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Always you. Chapter 9

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“Nice panties”He commented.
I felt so ashamed….
I didn’t expect he would be back soon.
I looked around as if I would see any towel to cover myself.
Stupid me… I’m in the kitchen.
“I didn’t know you would be back so soon”I murmured.
“Oh…so this is how you would dress half n@ked when I’m not around so that I’ll bump into you like this…you have a plan, don’t you?You wanna seduce me?”
My jaw dropped.
“You wish”I huffed.”Why would I think of breaking my own rule? Just get me a towel”I ordered.
I saw him leaned against the doorpost.
He was going to make this difficult for me.
“I need a towel so I can get passed you and change in the bedroom”I explained.
“It’s fun watching you under the table, completely powerless”He laughed.
“Wait till I get out from here”I threatened.
“In that case,I won’t get you any towel”He retorted.
I sighed, heavily.”I won’t fight with you… just get me the towel”
“Before I do that,repeat after me…I, Megan Reid promise to be of good behaviour till this trips ends,no fighting…but instead I’ll be a nice little girl for Braden”
“Are you f*cking kidding me right now?”
“Nope.If you don’t say it… I won’t get you any towel…I will keep on standing here and you’ll be under the table till you decide that it’s time for me to see that white panties again”He drawled.
I shut my eyes angrily.
I opened them and saw that he was grinning from ear to ear….he was enjoying this.
My knees already hurt from being on the fours under a f*cking table.
I can’t get out of here like this and not die of embarrassment.
I’m not wearing any bra and the shirt is pretty transparent.
I feel really n*ked.
I swallowed hard and spoke.”I…Megan Reid promise to be of good behaviour till this trip ends,no fighting..but instead I’ll be a nice little girl for….for Bra..den”
He chuckled softly.”Good girl.”
He walked away and I heaved a sigh of relief.
Nice little girl,my foot.
He walked back with a towel which he stretched at me…. I quickly covered my body and then crawled out from under the table.
He pursed out his lips…before he could mock me again.
I pushed him out of my way.
I heard him laughed as I stormed off.
That night,I couldn’t sleep… I kept on wishing I hadn’t dressed half n@ked.
“Nice panties”His words reverberated in my head.
I had changed into an oversized trousers and a hoodie.
I was already feeling sweaty but I didn’t want to wear any light clothes.
‘Wearing heavy clothes won’t change what he saw’ my subconscious mind chided.
“Nice panties”His voice rang in my ears again.
F*ck you,Brad.


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This is my fourth attempt in waking her up now.
At first… I thought she was dead…
Who the hell sleeps like this?
William Auguste would be at an art gallery today and that’s where we’re supposed to meet coincidentally but this psycho refused to wake up.
An idea strucked me.
I leaned down,close to her ear and screamed.”MEGAN…THE HOTEL IS ON FIRE!”
She instantly jumped up from the bed.
“Fire…fire…what…”She stuttered, frantically looking around.
I burst into laughter.
I haven’t seen strong woman this scared before.
“Finally,now go get dressed…as you can see I’m ready.We have somewhere to be.”
She calmed down and realized that my screaming was just a prank.
“You as*hole!You almost gave me a heart attack”She yelled.
“If you hadn’t been sleeping like a dead person and shaking this room with your snores,I wouldn’t have done that”
Her cheeks flushed in embarrassment.
“I don’t snore!”She argued.
I smirked.”I can’t describe the intensity of your snores….sometimes… it’s like…gra..gra..gra…gri…poom…poom…”
She threw a pillow at me.
“I don’t snore!”She thundered.
I laughed and stared at my watch…
“By 11:pm.We are supposed to leave and be at an art gallery… William will be there by 1,to purchase some artworks so you have to cool off and for once try acting normal”I advised.
“Between you and me,who looks normal?”
‘Me’ I thought.
I didn’t say that to her because I don’t want more arguments.
“Just go freshen up, please”I said, calmly.
She eyed me and walked off.
“Madwoman”I muttered.

At the art gallery,Megan and I signed up for those visiting the place for tourist attraction.
She was wearing a flowery dress and stilettos heels.
Each time,I stare at her, I keep on wondering what colour of panties she was wearing today.
Why the hell did she made me see her in panties yesterday?
I moved closer to her, I don’t know if William would pass through this place but I have to make sure he sees me in a affectionate pose with Megan.
“Action”I whispered.
I slung my arm around her waist and she surprised me by pressing her left hand to my chest then offered a loving smile.
I caught her eyes and grinned back.
I got stuck on her…. stuck on the look she was giving me,even if it was fake.
“Braden Cromwell”A voice said, loudly.
I expected it to be William and it was.
There he stood…all high and mighty.
The man was old enough to be my father so that added to my respect for him….plus the fact that he is going to be my saving grace in partnering with me so I wouldn’t go bankrupt.
“William Auguste,what a surprise”I said, jovially as we shook hands.
“I’ve been in Paris for a while. I also didn’t think I would run into you”He replied.
“We got here last night…oh…meet my fiancee,Megan Reid soon to be Megan Cromwell”I introduced smiling broadly.
“Nice to meet you,Megan”He extended his hand.
“The pleasure’s mine.Braden has told me so much about you”
I slid my hand down her back and pinched her ass for that remark.
She gave a strangled yelp and tried transforming it to a cough.
F*ck it.
Why would she say I’ve told her about William?
Does she want to make him see that I’m in Paris because of him?
Luckily for me, William didn’t seem to put her comment into consideration.
“Sorry…I think I’m coming down with something”She muttered.
William redrew his hand.”Sorry,dear.I saw the pictures of your engagement on social media, congratulations,you two.You must be very excited to be tying the knots soon”
Megan looked up at me, adoringly.”We are”She replied.
I stroked her back, taking full advantage of our proximity to each other and the fact that we have to fake this to the fullest extent.
Megan’s hand travelled up and down my chest then touched my chin.
I trailed my gaze down her face.
William cleared his throat.”I need to have a word with Braden.Would you mind?”He asked Megan… unexpectedly in a polite manner.
“Of course not”She said and stroked my cheek.
“I’ll be waiting,Hun”The purr in her voice was irresistible.
I bent and brushed my lips across hers,the heat of the kiss smoldering.
I walked off with William.
I was kind of nervous with what he was going to say but I didn’t let it show.

“I didn’t think you’d be the kind of guy who would settle down so soon after the last scandal I read about you”
I swallowed hard.
“I won’t lie, I was a player before but when I met Megan seven months ago…she knocked me off my feet. I can’t imagine myself being with anyone else…but you know people would always talk and those pictures were taken almost a year ago…I think someone posted them recently to ridicule me.Meg almost broke up with me, I had to quickly propose to her, I wanted prove to her that she is the most important thing in my life…every other woman means nothing to me. I organized this trip for her as a vacation… just the two of us”
William grinned.”That’s so sweet of you.And I could see how you two were all over each other back there…it reminds me of my younger days.You see when I heard about Cromwell Tech… I was amazed that it was owned by a young man like you… I wanted to partner with you… I love working with young minds who keeps surprising the world with different technologies.But then I saw that scandal and I thought you were irresponsible…since you’ve explained things to me now… I’ll think things through”
My heart gladdened.
“Can I have your number?”He asked.
I quickly called it out.
“How long will you be staying here?”
“Two weeks”I replied.
“Good.Then I can always call you up to come with me to seminars…that way you can tell me more about Cromwell Tech”He announced.
I felt like dancing.
“I hope your fiancee won’t mind?”He added.
I shook my head.”She’ll be totally cool with it”

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“Don’t you ever pinch my butt again!”Megan warned as I drove back to the hotel.
“You almost sold me out…you need to improve on your acting skills”I warned too.
“Whatever”She snapped and glanced out of the window.
She seemed fascinated by all the buildings we passed by.
I’m sure she has never been to Paris.
Would she like a tour?
Probably not.
She turned to face me again.
“Do I really snore?”She asked.
I laughed,I can’t believe that has been on her mind since morning.
To put her mind at ease and save her from further embarrassment, I said.”You don’t snore.I was just kidding”
“Ah! I knew you were lying…big fat liar!”She squealed.
I shook my head.
Look at who I’m trying to help.
‘Vibrating machine’I thought.


I am bored as f*ck.
It was just a day after meeting William and he already called Braden for a business seminar.
So I’m alone in our suite staring at the people in the swimming pool from the window.
I realized that it’s actually fun quarreling with Braden.
I really want to go out but I don’t know any places here… I might get lost.
I decided to check out the hotel instead.
Maybe I could go eat at the restaurant on the first floor.
With that,I excitedly exited the suite and hurried into the elevator.

When I got to the first floor,there were many people around.
Some mostly conversing in French.
I wasn’t even concentrating on walking properly… I was busy looking around in awe.
I was suddenly stopped when someone placed his hand on my forehead.
I realize that if he hadn’t done that I would have ran into a wall.
“Zut!Fais attention chérie(Damn!Be careful,honey)”He said as I moved back.
“Sorry…I don’t understand what you’re saying”I murmured.
“Oh you’re not from here,are you?”He asked flashing a really cool smile.
He was blonde and really, really cute.
“No.I’m from Chicago”
“I just said you should’ve been more careful”He said.
“Thanks”I replied.
He stretched out his hand.”Landon Flynn”
His eyes narrowed when he saw my engagement ring.