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Head Boy. Chapter 44

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Head Boy.

Written by Feathers

Chapter 44


I was wondering how it was possible for Raymond to tell me to come and not be around.

Well, maybe where he went was urgent, I’d probably check on him tomorrow.

I was still around the house, walking sullenly when I saw a lady and a guy beside her walking together.

I examined them and noticed that it was Rose, I took two steps further to have a view of the guy beside her and it was Raymond.

Thought Leonard had said Raymond was not around.

I stood and watched Raymond and Rose as they took a walk.

So Rose is back? and they are getting along so quick.

Ouch? why do I feel jealous now? I had thought he prefer being with me than being with Rose.

He’s a rich kid, it does not take him anything to change his mind.

I watched them for few more minutes and walked home sadly.

I sunk to the bed, I was not happy at all.

He shouldn’t have told me to come since he knows there is another lady that he would be with.

That’s very unfair and it really hurts.

Rose must have find a way into his heart.

I received a test message and I opened to check, it was from Albert.

“Come to my house, I have a surprise for you.”

After I had read his message, I sat upright on my bed and wondered what surprise he had for me.

Even when we were dating, I would request that he should allow me come to his house but he would not listen.

He said he doesn’t want to have anything romantic to do with me until he is sure that our relationship will last longer.

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I treasured the relationship so much and would not do anything to hurt him.

I loved him to the extent that if he had tell me to lã-y and that he wanted to make love with me, I would allow easily.

Whenever he seems uncool with anything about me and he tells me, I change immediately.

I’m a very obedient girlfriend and we dated for two years without a hint of quarrel, sometimes, a quarrel might want to occur between us but because I treasure the relationship, I would never allow it to happen.

Even when he is at fault, I’ll tell him ‘sorry’ still.
I loved him but he broke my heart.

Why did he want to see me all of a sudden?

Well, not like I have anyone I’m dating presently, I’m not loyal to anyone.

I could have keep my hopes high about Raymond liking me ,but seeing him with Rose already explained a lot that they are now lovers.

Maybe my destiny do not support relationship.

I replied Albert’s message and said; “I’ll come.”

I stood and bathed, I got dressed and looked so beautiful.

My heart is still vacant and he could snatch it back easily cause of how we used to be lovers.

Could that be the surprise?

That he wanted to apologize and have me back?

But sincerely, I could have received ths message when I was with Raymond and I could have ignored.

But Raymond likes someone else already.

I dressed my best and walked to the living room, dad was still at work and mom was probably in the room sleeping.

I won’t dusturb her, I walked out to where my bicycle was and drove it to Albert’s house.

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It isn’t that far.

After I had arrived there, I surveyed the beautiful house and pressed the visitor’s bell.

In few minutes, the door opened and I walked in.

I saw Albert dressed in only a dark oversized singlet and a three quarter jean.

“Welcome.”He said and lead me inside.

I had thought we would stay at the living room but he requested that I come to his room.

I was really nervous and wondered what he wanted to tell or show me that he could not show me at the living room.

So he wouldn’t think I was odd in my thinking, I followed him.

As soon as I get to his room, I sat on the bëd calmly and my phone beeped briefly.

I knew it was a test message.

The message reads; ” Such a lazy girl, why don’t you come today— from Raymond.”