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His Bride. Epilogue

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????His Bride ????

Being with him ????????

EPILOGUE ????????


1year later.

“I can’t go to college, I have to take online classes all because of you. You are so heartless ” I cried.

Hunter who is sitting on the love seat in our sitting room, with his laptop on his lap turn to me.

“Because of me? How ”

“If you had not got me pregnant, I will still be going to School, but I can’t because everyone will be staring at me. My friends are even asking why I haven’t been in School. I couldn’t say a word to them”

“Well, that is your problem to solve. And you weren’t angry when we are doing it without protection. Were you? No. So why now ” he smirk.

“You are very wicked, aren’t you suppose to use protection you jerk ” I yell at him.

“Oh right….just like you were begging to fuck you raw last night ” he smirk.

“Shut up already, don’t say your dirty words in front of my baby ”
“Sorry baby, your father is a naughty man, that’s how he is ” I say to my big stomach, rubbing it.

He stands up and walk over to where I am. He bends down and touch my stomach.

“Hey princess , did you hear anything ” he say and the baby kick.

“Okay, I guess it heard everything, ” he sigh and the baby kick again, this time it kicked two times.

“I don’t mean to say that,but your mother is just being so annoying this days ” Hunter continues.

“What? Are you saying that I’m annoying. If you hadn’t got me pregnant. I would’nt have been in this ” I cried.

“Here comes the stupid hormones” he mutters.

“I’m sorry, baby I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean that. What I meant is that you are the sweetest girl ever ” HR cooed

“Really? ” I ask cleaning my tears.

“Yes, baby ” he says and kiss my lips.

“Okay, I’m hungry ” I tell him.

“Okay ” he replies.

“I said I’m hungry Hunt ”

“I heard you ”

“So? ”

“So?” he mimics

“Come on, I’m so hungry do you want to starve me to death? ” I whine.

“Didn’t you just finish eating cereal just now” he sigh.

“What! Is that a food, for christ sake ” I yell.

“But you use to eat cereal as your meal that time and don’t even complain, even if I beg you to eat good food you will refuse ”

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“That was then, now. I’m not the only one eating. The baby is eating as well so don’t tell me crap. ” I yell

“Okay…okay…okay calm down, alright. Stop yelling. You should be tired of it by now. ” he sigh again.

“What do you want to eat baby, even I have to go through hell, through the moon and the space. I’ll do it for you ” he says and I smile.

“Okay! I want to eat something heavy, like heavy “.

“Heavy? You mean stone, or rock. Oh rock is more heavier. That’s must be it, rock .” he tease.

I frown and within seconds tears are falling from my eyes. I don’t know how I use to do that, but this days. Tears are not far from my eyes. The doctor said I’m having pregnancy hormones and trust me it’s annoying. I can’t do things on my own, I whine to much, I crave, I eat almost every hour. I sometimes pity Hunter but we both have no choice.

“Oh shit! I’m sorry princess, what do you want to eat?” Hunter ask.

I clean my tears and answer him.
“Pizza, I want the largest size, and if you can’t find that, you can buy the medium. I think five of it should be enough ”

“Largest size? Oh I get, you want to eat some and keep the remaining for some other time right ” he raise an eyebrow.

“No, I want to eat everything now ”

“Yeah, that is so funny sweetie ” he laughs and picks up his phone.

“Oh the delivery service is not available, I have to go out to get it ” Hunter says standing up.

“Okay, don’t take long. I give you five seconds ” I say as I pick up my phone to play games till he comes back.

“No, you should have given me zero seconds. won’t that be great ” I heard him mutter as he walk out.

“I’m back ” Hunter calls me with a box of pizza in hand.

I stand up and walk to the dinning room.

“Thanks ” I smile at him.

I sit down and draw the box to my front, then start eating.

“Do you know what happened to me just now ” Hunter says as he draw a chair, sitting down beside me.

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“What happened ”

“A woman screamed when she saw me at the mall today. She told everyone that I’m a ghost ” Hunter sigh.

“But I thought you always tell them that you just look like him ”

My mistake, when I thought people won’t recognize him here in California.

“I tried to explain but she was all over me. It’s really embarrassing. I wonder when this will stop”

I start laugh till I start to cough.

Hunter stand and walk to the kitchen, he emerges back with a cup and a bottled water.

“Here ” he gave me the cup of water, I collected it and drank it.

“I have to go to work tomorrow, you have to take care of your self whether you like it or not ”

“But you are the boss, you don’t need to go. You have people working for you, all you need to do is give instructions from home and it will be carried out. ”

Hunter is now running a company where toys and cosmetics are made. He owns it , he built it and he run it. Since he’s too proud to work under someone. And who knows he went to college and had degree in engineering. That guy is just full of surprises. He is still the cold Hunter, but definitely not to me. He’s another man entirely when it comes to me, he’s sweet, caring and funny.

“How I’m I suppose to know they are running it well ”

“Whatever” I roll my eyes.

“What the fuck ” Hunter yells making me flinch.

“What I wrong with you ” I yell.

His was looking at the pizza box with wide eyes.

“What? Is something in there?”

“Where did you put the remaining pizza? ”

“What remaining pizza ” I raise my eyebrows.

“How come it’s remains only one slice”

“I already ate them ”

“What! ”

“I said I ate them, was I supposed to throw them away before” I roll my eyes.

Hunter grab the bottle water and drink it.

“Thats my water” I frown

“Oh God, my wife has become a glutton ” he scoff.

I glare at him.

Oh I forgot to tell you that, we are officially married. We got married two months after we move here. This time all our loved ones are present, my mum, Matt and Lisa, they are dating. Ryan and Maria, they got married four months ago. Nanny Lilo and all other well wishers.

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Three months later.

I felt a sharp pain in my stomach and I scream.

“Hunteeer ”

“Oh God can not do this tonight ” he mumbles and toss around.

I grab his hair..

“I think my water just broke ”

Hunter stand immediately.

“Shit! Where is my car keys, hang up princess. I’m taking you to the hospital right away. ”

He soon came back with car key and help me out of the bed.

“Fuck me” he curse.

“Can you stop cussing, the baby might hear you, and it might be the thing he’ll say when he’s born ” I scold him

“Sorry, but it’s a she “.

“No it’s a he ”

“It’s she, trust me ”

“It’s a he ” I yell as the pain increase.

I can hear people chattering around me and I open my eyes.

“Look, she’s awake ” mother’s voice was I first heard.

I look at around to see, Hunter, matt, Lisa, Ryan and Maria.

“You guys, you are here ” I smile.

“Congratulations sweetie ”

“Thanks mom. ”

“Congratulations to you bestie ” Matt says

“Congrats Lauren ” Lisa greets.

“Thanks guys ” I smile at them.

“Congratulations hazel ”

“Ryan thank you ”

“Congratulations ” Maria greets.

“Thanks you, and congrats to you too in advance ”

“What are congratulating her for? “Matt ask.

“I’m pregnant ” Maria answers.

“Hey ” Hunter says as sits beside me on the bed with my baby in his arms.

I smile and take the baby from him.

“You won, it’s a boy ” Hunter says.

I laugh looking at my baby.

“Nope, you won cos he look just like you. I want my baby boy to look like me, and you want the girl to look like you ”

“We both won then, he’s has your hazel eyes ”

I nod.

“I love you ” Hunter says as he draw me closer for a kiss. I kiss him back.

“Okay, I think we should leave them alone before they spoil us ” I heard Ryan say and I laugh.

We break the kiss.

“What name do you want to give him? ” Hunter ask.

“Sebastian ” I answer looking down at my baby with a wide smile.

THE END ????