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Head Boy. Chapter 52

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Head Boy.

Written by Feathers.

Chapter 52


“What did you do to her?” Raymond asked.

That was after I had left Alice and went back to the lodge

“Nothing, I couldn’t have laid hands on her.” I answered.

“This ice cream seems so special to me, I love it.” Donald said.

For the first time in a year, I saw Donald happy.

Though he was not smiling, but happiness was glaring on his look.

“I’m glad you didn’t touch her. It will hurt me if you do.” Raymond said.

“I understood that and spare her, you will be hurt cause you like her, right?” I asked.

“I can’t stand you hurt someone that Marie loves.” He answered and mere hearing of Marie makes me angry

I know exactly what to do.


We had arrived home and were at the dormitory, I took a walk to Marie’s mansion and as he saw me, he started to bark.

His bark was heavy and strong, he so much detest me this days, maybe because I stopped showing him affection.

“Marie, I brought this for you.” I said and showed him the pizza in my hand.

He stopped barking and walked to me.

I placed the pizza before him, he smelt it and walked away.

Truth was that I had poisoned the pizza, if he took it, he would he sick for many weeks and die afterwards.

He’s just an animal anyways and Raymond would get another one.

I picked the pizza from the floor and went to set it at Marie’s little table.

“When you are done Marie, you can always eat it here.” I said and walked out.

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Believing that he does not want to eat it cause of my presence.

I then went in to meet mama Any, I explained what Alice did to me to her.

“Alice slapped you? and has also once slapped Raymond? Oh! Which do you want, to get her expelled from your school or to suspend her?” Mama Any asked.

“Expel her mama.” I said.

“Fine, I’ll speak to Raymond’d dad.” She assured and I slept on the bed.

I placed my head on her laps sadly, I didn’t like all what is happening to me.

If Raymond would never love me, he should at least love Rose.

Alice is just a poor girl that only wants his money.


The last thing I was expecting was Pearl coming to visit me this evening.

Reason was because her house was very far from mine and we only see at school.

“Pearl, you will go inside and cook for yourself, I can’t stress myself to cook for you.” I said.

“If you do not cook ice cream, I’m not eating. I came here for something more important?” She said.


“There is this online registration about modelling, you are in the age bracket and you are beautiful too, I believe you can register and participate in the beautt contest, you will win.” She said and I laughed.

“Did you say ‘win?’ Did you know there are many rich beautiful girls out there? I do not even have the money for make ups and others necessary things, by the ways , how much is the registration fee?”

“Quiet expensive , though. $3,000 but I can help you with little.”

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“How much would you help me with?” I asked.

“$30, you can find the rest.” She said and we both laughed.

“You are crazy, let’s go and have some fun outside?” I said.

“No, no no, I’m really serious about the contest.” She said.

“No, you are joking. where did you expect me to see that huge amount of money?” I asked.

“From the head boy.” She answered and I was quiet for a while.

“Head boy? Head boy is working on getting the money to pemananently treat my mom and you still want me to tell him this, that’s not fair.” I said.

“Your mom’s treatment fee is too much for him, he’s probably trying to get his dad to help but he will surely have $3,000 of his own personal money, if you win, you will be given $500,000 and many international recognition, you will become a celebrity, did I forget to tell you that?” She said.

“Really?” My face widened in shock.

“I think I’m interested, when is the registration closing?” I asked.

“Sadly…. 12PM this night.” She answered.

“And you are just telling me , you are really crazy, less than 7 hours to go.” I said.

“I just found out and I had to come all the way from my house to tell you, go to head boy’s house and ask.” She said.

“But he didn’t tell me to come today, if I appear unannounced, he will be disgusted and probably start to hate me.” I said.

“He won’t, let’s go. I want to use style to see Donald too.” She said and I chukled.

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“Just say you want me to escort you to see Donald.” I said and I stood.

I changed into a more sweet dress and we started heading to head boy’s house.

I was really nervous, I hope it goes well.