now this..
Just when I was starting to get close to other humans and feel less like a beast, just when everyone was gradually losing interest in it, she brings it up again and makes everyone rub their hatred right in my face..

She must know how hard it gets me, yeah she should.. She started it after all.

I sight her almost immediately after climbing the stairs, she was walking out of the auditorium and moving toward to the stair in the empty hall.. She saw me too and I fumed, marching until I got to her.. As I stood in front of her she stared hypocritically at me.

“I’m done playing this game with you!” I tell her, my fist curling into a tight ball and staying by my side. “You want to end me? Go ahead and do it. You already know how this would end anyway so why don’t you just finish it up now!” I half yelled, my tears betraying me.

“Stop hurting people and framing me.. Stop making those weak and evil moves, you’re more than this so just finish it up! I’ve given up, Lucinda. I quit and I’ve accepted my defeat so please end it now, I’m begging you!” my breathing was hard and coarse.. And I wondered why I was suddenly breathing here.. Her eyes sparked up when I mentioned her real name and not Clara.. Well, who cares now. I’m damning every consequence already.

She gave me a blank look, not saying a word.

I spun around and sight Kayla behind us, giving me a look.. I heaved a huge sigh and walked past her out of school. I need to get out of here.
Phew.. Another chapter coming up today..