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Heart Of A Beast. Chapter 39

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(Love is the word)
Kayla’s POV
As the bus move, my mind wavered back to Lucinda, sending a crawling shudder on my skin.
Melvin wasn’t telling a lie or a fictitious tale after all, it was all real..

I just met a witch.. The same witch that had cursed and trapped both he and Clara.
It was such a big miracle that I didn’t pass out in there after all those horrible sight.. Maybe it was because I already knew what I should be expecting or my body just couldn’t take me passing out in such a dire condition.
I wish I’d never go back there, I wish I can just pull myself out of all this without having to go back to that place..

The wind hit my face and I carelessly dipped my hand into my jacket pocket and suddenly felt something solid and hard, I pulled it out and realized that it was the necklace Clara had told me to wear.. I wonder why she put it in here?

I busied myself staring at the necklace when the bus finally screeched to a halt, I dip the necklace back into my pocket and walked down the bus.. Taking the road that led to the wood. Since it’ll be weekend tomorrow, I should tell him about this now..
Somehow, I should still be able to figure my way to the cave..

I’m smart enough to..

After long hour of walking, I arrived at the depth of the wood and began finding my way to his domain.. It came with a bit of difficulty but I was able to successfully track my way there.

I met the lady Melvin introduced as Belle and it looked like she was about coming out of the cave cos I found her close to it’s narrow entrance. She sight me and her face tightened, she suddenly smiled.

“Oh Kayla! Thank goodness you’re back!” She said in a hasty yet a relieved filled voice, ushering me in.

“Um.. I wasn’t able to pull out the hook!” I told her and a disappointed look suddenly rested on her face. “I tried but it was just too hard”

“I understand. You were terrified, weren’t you? I mean for a human like yourself to see all those stuff back there, it must’ve been bone cracking” she said, with a smile.

“You have no idea!” I exclaimed.

“I know right. But what if I tell you there’s a way to get you out of this, I mean this whole beast stuff, easily?” She said and my eyes narrowed.

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“You can do that?” I asked, twitching my face and she nodded. “But Melvin said-

“Yes, yes. He told you there’s no way but there is and it’s as easy as the first letter of the alphabet” she said.

“Really? But what about Melvin. There’s a way for him too, right?” I asked, she laughed.

“No, Melvin is only facing his destiny and you might not know this yet but Melvin needs you to become human, he needs to suck in your whole blood and when he does that, you’ll die” she said and I frowned.

“What’re you talking about?” I asked, scared and confused..

“Look Kay, remember in the restroom at your school, where you met Melvin as a beast.. Remember how your blood touched his lips and when he licked it.. What happened after it?” She asked, my frown deepened as I went into thoughts.

My expression suddenly swiped to a blank one. “He became human?” I said.

“Yes and that’s because your blood holds the power to his complete transformation. It’s your destiny too but I can change that” she said and I gasped..

What the heck!.. Melvin needs to kill me to become human?!
But, Melvin can’t do that right? I mean, he won’t want to kill me..!

“Oh my..” I breathed out “but what about Lucinda then, was the whole story a lie after all?”

“No,” she said, her voice impatient. “You see Lucinda is a special bred witch, a dangerous and super powerful one that no ordinary power can destroy. We’re no match for her, she knows of our every plan before we carry it out”

“So killing me is like the only option now?” I asked, fear gathering at my voice.

“Yes. And I greatly doubt that he’ll think twice about it” she said..

I gave her a, skeptical look.. She’s supposed to be Melvin’s helper right? But right now it looks like she’s against him..
Well, it’s a good thing she’s trying to help me, I mean finally, I’ll be free from this..

I gulped “Well, help me then” I said.

“I will but first I need something from you” she said.

“What?” I asked.

“The necklace. The Luvi necklace that you have in your possession” she said.

“Luvi necklace?” I repeated. “But I don’t have any Luvi necklace” I said.

“You do. This is it” she showed me a picture of it from her palm, it was a big necklace with a bold letter L inscription on it and immediately I recognized it.
It’s the necklace Clara had left in my jacket pocket and it’s right here.. Thank goodness.

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“Oh yes! I do have that!” I said “it’s right here with me” I said.

“Well give it to me,” she said hurriedly “I need it in exchange for your freedom” she said. “Be quick!” She snapped at me.

“Right” I quickly dipped my hand into my pocket and grabbed the necklace out.. I noticed ber lips curled in a tight smile when she saw it and she stretched her palm for it..
Melvin’s POV
I walked with the old woman, my feet kept going and I couldn’t tell how I felt or why I was following her but I couldn’t stop it. Suddenly she stopped walking and when I looked up I noticed we were in a small house like building but it was more like a curve. She entered in and I followed and as soon as my feet touched the floor of the room, I felt a fast movement in my body, it caused me to shiver as something flew out of my body.. I began looking around..

This isn’t the cave.. I thought.

“It’s not, this is my temporary abode” she said, moving to a rocky chair to sit. “Sit” she ordered.

“Who are you?” I found myself asking her again.

“Actually, I think the question should be, who exactly is Belle” she said and I gave her a frown.
“She has manipulated you long enough and prevented you from seeing the truth even though it was sitting right in front of you” she said, getting me more confused.

“You know Belle?” I found myself asking.

“Of course and she’s not who she claims to be. Belle isn’t your helper Melvin, I am!”

“What’re you talking about?” I asked and she motioned for me to sit. My whole body didn’t agree with it, I knew I shouldn’t be here and I was starting to get a bad feeling about it already but the next minute, I found myself walking to another chair like hers and sitting on it.

“So?” I shrugged at her.

“When you were cursed, I was sent from my world to be your helper, the same day I was supposed to get here, I got trapped and in my place, Belle came. As a rare witch that she was, it was completely impossible for me to get out on my own and I lost all mode of communication to my kind or my habitat,” she paused. “I finally got out after five years but getting to you without Belle’s knowledge was impossible, so I had to help you the little way I could without Belle knowing by bringing my grandchild to this world and sending her to where you were” she said.

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“Okay.. As much as this sounds completely confusing to me, who’s this child of yours and what do you mean by you sent her to where I was?” I asked and immediately sensed a movement behind me..

“That’s me.. Jolita” I turned and saw Clara, my eyes bulged out..

“Lucinda!” I shrieked.. Is this a trap?

“She’s not Lucinda, Melvin, neither is she Clara.. That’s Jolita, my grandchild. And this is not a trap.. There’s so much you need to know.. Belle is deeply in love with you and because she senses a connection between Kayla and you, she’s trying every means to break it, she doesn’t care how or if she loses you too, and the only way to do that is by trapping you both forever and by doing that, you’d never be able to see the world anymore, it’s an everlasting curse that’s worst than death!” She emphasized and before I could talk, she continued. “She knows you wouldn’t be able to kill Kayla, she made you a beast in school to test you and to see your true feeling for Kayla, she wanted to give you a last chance but you failed the test. She’d have trap-killed you the moment she saw your reluctance but she doesn’t have the power to do that because you possess the power from the Luvi necklace which is stronger than anything and that’s why she wants Kayla to do it, if Kayla had pulled the hook she had asked her to, you both would’ve been trap-killed forever but because she had the necklace with her-

“Which I planted in her jacket, she couldn’t pull the hook” Clara completed for her.

“But if she eventually gets the Luvi, she transfer all it’s power to herself and then trap-kill you both!” She completed..

My expression suddenly turned to a shocked one as everything registered..

“So if Belle has the power to trap-kill me then she’s-” I gave her a knowing, confused and shocked look..

“Lucinda!” She said “yes, Belle is Lucinda in a different body!” She revealed and I almost felt my heart jump out..