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Head Boy. Chapter 51

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Head Boy.

Written by Feathers.

Chapter 51


It was break and Pearl and I had just purchased ice creams from the ice cream man, we were inside a circled flowers that was behind the school.

The flowers were green and the floor was levelled with beautiful grass.

Pearl and I sat before each other.

“Head boy likes your name?” She asked after I had told her what happened the empty room this early morning.

“Yes, I’m so happy?” I said as I licked my ice cream.

“How I wish Donald can like my name too, at least. Just my name and I will dance all day?” She said and I chuckled.

“Let’s go to the prefect’s lodge, I’ll call Donald out, I’m sure he will answer. When he does, give him a gift, maybe like an ice cream.” I said.

“And what if he did not like it?” Pearl asked

“Give him first.” I said and she nodded

“If he did not like it, I will also slap him so he can kiss me too.” Pearl said and we both chuckled.

We went to get another ice cream and went to the male senior reflects lodge.

I knocked on the door gently and it was opened, Leonard stood gaping at me.

“Raymond right? he’s not here.” He answered.

“You said the same thing on Saturday too and turned out he was around, youl you marry your brother?” I questioned and he smiled faintly.

His face turned into that of anger all of a sudden and he spat at my face

“B-tch, what did you know about my brothers and I?”He spilled angrily

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I stood back a little and felt disgusted with his spit that was between my face and was falling towards my nostril.

I removed my anky from my pocket and cleaned it.

” Stay away from us, you silly girl.” He said and I raised my head up to hm angrily.

I smirked too and walked close to him.

“Is that the worse you could do?” I asked and before he answered, I threw a resounding slap to his face.

It sounded that those inside heard cause I heard movements.

I turned and saw shock expressed at the face of Pearl.

Leonard held his cheek and the door was opened wide by someone else.

It was Raymond.

Donald also walked out.

“Leonard, what is going on here?” Raymond asked softly.

“She slapped me.” Leonard reported with a teary face.

Raymond looked at me and smirked briefly.

Why is he smiling?

I thought he would ask me why I slapped Leonard?

Pearl ran to Donald and said; “See, I bought you an ice cream, if I find favour before you, accept it, please?”

Donald’s face melted from the very cold and gloomy one into a slightly brightened one.

“For three years, no female had ever given me a gift. Thank you.” Donald said and collected the ice cream.

He began to lick it on the spot, both Pearl and I were shocked.

“Pearl James?”Donald asked and Pearl quickly nodded.

She had blushed greatly

Donald nodded and walked inside.

Pearl jumped happily away from where I stood.

” Where are you coming from?”Raymond asked.

“From the flowers, I was there with Pearl.” I answered.

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“I’m bored.” He said calmly and I lowered my head shyly

I didn’t know what to say.

I noticed he turned to leave and I quickly said what was on my mind; “Yes, we can go to the flowers together.”

He turned to me and shook his head; “You think too many things.”

He walked back inside leaving Leonard and I on the spot.

How come both Raymond and Donald never said anything about the slap I gave Leonard.

“Did you want to slap your own?” I asked, standing courageously before Leonard.

Before he could respond, I said; “Cause if you try it, I will beat you blue back?”

He nodded gently and came before me.

“I won’t lay hands on you cause Raymond seems to like you. If I was a male, I would probably have gone for you, you look beautiful.” He said and I smirked dryly.

“If you were a male? A male?”I repeated and looked at him from head to toe.

” I’m jealous cause I want Raymond for either myself or Rose, I hate you.” He said into my eyes.

“I hate you too.” I answered back.

He turned and walked back inside.