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Head Boy. Chapter 38

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Head Boy.

Written by Feathers.

Chapter 38


I turned to Albert even as my stomach rumbled in fear, I looked at Pearl but she was absolutely indifferent.

She just kept drinking her ice cream.

I turned back to Raymond who had not uttered a word.

He should at least say something.

When I realized, he would not say a word, I turned from him and fully turned to Albert.

He started walking while I followed, Pearl joined us.

She caught up with me and said; “We are finally getting fired, drink your ice cream so you would not have hypertension.” She said but I didn’t say a word

I was so scared and thinking of my mom.

I do not like to put my parents into sadness this time, they do not even have the money to send me to school, I was only lucky by securing a scholarship to kochi college and now I’m about to lose it.

Albert, Pearl and I arrived at the principal’s office, the bell for the assembly rang at that moment.

The principal looked at us underneath his white frame glass on his eyes.

“You really think we would not find out? Our investigation team are not mediocres, here is the result of the investigation.” The principal said and threw a file before us.

Pearl bent and picked it, she examine it and said; “Wow!”

“What’s the ‘wow!’ for? you are getting expelled and the only thing you could say is ‘wow’ ” The principal spilled angrily.

“I’m sorry sir.” Pearl said and placed the file gently on the table.

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“Alice Anderson and Pearl James, you are hereby expelled from Kochi college. Please understand that your criminal act will be on record for life. And …. don’t even think of attending another school cause you will never be accepted. Your pictures and your criminal acts will be sent to all schools before the end of the semester.” The principal said.

Tears wanted to pour but I fight it from falling.

I turned and walked out, I hurriedly went to lean by a wall and let tears fall off my face.

Pearl came beside me and said; “Finally, we are returning to our father’s house. Turns out the head boy never liked you. Cause if he likes you, he will help you.” Pearl said.

“Meet me in class, I’m going to pack our luggage.” She said and walked away.

I raised my head and cleaned my tears but more fell.

I swallowed and walked to join Pearl at class, as I got to the stairs that leads to our class, I saw the head boy leaning a pole.

His beautiful face holds no expresion, he had one hand in his picket and the second one was playing with his beardless chin. His gorgeous green eyes was on me.

“You couldn’t help me.” I accused him with a shaky mouth.

I do not know how I would tell my mom that I had being expelled.

“I thought you liked me! I acted as your girlfriend and helped you chase Rose away, but… you can’t help me fix the most important thing that matters to me.” I said accusingly with tears falling from my eyes.

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“I was asking for your help and you would not even say a word, You said you dispise people that are victims of poverty? is it my fault that I’m poor?” My voice was getting weak, my legs had lost all the strength to stand.

I was crying bitterly as I spoke.

“It’s not fair, bad things always happen to poor people, I get it. Good things are only reserve for the rich?” I lamented before him as hot tears kept pouring from my face.

My head was already beginning to ache.

When I could barely stand again, my eyes were getting blurry, I knew I would fall, I staggered and fell to the wall, I sunk that way to the floor.

The head boy came before me.

I was sitting on the last stairs and every student were already on the assembly ground.

The head boy brought out a gorgeous handkerchief from his pocket and cleaned my tears. I was too weak to stop him or ask why he was cleaning my tears.

He sat beside me and caressed my long black hair, I went to look up at his elegant face and wondered why he was not saying anything.