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Head Boy. Chapter 55

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Head Boy.

Written by Feathers.

Chapter 55


I was able to apply for thee beauty contest form yesterday evening, all thanks to Pearl.

I leaned by the tree that wasn’t too far to where the ice cream joint was, I arrived very early to school and was waiting for Pearl.

Pearl didn’t have a car either but if she walks inside the school, I can easily see her from where I stood.

I was looking at students as they walk to and fro and purchasing all sort of snacks.

I’m not a model and I did not have any training whatsoever, I do not even know how to walk like a model.

I did not have exorbitant cloth to wear on that day, I have no sponsor.

Did I think well at all before applying? I could have just used that money for something better.

“Are you waiting for someone?” Someone asked behind me.

I turned and found who was speaking, it was Raymond , he was leaning by the tree behind me.

His face was bright and he looked cute as always, I gapaed at him from head to toe and gave kudos to his creator.

He was well crafted and was extremely handsome.

“It’s too early to think.” He said.

“Erm…thank you for the money you gave me yesterday.” I said.

“Hum! I spoke with the ice cream man and he told me that there was a time you brought the whole world to come and buy ice cream from him in my name.” He said.

“The whole world? No! I did not even know everyone in the world, he’s lying. What I remembered was when you hugged me at the quiz we did last, Pearl encouraged students in my support to come and take ice cream.” I said

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He nodded.

“I told the man I will only be responsible for any ice cram you purchase, why are you including Pearl?” He asked.

“Pearl is my best friend, If that offends you, we are sorry.” I said and when I saw the he wasn’t saying anything.

I spoke up ; “I won’t buy the ice cream in your name again, you have tried enough!”

“Better! Since you do not need anything from me again, return everything I have given you. Start by returning the $5,000 I gave you yesterday.”

“I used part of it already, the remaining $2,000 is at home, I kept it at home so when mom needs drug and dad did not have money, I’ll be able to use it to help dad in buying her drug.”

“I don’t care, return my money.” He insisted and I looked away.

He looked serious.

“Fine, I’ll go home and get the remaining $2,000, I will pay you the rest next time.” I said.

“Go quick.” He said and I furrowed my brow.

I must have made him really angry.

Just because I said I won’t buy ice cream in his name again?

He must really have hot temper

I went to my bicycle and as I rode out of the school, I met Pearl entering.

“Where are you going?” She asked

“I’ll tell you when I come back?” I answered her with a teary look.

I quickly rode away so I won’t burst into tears before her. I was really hurt and sometimes, I hate being poor.

The wêalthy can easily bully we pōor, forgetting that we didn’t chose poverty.

I arrived and saw Mom watching the television but her position of sitting made me sad.

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Mom can not sit very well cause of the tumour in her stomach , she will always bend.

I tip toed to my room and got the $2,000, while coming out, mom spoke up; “Alice, what did you come back home to do?”

Gosh! I didn’t even want her to see me.

“I…Ermmm…I forgot something!” I said and quickly ran out.

I was stunned to see a black Jeep parked before our house.

The glass was tinted and I wondered who was inside.

The glass of the driver’s seat wined down and I was greatly shocked to see Raymond.

“Take this, keep both and enter the car?” He said and I collected another money from him.

I counted it and it was another $5,000.

I was extremely happy, I ran inside and kept it.

I then ran back to his car and got into the seat beside him.

“Sorry If I hurt you, I just wanted to take you out, and I need you to be out of school?” He said and I lowered my head shyly.

“Tha…..nk you.” my voice was low, I was blushing heavily.