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Back In His Arms. Episode 9 (Finale)

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Back in his arms
Episode 9


“We both know you are lying. You are trying to make me jealous”,he says
“if you make my life unforgettable,l will make yours hell”
“When will u forgive me Elle”
“I don’t know”
“You know what I have a surprise for you”
“Come”,as he stretches his hand.
He took her to the beach. “What s the surprise”,as he coveted her eyes with his hands.
“This”,as he removed his hands.
The sun was a fiery orb sinking below the horizon,streaking the guy with gold and pink casting shadow on the horizon.
“it’s beautiful”,Elle breathe. It was romantic for her to be.
“Take this”,He said as he slipped off his jacket and draped it around her shoulders.
“Thanks”,she said in a seductive whisper.
The silk linings of the jacket retained the warmth of his body and felt sensuous against her bare arms. She wished it was his arms and not the jacket.
“I still want u badly”,he deep gravelly voice whispered in her ear and his breath feathered her cheek.
Her lashes flew open and startled.
“I don’t…..”

“Yes you do”,he captured her denial with his lips.
Elle lost the battle herself. The pleasure of having Nate’s mouth on her was impossible to resist. Elle stared at him helplessly when he lifted his head.
“I am sorry. This was not meant to happen”
Even though he was one of the famous billionaire in the world,he dislike public display of affection and could not believe that he has kissed Elle on the beach while everyone was staring at them.
Elle walked ahead of Nate to their suite.
“Would you like to watch a movie”,he asked.
“if you don’t mind,I’d like to go to bed”
“Then I will join u”
“No… I meant I will sleep alone”,she said as he scooped her on his shoulders.
“Nate we can’t.. .”,she whispered.
He tumbled her on the bed and came down on top of her so that she felt the hard proof of his arousal nudge her thigh.
Threading his fingers through her hair,he stared into her eyes..
“of course I can Elle”,He kissed her as he entwined his fingers with hers and entered into her roughly. Elle sobbed as he pound into her.
After all the scene,he left her as she crie d more. she hated him for what he did tonight.
Days passed and their time was up. Nate tried apologizing but Elle didn’t want to hear him.

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The next day Elle hasn’t seen Nate. She was waiting for the divorce papers.
At 12pm he arrived and hand over the papers. She didn’t even bother to read.
“Can you hand me the pen Nate”,she asked as he gave her the pen.
The moment she was about to sign,Nate held her hands.
“Elle,why are you doing this?”,he asked.
“I’m done with what I need to do so I need to go”
“I will not allow you to leave”,as he took the pen.
“You need to stop this Nate”
“No Elle,You are not leaving. I’m not going to mourn over you again”
“Why shouldn’t l leave?”
“Because I’m in love with you Elle. I have always been online with you. I am sorry for being the worst husband but I promised to make it up to u”.
Elle was a little shocked and very excited about what he said but she wasn’t smiling. She loved him to. He was the only man that made her feel this way.
And after what he said,she is my going to sign the divorce paper.
She was staring at him as he took her in his arms,kissed her mouth,her cheeks,her eye lids with delicate kisses which melt everything in her.
His fingers tugged open the buttons running in front her dress and gave a low murmur of approval when he pushed the material aside and discovered she wasn’t wearing bra.
“My love”,he said thickly as he cupped her firm bre@st in his hands. She was in fire arching her slender body to meet his mouth and eagerly helping her to remove her dress and snickers.
Nate stripped with a clumsy haste and was strangely touching and after taking a condom and sliding it over his arousal,he moved over her.
Elle caught her breath as he enters inside her. She wrapped her arms around him as she held on tightly on her shoulder as she possessed her with deep strokes. As her body trembled with exquisite ripples of orgasm.
Nate groaned with the power of his own release.
After they are done they both slept in each other arms.

Two hours later,Elle woke up in Nate shirt on and went to the kitchen.
She wanted to cook something special for him. She kept smiling to herself when Nate’s arms wrapped around her.
“What are you preparing?”.
“Something special. You will get to know when u have a taste”
“Hmm…. I like the aroma”
“You will love it”
“You look beautiful in my clothes”.
“Will you stop teasing me”
“I’m serious but I want u to promise me one thing”
“Promise me you will never leave me again”
“I promise”,he gave her a kiss on her cheeks.
“Close your eyes Elle”
“Okay….”,she closed her eyes and he wore her the ring.
“Open them”

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“Oh God… you kept the ring. it’s very beautiful. I can’t believe this”
“Will you stay with me forever Elle”
“Yes,Yes I will. l love you Nate. So much”,and she kissed him.
“Me too Elle. With all my heart”,he said between kisses.