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Head Boy. Chapter 50

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Head Boy.

Written by Feathers.

Chapter 50


I was still inside the empty room with Raymond, I had closed the door and was now standing close to him.

“What perfume do you use?” He asked and I arched my brow in surprise.

I took my nose to my shoulder and snīffed my cloth, I couldn’t really perceive anything.

Am I smelling?

I took steps back embarassedly, how come this silly Pearl never told me I have body odour?

“Why are you moving back?” He asked.

I shook my head in response and took two more steps back leaving a wide space between us.

“You think you are smelling?” He asked.

“Yes…I used soap to bath and I used cream too?” I said sadly.

I feel so ashamed that I smell before the head boy.

“Hum! But I never said you are smelling, I only asked what perfume you use?” He asked.

“I do not use perfume, I would have bought one but, we spend all our monies on my mom’s drug.” I said pittfully.

“I see… well, you smell nice.” He said and my eyes furrowed heavily like it would pop out.

Did I hear that well?

Awww…. I blushed.

My two hands were inside one another and I shook my body gently and happily.

“You smell extremely nice too.” I said to him.

“Would you move closer now?” He asked and I moved close to him, this time very close to him that I was just a breath away.

He then took his mouth to my ear and said; “I don’t hate people, I only dislike them.”

“Huh!” I exclaimed.

“Does that mean you dislike me?” I asked.

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“About your mom, is she getting better?” He ignored my question and asked.

“Yes, but she needs money.”

“Can I know the exact amount needed to treat her permanently?” He asked.

“It’s much, head boy. You will never be able to afford it. I don’t want to place a burden on you.” I said.

“State the amount, I will speak to dad.” He requested.

“$1.2 million.” I replied and he stared inside my eye without saying a word.

“Will you be happy if your mom is treated once and for all and healed?” He asked.

“Yes, yes.” I shouted happily

“Hum! ” He hummed and his face went down from my eyes to my lips.

I remembered that I didn’t add lip sticks to my lips so I quickly covered it.

I looked at him and he kept staring at my lips that had been covered with my hand.

He brought his hand and placed it on my hand that covered my lips, he removed it and continued staring it.

“Head boy, are you after my happiness?” I asked.

“I am after the happiness of Marie, I always wonder why Marie loves you.” He said but kept staring at my lips.

I was so tempted that I felt like grabbing his head and kissing him passionately.

“Alice!” He called and I looked into his exquisite blue eyes.

“There is one thing I can confess I like that pertains to you.” He said.

I knew it already so I quickly said; “My lips?”

“Weird! you think odd.” He said and finally took his eyes away from my lips.

He was now looking to the floor, more like he was looking at my feet.

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Well, I was on a beautiful white socks and beautiful sander.

“What did you like about me?” I asked.

“Did you brush with a new tooth brush?” He asked and I quickly covered my mouth.

I lowered my head shamefully and quickly think; Did I or did not not brush today?

“Your mouth is not smelling, Alice.” He said and I raised my head at him.

“It smell nice too.” He said and I already felt like hugging him tight.

Did he realize that he is actually tempting me with me standing very close to him.

I may just do something crazy right now.

“Head boy, it’s just five minutes and the assembly bell will ring, tell me what you like that pertains to me?” I asked.

I was so curious to hear what he likes about me.

He didn’t say a word but was now looking into my eyes.

I kept checking my wrist watch and the bell finally rang.

I have to go to the assembly ground now, it’s saddening that he didn’t tell me.

“I….have to leave…” I stuttered slowly and sadly.

I turned from him and as I walked slowly out, he called; “Alice!”

Han han! everytime, Alice, Alice! Alice!

Haaaaa! I get it, he likes my name.

I turned to him and asked; “You like my name?”

“Yes.” He replied and I blushed greatly.

“Bye.” I waved at him and ran out extremely happy.