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Head Boy. Chapter 46

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Head Boy.

Written by Feathers.

Chapter 46


We both walked inside Marie’s little mansion, as Marie saw me, he ran to me and I carried him and hugged him.

“Marie, you look more beautiful today?” I said and he jumped down from me and wiggled his tail to my legs.

I chuckled and spãnked him playfully at his @-ss.

“There is no study room here, but it’s safe for you to be here. many people hate you.” Raymond said and I sat on one of the chairs in Marie’s house.

“Why do they hate me?” I asked gently.

“Would you close the door?” He asked and I nodded instinctively.

I went swiftly to the door and closed the door.

“Marie, I want to teach Elsie, would you excuse us?” Raymond asked Marie.

Marie nodded and walked away.

“I will like to have a dog like Marie?” I said happily, my thirty two was shinning.

“Your book and pen?” He asked.

I had dropped it at home when I went home, before Albert called me.

I couldn’t have taken a book to Albert’s place cause I left Albert’s place and came directly to him.

“I did not being it.” I replied.

“Where are you planning to write what I teach you?” He asked

“I have a retentive memory.” I answered.

“People with retentive memory don’t score 3/20.” He answered and stood.

He came back with a book and pen and gave me.

He began to teach, at first, I thought it was what I could understand but I did not understand a thing of what he was teaching.

I was just starting at his beautiful eyes and imagining all sorts in my mind.

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Raymond paused and looked at me, he smiled and held my hand in his wrist.

“You know I’ve always loved you, right?” Raymond asked and I blushed like I would melt.

I shook my head in response.

He made me move close to him and looked into my eye.

“Such a beauty, he then moved his head close to me and kissed me softly.

Aww….I love it so much and find myself burying his head in my palm, I kissed him passionately, I did not want it to stop, I was enjoying it.


” I ask again, how many types of wave did we have?” Raymond asked, he had dropped the pen and was looking at me.

I do not how many times he had asked that question but I was lost in the world of ecstasy.

“Types of wave?” I asked and he only looked at me.

“Erm…We have….” My head was as blank as nothing. I feel so foolish before him.

He stood and went to sit somewhere else.

“You are so dull and easily carried away.” He scolded and I turned to him guiltily.

“I’m sorry?” I said.

“Is it because the door is closed, what are you thinking?” He asked and stood.

“Han! I get it….wierd thoughts….ouch! ” He said bitterly and went to open the door.

As he walked back towards me, Leonard walked in.

“I have come to check before and saw that it was closed, are you alright?” Leonard asked Raymond.

Leonard had not seeing me cause Raymond was standing and blocking him.

“I am alright.” Raymond replied calmly.

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“Hum! Be fine brother. I love you.” Leonard said.

“I love you too.” Raymond replied and Leonard walked away.

I furrowed my brow, are they gã-y?

Was that why they don’t relate with ladies?

Now, I get it.

“Reason why I don’t want to open the door, if Leonard had seen me, he would have told Mama Any, Mana Any would tell dad and dad may angrily get you expelled.” He said but that did not enter my head.

I kept thinking if he’s gay.

He came back to sit before me.

“You love your brother!” I said and quickly covered my mouth.

“Am I suppose to hate him?” He asked.

“I told you to come so I can teach you not to look into the affairs of my brothers and I.” He said.

“Affairs? are you gay?” I asked and he stood.

His face turned pale and he said; “I love my brothers.”

I was scared with the way he spoke, so I stood fearfully.

“What of you, did you hate Pearl James?” He asked.

“She’s my best friend, I love her.” I replied.

“It means you are a lesbian too, right?” He asked and shook his head.

“You think like a rat.” He walked away from me.