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Head Boy. Chapter 37

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Head Boy.

Written by Feathers.

Chapter 37


I had just arrived home, I threw my bag to the bed frustratingly and sunk to the bed.

I buried my head in my palm sadly, I’m at the edge of being expelled and I did not even know what to do.

Pearl had already said we were not the one behind the act, if they find out, both of us would be expelled.

I heard a knock on the door and I looked towards the door without saying a word.

The door creaked open gently and my mom walked in.

She came to sit beside me; “I noticed you are sad.” my mom said.

I do not want to open up to my mom, she already had a lot she’s battling with, I shouldn’t be making her worry.

“I’m fine mom.” I faked a smile and looked at her.

“Mom, you should rest.”I further said and held her hands into hers.

” How can you hide what is happening to you from me.”She yanked her hand away from me angrily and looked away.

“I’m fine mom.”I said.

” Shut up, lier!” She said and shot me an annoying look. “Why are you disturbed? have you been expelled this time?”

“No, seriously, I’m cool. I just had some issues with Pearl.” I lied and she looked at me for a while before standing.

“Your food is at the dinning.”

“Alright mom, thanks.” I said and she walked away.

I let out an heavy sigh and sunk to my bed.

I do not have any appetite to eat, I do not pray to be expelled. I need to find a way around this.

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Following Day!

Pearl and I stood by a tree inside the school.

It was just few minutes after seven AM.

“What do you suggest we do, Pearl?” I asked her.

“What can we do? Let’s just accept our fate, they will find out and we will be expelled. I’m thinking of what trade I can learn.” She said and I furrowed my brow.

“Do you think I should meet with the head boy and demand for his help?” I asked her.

“It’s the only option we have left , but since you did not want to do it, your choice.” Pearl said.

“Be right back.” Pearl said and came back few minutes later with two big ice creams.

I had given the ice cream man an order to always give Pearl an ice cream anytime she comes to demand it.

She stretched one to me and I only looked at her and looked away.

“If I’m expelled, my mom would be so sad. Your parents are still well to do a little.”I said to her.

She chuckled; ” My dad had already said once I got expelled from kochi college, I should forget about him sponsoring him to school ever again, we both have a lot to lose. Problem doesn’t finish.” She said and began to drink her ice cream.

“Well, problems always come and go, I can’t kill myself too.” I collected the second ice cream from her and began to drink it.

“I’ll do it.” I aaid after few seconds.

“Really? I’ll escort you.” Pearl said and we both waddled our way to the senior prefect’s lodge where Raymond and his brothers were supposed to be.

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I was uneasy and nervous as we walked, I kept imagining the best way to present my words to the head boy.

After we had arrived there, Pearl stood a few legs away while I knocked on the door gently.

I knocked a few times but no one responded from inside, I wanted to turn and report the situations on ground to Pearl when my eyes suddenly met with Raymond, Leonard and Donald.

I stood stiff and tried to put my emotions under control.

They were approaching me and later got to where I was and paused, Raymond was in the middle, Leonard stood by the right while Donald was by his left.

“Head boy…. I want to see you.” I said, Leonard and Raymond’s eye were on me. Only Donald looked away with a discontented look.

“Tell me.” He said and I looked at Leonard as if telling him to leave but he remained still, he wasn’t ready to leave.

Before I could speak, Leonard asked; “Did you or did you not change our result?”

“Cause if you did not change our result , you shouldn’t be disturbed.” Leonard said and Albert showed up from behind.

“The investigation team had concluded their result, the principal sends for you.” Albert said to me and my heart skipped fearfully.

Have we being exposed already?

Am I going back to my father’s house?