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Head Boy. Chapter 12

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Head Boy.

Written by Feathers.

Chapter 12

Alice’s POV

I was really nervous as I stood under the shower, I was hoping that the water will not be hot like that of my room.

Mama Any said ‘those boys’ when I said the water turn hot, could the head boy and his brothers be the reason behind it?

I wasn’t staying directly under the shower, I turned on the water and stretched my hand to feel the temperature of ihe water and it was neither hot nor cold.

I sighed and went under it, I rinsed my body well…

Leonard’s POV

Raymond, Donald and I were inside the jeep as I drove to school.

“Raymond, I was expecting Alice to shout from Mam Any’s bathroom but I didn’t hear her scream or she perhaps didn’t go there to bath? How then will she bath body?” I asked.

“I didn’t make the water hot.” Raymond said.

“Why? ” I asked feeling disappointed that the head boy didn’t make the water hot.

“Nothing.” He replied and we all kept quiet.

We finally arrived at school, on stepping down, we saw crowds of female students forming circle around something or someone.

“Did you know what they could be doing there?” I asked Raymond.

“I’m suspecting that the head girl has resumed ” He said and I reasoned with him.

“Oh!” I exclaimed and as we walked to our class, a female student shouted all of a sudden saying; “Head boy, the head girl has resumed.”

We paused.

The crowds of female students began to move towards us, there were rumours amidst students about how we were called out as last three of our class.

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The head girl, assistant head girl and the library prefect stood before us. They were all females.

The head girl is the most beautiful and intelligenf amidst all girls, though arrogant to some but calm to us.

There are rumors that she had been crushing on the head boy since our first grade at school but Raymond already have someone he’s dating.

“Good morning Raymond.” The head girl greeted.

“I’m glad you resumed school well.” The head boy said and the head girl blushed.

“You look handsome as always, how about lunch in break?” She asked.

“I feel himiliated to eat in the restaurant, I was amidst the last three of my class, I won’t be able to follow you.” The head boy replied.

“It’s shameful indeed but I don’t care, I just want us to go for lunch together, please.” The head girl pleaded.

“You should go with someone else.” Raymond replied and turned.

We walked away from the scene.

I turned and see a look of disappointment on the head girl’s face, there were many students around and if Raymond had accepted her offer, she would have more honour amidst the students.